A third American regime will arise from the ashes of the present one

Summary:  The dysfunctional nature of our political apparatus shows that the second American regime has begun its death throes.  History shows that the transitional period can take decades — and that America can emerge renewed and stronger.

We face many challenges.  Increasing political polarization.  Social mobility and income inequality at previous highs and increasing.  Government finances at the brink of disaster, with an aging population likely to push it over the brink.  New competitors abroad, an unprofitable faux-Empire, and political near-paralysis at home.  Rotten boroughs dominated the Senate.  The only thing upon which both parties agree is that we need foreign wars (bringing little or no benefit) and a military apparatus grossly disproportionate to the size of our actual or potential enemies (see this for details).  In the future lies peak oil and other perils.

The combination marks the beginning of the end of the current American regime.

The first regime was born with the 1783 Treaty of Paris, and reached mature form in 1803 with the Supreme Court decision Marbury v. Madison.  The second regime was born in 1931 during the fires of the Great Depression, when Hoover abandoned the laissez-faire policies of Andrew Mellon and initiated a miniature version of the New Deal — which grew during the Depression, maturing on no specific date.  I believe the key dates to be the GI Bill on 22 June 1944 and the National Security Act of 1947.   (These dates are illustrative, not definitive)   The decaying remains of the second regime are our government.

As I have said before, a great nation evolves slowly.  Transitional periods take decades.  This can generate complacency, as in “there’s no hurry.”   That’s wrong, IMO.  Rather we’re on the clock.  Every day the old regime dies a little, and a new regime takes shape.  The longer we wait to join the game, the more difficult it will be to control or reverse current trends.  There’s no need to panic; there’s time to think and plan, but there’s no time to waste.

As I wrote on 9 March:  Light the fireworks – the campaign starts today!  It does not end on 4 November 2010.   Or 4 November 2012.  It ends when enough citizens in America participate in the political process so that we gain control of the government.   Not just voting, choosing between candidates on the ballot like a drunk choosing what brand of rotgut and cancer sticks for tonight’s binge.   Rather we should participate in the process, like the crew of a privateer pirates voting to choose our officers.

I don’t know what form the third American regime will take.  That depends on our wisdom, the leaders we choose, and our social cohesion.  I do know we’ll get the government we deserve.

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