We are what we read. The Davis affair teaches us to rely on quality sources of information.

The coverage of the Raymond Davis affair in Pakistan tells us much about America’s ability to see and process information.  The US news media, as usual these days, plays lapdog for the US government.  Most of the coverage on US websites give mostly speculation, often by people with no relevant expertise.  Usually citing as sources other US websites — usually adding another layer of distortion.  Eventually one can follow the chain back to the original news source to see the real story, for those websites that even provide links.

We try do this differently on the FM website.

  • Most of the analysis cited on the FM website is by experts.
  • We cite foreign media sources, giving their side of the story, almost always with links.  In the Davis affair, much of this has now surfaced in the US media.  Some of this has been admitted by the US government.

The coverage on the FM website has often been ahead of that of the establishment news media, on the narrow range of subjects discussed here.   Such as the food crisis, peak oil, economics, and our foreign wars (see the Reference Pages on the right menu bar).  They’re much longer than standard Internet fare.  They’re difficult and time-consuming to write.  But the truth is out there, and the Internet can make us smarter.

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About the Raymond Davis affair

Articles on the FM website:

(1)  The Raymond Davis incident shows that we’re often ignorant because we rely on the US news media.  There is a solution., 18 February 2011
(2)  How to lose an ally: updates on the Raymond Davis affair, 20 February 2011
(4)  The core of the dispute with Pakistan about Raymond Davis (let’s understand it before it sparks fires with Pakistan), 25 February 2011

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