A thanks to all readers of the FM website

The FM website had 76 thousand page views in November, the most since October 2009 (during the big debates about our wars). Including subscriptions and RSS feeds (not well tracked by WordPress), the total would be well over 100,000!

My thanks to our contributors — both authors and those giving permissions to post their work here — to our commenters (who have helped shape the content and themes here), and to our supporters who have hit the Tip Jar (making this website possible).

We hope to improve the quality of the coverage provided, with useful analysis about geopolitical events on the edge of what’s known

One perspective of how well we have done appears in the Predictions and Smackdowns pages (see the buttons on the top menu bar). I hope to list many more successful Predictions than Smackdowns. You might find these pages a helpful history of recent American geopolitical history, as they record many of the major controversies (especially see the comments). Please post comments on those pages of anything I have forgotten to list.

If you are a new visitor, see the Reference Pages on the right-side menu bar. These give links to content arranged by subject and date.

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