We hit three million hits today!

Today someone gave the FM website it’s three millionth page view since opening almost exactly four years ago, in November 2007.

Today we had 3,332 page views, which does not include the syndications (roughly another thousand) and most of the referrals from WordPress.

We have posted 1,905 articles, which have received 17,480 comments.

My thanks to my fellow authors, and to all the people who have helped us set up, operate, and promote the FM website.

If you find its content of interest hit the “follow us” button on the top of the right-side menu bar — and refer it to a friend.

11 thoughts on “We hit three million hits today!”

  1. Although I don’t have time these days to contribute in the comment threads (now that you’ve reactivated them) I still read nearly every post. The erudition and committment to empiricism displayed here are unmatched. Congratulations to you and the guest authors and keep up the great work. Bravo!

  2. I guess this is the occasion to share how I found out about the FM site. Back when it had it’s red/white colour scheme and the fact that it was a collaborative effort was still undisclosed (maybe it was only Chet back then, who knows?) Anyhoo, what brought me here was the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. FM was mentioned in the daily two hour in-depth radio news show in a story about bloggers serving as an alternative to the official narrative about the wars. The reporter astutely speculated that the writing on FM was done by current or former military personnel.

    Congratulations on the milestone

  3. Congratulations, you deserve it.

    Despite our, sometimes heated, disagreements about some things, I can honestly say that this site has consistently produced and debated issues of the highest level and quality. The data quality is always excellent and that is no mean feat just by itself.

    It is always on my ‘must read’ list.

    And, one thing I love, is even when I disagree with some of FM’s points of view or interpretations … he always, always make me think .. a lot …. and makes me examine my own views/interpretations constantly. In my ethical framework there are few things higher, or more difficult, than ‘making people think’.

    In many ways FM is the ‘Yves Smith’ of politics and geopolitics. Actually to be more accurate, she is the ‘Fabius Maximus’ of finance and economics.

    Crack open the champagne and enjoy.

  4. Congratulations! It’s encouraging to see that so many of us appreciate FM’s analysis and observations as we work together not only to seek the truth but “…to reignite the spirit of a nation grown cold.”

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