We’re looking good with a new template & publishing twice as much.

We have completed the transition to the new template (aka Theme) for the FM website. Thank you all for your tolerance during this rocky process. I have only a vague idea how to work this website, but the WordPress staff carried me though. This would not have happened without your donations.   {This is an intermission between today’s 2 posts.}

Also: today we passed a milestone — 5.5 million page views since starting in November 2007.

Welcome: Open For Business

Our faster pace

We’re publishing two posts each weekday, at roughly 5am and 5pm EST. Plus one or two posts on Saturday. The subjects of the morning posts vary across the full range of geopolitics (broadly defined). The afternoon post discusses some aspect of national security.

Some posts are quite technical, more so than you usually find in material written for a general audience. We’re trying to “lift the lid ” off stories in the news by having experts show you the often hidden complexity of most vital public policy issues.

We end the week with a little “culture”, a film or book review on Sunday.

The goal of the FM website remains the same. Not just to describe our situation or diagnose our problems, but to help awaken our spirits so that we act to regain control of America and institute reforms we all know are needed. Post your comments about how well we’re doing.

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  1. testing from Windows 10 Enterprise Technical Preview (beta, 64bit), using Firefox ESR 34.x. firefox reports security certificates problems with WordPress and GoDaddy. Otherwise, seems ok to me.

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