Ignore The Bulls And Bears. See The Key Trend In The Jobs Numbers.

Summary: Ignore the Bulls & Bears. Their need for clickbait stories turns noise into news. See the key trends in the jobs numbers, revealing the forces shaping the US economy.

Slow Economic Growth

  • The jobs report confirms that the US economy grows slowly, and is slowing.
  • It gives no evidence that the US is accelerating, or that the Fed will raise rates.
  • If it continues slowing at this rate, we will have a recession in 2019.
  • High equity valuations make no sense in this slow motion economy.
  • Beware of analysts who sell stories about exciting noise, hiding the boring but important trends.

See my article at Seeking Alpha for the full story.

2 thoughts on “Ignore The Bulls And Bears. See The Key Trend In The Jobs Numbers.”

  1. You’ve got some good content and positions on matters of interest in this Fabius Website. However, today you posted this article which allows one to read about a paragraph, before being forced to register with Seeking Alpha to finish reading it. Registration appears to be free, but it drills down into a lot of personal information, which stocks I own, who my broker is, etc. I take offence at this approach and wanted you to be aware of the downsides of associating with it.

    It seems like these guys are practicing clickbait, using article teasers to generate marketing info. I’ll not be part of that.

    Thanks for the first chart and paragraph – the balance was not so good.

    Carl Wilcox

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