An educational toy for your children (from the geopolitical shelf)

Summary:  A new feature on the FM website:  recommending education toys for your children, preparing them for the new world of the 21st century.   We weclome suggestions for our next offering. 

Order your Playmobil Security Check Point from Amazon!  Here are some reviews posted there:

Thank you Playmobil for teaching my 5-year old to recognize what a failing bureaucracy in a growing fascist state looks like. … He asked me why we had to forfeit so much of our liberties and personal freedoms; I answered “It’s because the terrorists have already won”.

I was a disappointed when I first bought this because of the limited functionality. My 5 year old son saw that the passenger’s shoes cannot be removed. …  The best thing about this product is how it teaches kids about living in a high-surveillance society. My son wants the Playmobil Neighborhood Surveillance System set for Christmas {but} I think I’ll get him the Playmobil Abu-Gharib Interrogation Set instead …

I was afraid my son would not know how to cope with the new reality of American life. Now thanks to Playmobil he knows that some people can make a decent living treating others like cattle. The best part: the cattle pay their salaries. And that you only have the rights that the government gives you …

I hope that they make a toy in which the kids can play “interrogator”. Think of all the fun the little folks can have waterboarding those who “hate our freedom”.

Unfortunately, this toy comes short in a few areas:

  • It does not show that if you’re rich, you don’t have to wait in line for hours …
  • It does not come with the 300 tired-looking playmobils you would need to show the passengers waiting in line behind the screening area.
  • It does some things very well: for instance, the screening apparatus is not actually functional. This represents faithfully the actual TSA system, which, every time it is tested or audited, fails to catch anything (weapons, even bombs).

I hope they will expand their product offering and give us more toys to help our children prepare for the new reality of a safer America. I eagerly await the Stalin-style Guantanamo American Gulag set, the North-Korean-style CIA Water-boarding Set, and the KGB-style NSA Phone-tapping Set. Some will whine about the loss of their civil liberties, but my son knows that the North Korean people are the safest people in the world, with no fear of terrorists.

This is great learning toot for young Brownshirts. We need a few accessories, such as kids-sized jackboots, Nerf Nightstick, and a toy Taser (low voltage to give a realistic but non-hazardous jolt). Our little Heinrich Himmlers and Martin Bormanns can get ready for their future jobs with the TSA, local police force or the new STASI (Secure Transportation And Safety Initiative). I look forward to the upcoming Halliburton Play Detention Center (with real simulated barbed wire).

While I’m sure your child will love this, it reveals our security secrets to the terrorists. I bet al-Qaeda is training the next generation with this very product. I am saddened to learn that Playmobile hates America.

For more information

To learn how to operate your new PlayMobil set:  About security theater, a daily demonstration that Americans are sheep, 25 January 2009

Go to Lawfare — Hard National Security Choices and learn why almost anything the government does is legal (RIP, the Consititution).

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  1. Comments received on

    Gary: “I waterboarded action figures as a kid.”

    ToysEducateUK: “Wow! Hard to believe but this product is entirely genuine.”


    Strange that this is coming to light now. So far as I can tell, the toy was made between 2004 and 2007 and was lampooned in the NY Times in 2009. I thought this was a spoof and went off looking for proof of same.

    Flat out… I’m embarassed. We are sheep. Baaaaa… Whatever will it take to fix things

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