New Year’s resolutions for your firm’s success in 2018

Summary: We interrupt our regular programming for something different. I am a marketing consultant. Here is a small example of what I do.

Resolutions for the New Year

Companies live and die by the same laws as individuals. Such as Liebig’s Law of the Minimum (Wikipedia). Growth is limited by the scarcest of its necessary inputs. In our world raw materials are plentiful, as are most skills. In my field, marketing, technical expertise is commonplace. Everyone works from the same playbook, because new ideas are rare. New ideas are gold.

Make resolutions now for your firm’s 2018 Marketing & Sales success

Break free of generic marketing and sales tactics. Do three things differently in 2018. Here are three suggestions. They are written for software companies, but the first and third apply to everyone.

  • As your salespeople leave prospects’ offices, give something that will be kept, that will remind them of your company, and position it as an innovative high-quality firm.
  • Make your software become your best closer. Executives should see your software and think “this looks powerful!”
  • Use the power of press for your marketing. Forge relationships by giving journalists what they need most.

Move beyond saying your firm is the best. Let your marketing show that you are the best. Contact me for more information about these and other ideas.

2 thoughts on “New Year’s resolutions for your firm’s success in 2018”

  1. The Man Who Laughs

    I’m not sure if this is what you’re talking about, because I my work is very different from yours. But I’ve seen software that clearly was meant to be the solution to real problems, software that was a solution in search of a problem, and software that was a problem from the get go.

    The people I work for seem drawn to that second type.

    1. Larry Kummer, Editor

      The Man,

      Sad but true!

      My point was much narrower. Software engineers design for functionality (unfortunately, often for use by s/w engineers — not the intended users). But even with a good user interface, it seldom creates a powerful first impression on a prospect. That’s an entirely different design spec. It’s usually easy to do. But seldom even considered.

      Which is why it is an effective tool. New ideas are the key to successful marketing.

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