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Here are new additions to the archives (which appear on the right side menu, under “Information you might find of interest!”

1. Antropologists go to war AND Revolt of the Anthropologists

The use of social scientists in the Army’s Human Terrain Teams has sparked intense controversy among anthropologists. Here are links to some of the major articles in the debate.

2. Archive of links to articles about the end of the post-WWII geopolitical regime

Added to this are links to five articles by Harvard Professor Niall Ferguson. These are must-reading for anyone hoping to understand the coming end of the post-WWII geopolitical and economic regime. Especially interesting is his analysis of the London bond market in the months before WWI, and why investors were so blind to the ominous events of that period.

3. Archive of links to articles about the Iraq War

A new section was added with links to articles about our administration or occupation of Iraq. One of the most important historical works about the war is James Fallows’ description of the methodical and comprehensive planning done by the State Department before the invasion, the “Future of Iraq Project”, and why this work was ignored.

4. If you have not looked at these, you might find them of use.

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