FM newswire for March 30, interesting articles about geopolitics

Today’s links to interesting news and analysis, collected from around the Internet. If you find this useful, pass it to a friend or colleague.

  1. Lots of rumors about the number of these in circulation:  “A Revisit to the Fake Gold Plated Tungsten Story“, Robert Bradshaw, Market Oracle, 11 March 2010
  2. You too can play:  “How to Make Convincing Fake-Gold Bars“, Popular Science, 14 March 2010
  3. About disinformation:  “Spock with a Beard: The Sequel“, billmon, Daily Koss, 25 March 2010
  4. Welcome to Glennbeckistan, Where the Tea Party Rules and Tea-hadis Roam“, Chip Ward, TomGram, 28 March 2010
  5. Skating on the Other Side of the Ice“, Willis Eschenbach, Watts Up with That, 28 March 2010
  6. Iraqi children’s growth stunted by war, says study“, BBC, 28 March 2010
  7. State Debt Woes Grow Too Big to Camouflage“, New York Times, 29 March 2010
  8. Note the wrong word in the headline:  “Tax Receipts Rebound as 15 Biggest States See 4% Gain in 2011“, Bloomberg, 30 March 2010 — “Rebound” does not mean “above expectations” or “forecast to rise”.
  9. You read it first on the FM website:  “A nightmare scenario: Fiscal collapse hits Japan“, Kenichi Goromaru, The Asahi Shimbun, 30 March 2010

We still know almost nothing about the alleged “murder for hire” operations in Afghanistan

Today’s revealing graphic:  US corporate profits back near post-WWII highs

Can American corporations fire their way to prosperity?  It’s working so far.  Perhaps a few more rounds of corporate tax breaks will not only boost their profits back to the pre-recession stratospheric peaks, but also spark more hiring.  From David Rosenberg’s report, 29 March 2010:

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