Someone call Nixon’s plumbers. We need them again.

Summary: Marcus Ranum looks to our past — the government’s history of surveillance — to see the future which the government’s vast surveillance machinery makes possible, and perhaps will help bring into being.

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Some of the latest revelations about NSA cyber-surveillance – and cyber-war

The Secret War“, Wired, 12 June 2013 – “Infiltration. Sabotage. Mayhem. For years four-star General Keith Alexander has been building a secret army capable of launching devastating cyberattacks. Now it’s ready to unleash Hell.”  To future generations the US might be best known as the nation first using (perhaps the only one using) nukes and cyberwar. Perhaps as a mad dog, eventually restrained by coalition of nations.

Google details how it hands over data to federal officials“, Washington Post, 12 June 2013 — Excerpt:

Immediately after PRISM was publicly reported, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft and others denied giving the government “direct access” to their servers.

Since then, The Post has reported that executives at some of the participating Silicon Valley companies, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, have acknowledged the program’s existence. According to a NSA inspector general’s report obtained by The Post, PRISM allowed “collection managers [to send] content tasking instructions directly to equipment installed at company-controlled locations” rather than directly to company servers.

For More Information

See yesterday’s post for links to a wide range of information about the surveillance of US citizens.

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