Good news: we begin to see that we are sliding towards fascism

Summary: Slowly we have begun to move into the problem recognition phase of our struggle to resist fascism, as people begin to speak out. But that means nothing unless we act on what we see. Will this darkening future spur Americans to become politically active again?

Fight fascism!

One of America’s major problems, subject of many scores of posts here, is our clouded vision of the world — especially our slow ability to see things. Our slow recognition of the major elements of the climate change policy, after 27 years only now coming into focus (e.g., the source of most nightmarish forecasts). Our inability after 14 years of war to see what’s happening (see these stories from Afghanistan). And perhaps most seriously, the death of the Constitution and the rise of fascism in America.

The last of these has been visible for years. Donald Trump did not just happen. For example, there is the long slow loss of confidence in our institutions — except for the police and military. There is the growth of our military and the permanent war (built largely on lies), our national security agencies (the Deep State) and the erosion of civil liberties. There is the slowly growing islamophobia. Perhaps most significant of all, is the growing role of fear in our political discourse; it has become the major means by which our elites gain our attention.

Note that many of these trends are bipartisan.

The good news is that now it has become apparent to many of us. Here are a few recent examples of people who have realized that it can happen here.

Oddly, none of these explain to us how fascism can grow to become a more powerful force in America. The answers are easy to imagine. Something that terminally shakes our confidence in the Republic’s institutions, such as a major terrorist attack or another serious economic downturn.

The bad news

These stories about rising fascism are just clickbait — info-tainment for the outer party (America’s managers and professionals), giving us a feeling of being engagé without the tiresome necessity of acting. Spending time and money, taking risks. That is why we are in fact sliding into fascism, as the political machinery the Founders bequeathed us lies idle — something these articles seldom mention (bad for clicks to make readers feel guilty about their passivity).

We have the ability to stop this slide. I believe that each of you reading this know how you can take action. If not, here are some ideas. Everybody has something to contribute to this parade. This is a presidential election year. Make it count.

Fight Fascism

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5 thoughts on “Good news: we begin to see that we are sliding towards fascism”

  1. Good stuff. “Passivity” and the Leisure Class wannabes. Umair Haque as a good link, thx.
    Very troubling if you were around in the 70’s to watch and engage the lethargy.


    1. Breton,

      Any attempts to see large-scale social phenomena are somewhat like acts of imagination. With that cautionary note, I’ll disagree with your framing.

      Americans appear to have grown unwilling to bear the burdens of self-government, and make the necessary sacrifices. On 20 January 1961 JFK said of an earlier generation of Americans that they would “pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty” — even at home.

      People comfortable with being subjects is a commonplace of history. People willing to govern themselves — including fighting for that power — are rare.

  2. I follow what you are saying; have come to agree and see such as you describe. Not sure my comment is in juxtaposition to what you point out. There was a time when we, as a citizenry, were far more engaged and willing. And it may yet once again arise.
    And rare it is.


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