4GW: A solution of the third kind

Solutions of the first kind… new things (i.e., robots, autonomous flying vehicles,
software to help us understand and manipulate foreign societies).

Solutions of the second kind… new ideas about tactics and strategy.

Solutions of the third kind… new ways to shape our institutions
– aka politics — usually by altering how they recruit, train, and promote people.

Don Vandergriff (Major, US Army, retired) is one of the very few actually implementing 4GW solutions of the third kind, with his work for the Army on new methods of training leaders.  He now has a blog here, writing as an expert on leader development, personnel management and fourth generation warfare.

I strongly recommend visiting his blog for a look at the cutting edge of 4GW (at least, work on our side about 4GW).  For links to his online articles and list of his books, see The Essential 4GW reading list: Chapter Two, Donald Vandergriff.

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To read other articles about these things, see the FM reference page on the right side menu bar.  Of esp interest these days:

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