The Left disrupts Trump’s rally. More of this might put him in the WH.

Summary: The recent win by the Left in Chicago shows why the Left so often loses, and how we might lose so much along with them. Their speech suppression protests — and Trump’s retaliation at their events — will degrade US politics, and might put Trump in the White House.

Chicago Rally Protestors

Creating a disastrous win

One reason given last summer for Trump’s certain defeat was he lack of political skills. This week Trump again proved them wrong with a masterstroke: scheduling an event at U of Illinois at Chicago. The Left took the bait and did one of their signature moves (perfected on countless college campuses during the past 20 years): suppressing the speech of their political foes.  MoveOn got 52 thousand signatures on their petition to “Cancel Trump’s Rally at UIC Pavilion“. In response UIC Chancellor Michael D. Amiridis released a statement saying…

“UIC’s core values of freedom, equality and social justice for all, regardless of race, religion, national origin, disability status or sexual orientation, are deeply rooted in our diverse community and not endangered by the presence of any political candidate on campus. We encourage public and civic engagement by all members of our University and we endorse the idea that the answer to speech that one does not like or finds offensive is more speech and not censorship.”

Despite the Chancellor’s words, the Trump Rally Protest – Chicago page on Facebook said that 11 thousand attended. They successfully shouted down the event while America watched on TV. Soon polls will show the effect on public opinion. But either way I believe that America will be the loser.

Minutes after Mr. Trump was to have taken to a podium on the campus of a large, diverse public university just west of downtown, an announcer suddenly pronounced the event over before it had begun. Hundreds of protesters, who had promised to be a visible presence here and filled several sections of the arena, let out an elated, unstopping cheer. Mr. Trump’s supporters, many of whom had waited hours to see the Republican front-runner, seemed stunned and slowly filed out in anger.

Around the country, protesters have interrupted virtually every Trump rally, but his planned appearance here — in a city run for decades by Democrats and populated by nearly equal thirds of blacks, Latinos and whites — had drawn some particularly incensed responses since it was announced days ago. … protesters were jubilant, and celebrated along the intersections on the city’s Near West Side. Some protesters shut down lanes of a nearby expressway. {NY Times.}

Effects of the Left’s “win”

Bizarrely, the Left does not see that their foes also can stage protests to disrupt their foes’ events — tit-for-tat is the optimum game strategy — and that retaliation and escalation are the inevitable result of such tactics. The obvious effect: a degradation of US politics.

There might be a second, ironic effect. I suspect that many or most Americans are sick of riots in the street for “causes.” It’s just another form of violence, even if only implicit. Worse, I believe most Americans consider as illegitimate protests to stop your foes’ political speech. If the Left keeps shutting down Trump’s events, they might put Trump in the White House.

The bottom line of the protests to suppress Trump’s speech

Widely seen as an illegitimate tactic, these protests have further divided America and weakened the reputation of the Left with large segments of the American public — and in exchange accomplished nothing.

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3 thoughts on “The Left disrupts Trump’s rally. More of this might put him in the WH.”

  1. Sent by a reader

    But it’s so much more fun to protest. Plus, that’s how you show your bona fides on the Left.

    As Tom Lehrer wrote in “Folk Song Army“,

    Remember the war against Franco?
    That’s the kind where each of us belongs.
    Though he may have won all the battles,
    We had all the good songs.

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