The hidden details of the October surprise about Trump’s “sexual assaults”

Summary: As expected, an October surprise has arrived to tilt the vote. Key developments in the election (Circus 2016) are lost in the media frenzy about this new Trump soundbite, things which reveal much about America today — and our future.  Let’s drag them into the light.

October surprise


  1. Clinton’s real platform.
  2. About the morality of US presidents.
  3. Our elites find an effective smear on Trump.
  4. Our elites: “No need for Americans to vote!”
  5. Implications of this October surprise.
  6. The Anything But Issues election.
  7. For More Information.

(1)  Clinton’s real platform

Clinton has wisely decided to run against Trump on the Anything But Issues platform instead of her program of supporting Wall Street and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (does anyone seriously believe her public dithering about it?) plus aggressive foreign wars and domestic social engineering. This is folly. Avoiding these issues — and Trump’s more popular ones (described here, here, and here) — is ineffective against Trump — as the polls show – and gives her no mandate if she wins.

(2)  About the morality of US presidents

Many high US officials have been adulterers and even serial adulterers. More spectacular was the soap opera-like White House of President Franklin Roosevelt, the cousin he was having an affair with, the cousin he was married to, and her girlfriend and Kennedy’s festivities with women (including naked pool parties).

The cherry on the top of this history is Bill Clinton’s affair with an intern. Feminists would have crucified a GOP president for that, doubly so for his team’s attacks on Monika Lewinsky — smearing her as “a ‘stalker’ and that the President was ‘the victim’ of a predatory and unstable sexually demanding young woman“. They would have done so a second time after revelation of his perjury in defense of his sexual misconduct (i.e., employer to young woman). Only her blue dress brought the truth out. Plus the accusations of sexual assault and even rape (Juanita Broddrick). Believe the victim when you are told to do so!

Trump’s serial adultery would add to this American tradition. The crudity of Trump’s conversation rivals that of LBJ (who famously involved his dick, “Jumbo” in the lives of his staff and visitors). Much worse, imo, is Trump compulsive lying. His own lawyers meet with him in pairs because Trump lies so much (caught by Southpaw from a 7 April 1993 deposition of Patrick T. McGahn (see p. 58, numbered page 77).

I worry about the Republic when its people like leaders such as Clinton and Trump (Trump is, of course, far worse in every sense).

“CNN’s Erin Burnett recounts an incident told to her by a friend she has known for years who alleges Donald Trump allegedly tried to kiss her.” — From CNN. A capital crime!

(3)  Our elites find an effective smear on Trump

Trump admitted “kissing, groping and trying to have sex with women during a 2005 conversation” — which the American hysteria machine became “sexual assault” (the same process that produced the decade-long hysteria about satanic ritual abuse and child abduction. As usual for these things, without actual complaints of sexual assault (as there were against Bill Clinton).

As a useful context, manufacturing smears about Trump has been our elites’ major mode of attack on Trump. Try, try, again is their motto.

Your vote is your voice

(4) Our elites have decided. No need for Americans to vote on Trump!

Elites have chosen. Clinton has unified them behind her banner to a degree seldom seen in US history. Our elites never wanted Trump. For details see Campaign 2016: America passes into new hands and 2016: a historic unification election for America!
Our elites see no need for people to vote on Trump. They boldly seek to overturn the primaries and ignore the 40%+ of Americans that show support for Trump (a majority says they are likely to vote for him). Most of the GOP elites that supported him did so reluctantly, and many of these use this opportunity to bolt. Oddly, most say that Trump should quit because he cannot win (as I predicted in March). It’s a creative tactic: if their candidate is losing, the GOP can make a last minute switch to another!

  • “Trump can’t lead on critical issue of ending dom violence & sexual assault. …Donald Trump should step aside.” — Dan Sullivan (Senator, R-AK). When did domestic violence and sexual assault become top priorities for the Federal government?
  • “He has forfeited the right to be our party’s nominee.” — Lisa Murkowski (Senator, R-AK).
  • “If Donald Trump wishes to defeat Hillary Clinton, he should do the only thing that will allow us to do so – step aside.” — Cory Gardner (Senator, R-CO).
  • “Donald Trump should withdraw and Mike Pence should be our nominee effective immediately.” — John Thune (Senator, R-SD).
  • “Time for him to step aside….” — Mike Lee (Senator, R-UT).
  • “Trump should drop out.” — Mark Kirk (Senator, R-IL).
  • “Donald Trump should withdraw in favor of Governor Mike Pence.” — Dennis Gaugaard (Governor, R-SD).
  • “But he can still make an honorable move: Step aside & let Mike Pence try.” — Ben Sasse (R-NE).
  • “The appropriate next step may be for him to reexamine his candidacy.” — Moore Capito (Senator, WV).
  • “He needs to withdraw from the race.” — Jeff Flake (Senator, R-AZ).
  • “Mr. Trump should step aside.” — Mike Coffman (R-CO).
  • “Now, it is abundantly clear that the best thing for our country and our party is for Trump to step aside and allow a responsible, respectable Republican to lead the ticket.” — Martha Roby (R-AL).
  • “…the time has come for Governor Pence to lead the ticket….” — John Huntsman (former Governor, R-UT).
  • “He needs to step down.” — George Pataki (former governor, R-NY).
  • “I believe our only option is to formally ask Mr. Trump to step down….” — Joe Hack (R-ND), candidate for the Senate.

