Endgame for the affair Assange: a big win for the government

Summary:  Time has proven wrong the initial FM analysis of the Assange rape charges.  If it was a government ops, they correctly estimated our gullibility, and have dealt Wikileaks a severe blow.  Even better, this example will warn future dissidents about the peril of angering the US government.

The initial report on the FM website about the affair Assange concluded that if a covert op, it was too obvious to succeed (23 August):

The CIA used to overthrow governments.  Now they cannot even frame a rape charge against the leader of Wikileaks.   For the details see the other posts listed at the end. … Here are some useful sources about still-breaking story of what looks like an attempted frame of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

That conclusion assumed that the American people had a level of sentience above that of a cherrystone clam bed.  Time has proven that assumption to be wrong, and the torpor of the US public undisturbed.  Six weeks since issuing the original arrest warrant, the Swedish government allows Julian Assange to hang in limbo — with no evidence other than the women’s implausible stories, and no signs that the case remains more than a dead file in the government’s files.

So long as this continues every story about Wikileaks can include mention of its accused rapist leader, and the incendiary charges burn away at Wikileaks’ internal cohesion and external support.   While no evidence shows government involvement, the convenient timing and nature of the charge suggest government action, divine favor on the US imperial machinery, or extreme improbability.

Rumors say that the Swedish authorities will soon decide whether to continue their prosecution of Assange, or decide that they’ve done enough damage. 

The US government uses information operations as the key to “shaping the battlefield” — and sees the world as its battlefield.  This shows the beauty of such operations:  just as with bombs from UAVs, the government’s agents have no risk.  The subject cannot to respond with anything but curses — hoping to survive and fight another day.

For more the latest information about this story

  • The latest fruits of the affair Assange:   “Internal Strife at WikiLeaks“, Der Spiegel, 2 September 2010 — “German Spokesman Says He Will Leave Website”
  • For the best summary to date:  “The man who played with fire“, The Age (Australian newspaper), 26 September 2010

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