A new contributor joins the FM website team

Summary:  H. Thomas Hayden (Lt. Colonel, USMC, retired) has joined the FM website team!  Broad experience in the defense area, MBA, author of two books (and another on the way) — we look forward to his contributions!

A brief description of his background (from the FM reference page About the authors):

  • He retired after 35 years of service, which included the Agency for International Development, the Marine Corps, defense industry and the Pentagon. His specialties are Intelligence, Counterinsurgency Operations, Anti/Counter-terrorism, and Joint Concepts Development and Experimentation.
  • His Marine Corps assignments included command of two separate battalions; AC/S G-2, 4th MARDIV & AC/S G-2 FMFEurope; Branch Head, HQMC, Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict (SO/LIC); Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for SO/LIC; and, Senior Program Analysts at HQMC with the Joint Staff and DoD at the Pentagon. Overseas combat assignments included Vietnam, Central America, Gulf War, Somalia and and Colombia.
  • He has a MBA (Pepperdine Univ) and an MA in International Relations (Univ of Southern California).
  • He has written two books and is working on a third.

Hayden’s other publications:

  • Warfighting: Maneuver Warfare in the US Marine Corps (1995)
  • Shadow War: Special Operations and Low Intensive Conflict (1991)
  • Contributor to Amphibious Assault: Manoeuver from the Sea, Royal Navy and Royal Marine (2005)
  • “Counterinsurgency in Iraq started with Fallujah”, Marine Corps Gazette, October 2007
  • “Winning Hearts and Minds — Afghanistan presents different problems,” Marine Corps Gazette, June 2010
  • See his past articles at Military.com (he no longer publishes there)
  • See his news columns at Poliquicks.Com

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