There are many more of these. Their numbers are growing, as a snowball grows rolling down hill. The Trump candidacy is finished.

America politics

(5)  Results of this October surprise

“With Trump as president, Republican Party Platform will be dust. RNC’s double-cross means end of compromises. A suicide move for the RNC.”
Tweet by Maximilian Forte (Prof anthropology, Concordia U).

Suppressed after the New Deal, the resurgence of populism took the Republican leadership by surprise. Some key elements of populism — opposition to our foreign wars, Wall Street, globalization, and open borders — are anathemas to the GOP’s core constituencies. Trump’s personal inadequacies — and they are legion — allowed them to minimize discussion of these issues. But the conflict is unresolvable.

We will soon see how the public reacts to the latest revelations and the accompanying propaganda campaign (this might be interesting). No matter if the lost support is large or small, the defection of so many Republican leaders dooms his campaign.

Will the populist insurgency die with Trump’s candidacy? Its easy death would indicate that we are sheep, easily managed by our elites, forcing us to consider if we are better off ruled rather than governing ourselves.

US politics will become interesting If populism finds a new, and hopefully better, leader than Trump. The reaction of GOP elites to populism suggests that they cannot accommodate it under their big tent. It might split the party. as in 1854 the Republicans split from the Whigs over slavery. Sanders’ progressive insurgency would be a damp squib by comparison. If so, history will repeat itself — but not as comedy. That would take America into the unknown.

Come back tomorrow for more about this.

(6)  Other chapters in this series about the Anything But Issues election

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  6. Did Trump have a perverted attraction to 12-year old Paris Hilton? Details of a smear.
  7. The hidden details of the October surprise about Trump’s “sexual assaults”.
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  9. Consequences for the Republican Party.

(7)  For More Information

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7 thoughts on “The hidden details of the October surprise about Trump’s “sexual assaults””

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  2. “If populism finds a new, and hopefully better, leader than Trump.”

    The self asked question was (paraphrasing) why am I not leading by 50% (Clinton). The same question should be asked of the Trump side of the equation. This is telling IMO.

    In this cycle, a good candidate (from either side) should have led to a runaway. What have we done to deserve this? The answer (also IMO) is we’re lazy.

    1. Danny,

      “The same question should be asked of the Trump side of the equation.”

      People don’t ask the question because everybody knows the answer. Everybody knows about Trump’s personal weaknesses.

      “What have we done to deserve this? The answer (also IMO) is we’re lazy.”

      Yes, that’s the key insight we should learn from 2016. As consumers, all we can do is whine about the menu and choose the least bad alternative our rulers provide. As citizens we can work the kitchen to produce better alternatives. It’s all about choice. It’s always about choice.

  3. There were two October surprises launched this weekend; the Donald’s basic failings as a human being, which are currently getting lots of talk. Hillary’s private discussions with bankers, which, if we didn’t have the Donald’s personal issues, would have a pretty good chance of wrecking her campaign if the first issue were not dominating. Titillation needs constant reinforcement (which is probably waiting in the wings) but policy issues last a lot longer and Hillary has now left her future administration open to being second-guessed on every issue relating to her many major campaign supporters.

    I continue to be impressed with the ability of both of the major party candidates to inflict grievous wounds on their own campaigns without assistance from the other side. This does not inspire confidence about the quality of decisions either candidate will make when they are in office.

    The smart thing for Trump to do at this stage is to resign and let Pence have the stage for tonight’s debate. This would remove Hillary’s main talking point while leaving her issues in the debate spotlight.

    As FM has said before, we, the people, need to start finding better presidential candidates immediately after the current election concludes or we are going to fondly remember how competent the 2016 candidates seem when compared with the 2020 candidates.

    1. Pluto,

      “which, if we didn’t have the Donald’s personal issues, would have a pretty good chance of wrecking her campaign if the first issue were not dominating.”

      Cause and effect? Seems an unlikely coincidence.

      “The smart thing for Trump to do at this stage is to resign and let Pence have the stage for tonight’s debate.”

      Since the “sexual assault” charge is bogus, that would be quite a victory for election by smear, showing that Americans is just a rockery of excitable and ignorant bird-brains. This would also make a mockery of the primaries, on top of the damage done in the 2015-16 elections.

      I cannot see any likely event that would do more damage to the US political system than following your advice.

      “This would remove Hillary’s main talking point while leaving her issues in the debate spotlight.”

      So a proof of smears as an effective — even decisive — political tool would result in a focus on the issues? Good luck with that.

      1. Pluto,

        Also, as I mentioned in this post, we’d be allowing a new tactic: if a party’s candidate for president is losing, then they can nominate a new candidate a month before the election! Why limit this to the presidency? There are mechanisms in most (all?) states allowing replacement of candidates who die or quit during the election. This could become a frequently used tactic, reducing our already circus-like elections to chaos.

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