We interrupt our program for a brief announcement. Regular service resumes tomorrow.

The Eye
By Christiane at Somerstein Photo

What is the FM website?

It is a more-or-less daily article of 1,000 to 1,500 words (extraordinarily long by internet standards).

It is articles examining small facets of our world, pieces of large geopolitical issues on the edge of the known. Where there are more questions than answer, more guesses than certainties.

It is articles are built on foundation of authoritative information
(usually with links), so you need take nothing on faith.

Question Statue and Man

It is perspectives that cross tribal boundaries. Whatever your tribe, you’ll find articles here that challenge your beliefs.

It is a place where you can question anything, with all replies to all questions.

It is 4.3 million pageviews since November 2007.

It is 25 hundred posts and 29 thousand comments.

Two Requests of our Readers

Please make suggestions in the comments about ways we can improve the content of the website
(the format is by WordPress, out of our control).

The FM website takes a lot of time to operate. If you find this useful, please hit the tip jar (right side menu). We need the help.

Posts about the FM Website

Question World

Re-envisioning the FM website, becoming soldiers in the war for American’s future,
21 December 2009

A thanks to all readers of the FM website, 1 November 2012

Lessons learned during 2012 from comments on the FM website, 30 December 2012

What can we learn from visits to the FM website from interesting Internet communities,
31 December 2012

How different websites manage comments, 13 January 2013

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“Into the Unknown”

By kerembeyit, posted at DeviantART.

Into The Unknown
By Kerembeyit at DeviantART



4 thoughts on “We interrupt our program for a brief announcement. Regular service resumes tomorrow.”

  1. My suggestions to improve content actually have nothing to do with quality. IMO the Fabius Maximus website always produces thoughtful and fascinating material. I would prefer more essays on thinkers like Martin van Creveld (FM posts finally convinced me to purchase and read a number of his books) and Allan Bloom (FM’s frequent references to the man made me read “The Closing of the American Mind”).

    One idea for content that came to mind though is about FM’s constant exhortations for Americans to deal with the burden of self-government. Perhaps FM could do a few essays on Saul Alinsky and his famous work “Rules for Radicals” as he always notes how supine and lazy Americans are and perhaps better organization is our only hope against our elite ruling class. Also, considering how much time and resources it must take to run a website such as this, I’d just like to say thank you to all the people that run the Fabius Maximus blog.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I haven’t read the book, but I’ll put it on my list!

      Please post your thoughts about these matters on any of the posts in the “reforming America” series. They’re certainly as good or better than mine. So far it’s a stream of consciousness work.

  2. This seems like a good place to thank the FM team for their valuable work: thank you. I continue to learn from this site after a few years of reading the articles. Here’s hoping that I will one day be in a position to contribute to the tip jar.

    Also, the link to Matt Taibbi’s blog on the blogroll does not lead to his blog. Here is the correct link.

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