Danger, America! Wet your pants in fear of China!

Summary: Ruling requires work. Feeding internal factions to prevent collective action. Feeding fears of others, turning their gaze to foreign foes. Feeding misinformation so that they no longer clearly see or understand the world, so that they cannot predict or adapt. Fortunately Americans makes this easy. Here we examine a case study in an America lit only by propaganda.

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The news media is conducting yet another propaganda barrage on America, as directed by DoD. Here are some samples:

The first story relies on sources which Bloomberg News believes credible:

QinetiQ was only one target in a broader cyberpillage. Beginning at least as early as 2007, Chinese computer spies raided the databanks of almost every major U.S. defense contractor and made off with some of the country’s most closely guarded technological secrets, according to two former Pentagon officials who asked not to be named because damage assessments of the incidents remain classified.

This is obviously an authorized information operation (expect no arrests under the Espionage Act). We don’t know for whom these guys now work (Bloomberg forget to tell us). Would you bet they work for a firm that benefits from cyber-war-hysteria? Also, they show little curiosity as to how China — just emerged from the Third World — developed better cybertechnology than our lavishly funded Defense cyber-infrastructure.

The other stories follow the same pattern: artfully designed leaks from the government and its vendors, reported as gospel by news media’s stenographers. For a journalist’s report on this story look to Kelly Vlahos: “Cyber War: Another Epic Fail“.

I’m glad that DoD found a new ways to incite our fears. The old ones had grown stale:


Time for DoD to change the program! No worries, DoD! We will believe and fear no matter how preposterous your new tales.

Readers, thank you for your time.  Please resume our regularly scheduled pants wetting.  And listen closely; you’ll hear the Founders cry at what we’ve become.

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