Reviewing Netanyahu’s performance before Congress: 1st class fear-mongering!

Summary: The Prime Minister of Israel spoke to Congress today. Most of his speech defies analysis for logic or fact; it was first class propaganda. As such it is perfectly suited for review by Twitter; some gems appear here. For those of you who prefer facts, see the posts at the end. As usual these days in US public policy, so much of what we’re told is false.  {2nd of 2 posts today.}

Say "no" to fearmongering

Reviewing today’s fear-mongering by the Prime Minister of Israel


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Click here to see all posts about the US-Israel war with Iran. Of special relevance today, about Iran’s nukes (history shows that so much of what we are told is false).

  1. Iran will have the bomb in 5 years (again) — Forecasts of an Iranian bomb really soon, going back to 1984.
  2. What do we know about Iran’s nuclear ambitions? — US intelligence officials are clear:  we don’t know as much as the news media implies.
  3. What does the IAEA know about Iran’s nuclear program? — Their reports bear little resemblance to reports in the news media
  4. What happens when a nation gets nukes? Sixty years of history gives an answer.
  5. What happens if Iran gets nukes? Not what we’ve been told.

Also see Is Iran dangerous, or a paper tiger? , Have Iran’s leaders vowed to destroy Israel?, 5 January 2012, and Is Killing Iranian Nuclear Scientists Terrorism?

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10 thoughts on “Reviewing Netanyahu’s performance before Congress: 1st class fear-mongering!”

  1. A more detailed review at the Washington Post

    Analysis by Paul Waldman (senior writer at The American Prospect) — Excerpt:

    And when he argued that Iran and ISIS are heads of the same beast, it began to sound awfully familiar, much like when George W. Bush argued that al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein must be working together (and let’s not forget that Netanyahu was an enthusiastic supporter of the Iraq War, which dramatically increased Iran’s power and influence in the Middle East).

    This is the Republican foreign policy perspective, as much now as it ever was: there is only black and white, no complexity, no compromise, and all enemies are the same. Iran is literally fighting ISIS in Iraq right now, but Netanyahu wants everyone to believe that they’re going to join together to take over the world. “When it comes to Iran and ISIS, the enemy of your enemy is your enemy,” he said. Matt Duss, the head of the Foundation for Middle East Peace, called it the Islamist Voltron Theory.

    The real problem came, however, when Netanyahu began to address the current negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program. …

  2. What do you think about news saying that the Iraqi army claims the US is sending ISIS weapons? And why do you think there were US trainers training ISIS in Jordan 7 months ago?

    Didnt Israel bomb stuff terrorist-style, before Israel before I mean…

    This is soooo related to the Fear ‘R Us post

    We bring you sparky himself from Argentina, and you throw asbestos at him
    catalysts don’t work that way and they abhor carcerigens

    1. Greta,

      I have seen no evidence we have directly aided ISIS. But 4GW fighters seldom wear name tags (at least not with their true loyalty).

      Once we give weapons to the locals, we lose control over them. Insurgents infiltrate other organizations, esp government forces, for recruiting, Intel, and supplies.

      This was a commonplace occurrence in Iraq and Afghanistan, where we would inadvertently train and equip people — or entire groups — that would eventually be fighting us.

      It just how 4GWs go. It is part of the home court advantage that puts foreign armies at a disadvantage.

  3. It’s too bad our 51st state decided to locate itself on Muslim land, and because it did, true security will only come after every Muslim has been exterminated. Americans must prepare themselves for that mission. I suspect we will become ever more fanatic about it. Bibi is merely being a good drill sergeant and preparing us for the inevitable.

  4. I suppose it may not be necessary to kill every Muslim. But at this point, the Israeli’s have not told us how many we need to kill for them so that they will finally feel safe and secure. Any guesses?

    1. Gloucon,

      (1) Some Americans have advocated first strikes on our foes since the invention of nukes. On Russia, on Vietnam, now Iran. That hardly justifies your bizarrely weird statements about America.

      (2) You grossly mischaracterize what Sheldon Adelson (billionaire casino operator) said. He advocated using a nuke in a way so as not to kill, with the (rational) assumption that Iran would then submit. Like most extremists, He’s blind to the changes that would make in the world order — legitimizing use of nukes, spurring a mass development of them by other nations in self-defense, convincing much of the world that America is a belligerent rogue nation. But you cannot claim him as support for your weird statement.

      What are we going to negotiate about? I would say ‘Listen, you see that desert out there, I want to show you something.’ …You pick up your cell phone and you call somewhere in Nebraska and you say, ‘OK let it go.’ And so there’s an atomic weapon, goes over ballistic missiles, the middle of the desert, that doesn’t hurt a soul. Maybe a couple of rattlesnakes, and scorpions, or whatever. Then you say, ‘See! The next one is in the middle of Tehran. So, we mean business. You want to be wiped out? Go ahead and take a tough position and continue with your nuclear development. You want to be peaceful? Just reverse it all, and we will guarantee you that you can have a nuclear power plant for electricity purposes, energy purposes.’

      The recommendations were met with applause by a Yeshiva University audience. {Source here}

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