A new format for the Fabius Maximus website!

Your donations have been put to use (see the tip jar to the right). The FM website now runs on a new “theme” (i.e.,  template), one working better with current technology. It appears better on tablets and phones, and has features used by the almost god-like search engines to locate useful answers to people’s requests. Behind the scenes it has more storage, and support from WordPress.

Internet lounge

UpdateIt’s a work in progress.  And thanks to crowd-sourcing (advice from someone who understands these things) I switched to a different theme.

What do you think? Better or worse? Crisp and clear, easy to read? Suitable for our content, or not? Rate it below, and post your review in the comments.

12 thoughts on “A new format for the Fabius Maximus website!”

  1. I’m a programmer, not a graphic designer, so with a graphic tin ear I’ll just point out one nit that I noticed. Your menu points alternately to “www.fabiusmaximus.com” and “fabiusmaximus.wordpress.com” – the links all work and isn’t likely to hurt anything (or be noticed by anyone who isn’t OCD and keeps an eye on the status bar).

  2. Love the crisp, clean theme, and the color scheme. Only thing I would say is that the image on the left side of the header is a bit blurry, and maybe a little too big. I feel like it drags the balance of the page too far left. Maybe if it was slightly smaller and there was more whitespace around its left and top edges it would be less “heavy.”

    Overall though, positive changes. Thumbs up.

  3. Looks cleaner than the previous version. I think I’ll get a better feel when you post future articles that contain many links.

  4. I find the white on the left and blue on the left side of my iPhone screen very hard to read as you go from the white part to the blue. Why not just one color?

  5. On my android phone in Firefox the page opens with a completely white background and at half the text width. When I zoom out completely to full text width the title and logo are centered on the left half of the page, the left background half is still white while the right background side is brown.
    The site is still useable, just looks strange.

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