More milestones for the FM website

This week the FM website crosses two milestones:

Other stats:

  • Aprox 3.2 million pageviews (does not count views from Wordpress and RSS subscriptions),
  • Over 19 thousand comments.

Let’s use current Technorati Authority scores to compare the FM website with a few of the best geopolitical websites.  It measures influence on the Internet (its a crude measure; ratings vary over time; smaller means more influence):

  1. Small Wars Journal:  461
  2. Small Wars Journal Blog:  524
  3. FM website:  541
  4. John Robb’s Global Guerrillas:  606

Thank you to all those who made this possible, including …

  • the authors and guest authors who provide so much of the content;
  • the people who allowed us to repost their content, such as Tom Engelhardt and the Marine Corps Gazette;
  • websites who repost our content, such as Roubini Global Economics; and
  • the people who post comments, interesting and often complex (and esp those who catch typos and errors);
  • Gina, who set up the website and maintained it for the few several years; and
  • Chet, the Editor, without whose guidance and counsel this would not have been possible.

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