A reason for the US military expansion into Africa

In 2004 the US military began to expand into Africa. In 2007 they created Africa Command (Africom). Since then they’ve accelerated and expanded operations. Africa has great natural resources, but why more interest now?

Here is one possible explanation: the great game. A rival great power expands its reach and things of no interest to us suddenly become worth contesting.  China has become a major importer from many African nations, and the US replies to this challenge in the only way it knows how.

From Bloomberg Briefs, 26 February 2013
From Bloomberg Briefs, 26 February 2013


Note the contrast between US and Chinese grand strategy. China expands its influence through commercial ties. Development loans, usually at below-market rates, in exchange for contracts to sell resources. The US provides arms, military training, and strike forces. It’s a different way of seeing the world.

Whose grand strategy seems more likely to produce peace and prosperity for them, and for the world?

Update: About US interventions in Africa

Important: “Neo-Imperialism and the Arrogance of Ignorance“, Frankin C. Spinney, 1 March 2013

Washington Post articles by Craig Whitlock:

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