Best geopolitical analysis of the year

Here is the best geopolitical analysis I’ve read in a long time:  “The Craziest Thing I’ve Read In A Very Long Time“, Michael Cohen, Democracy Arsenal, 13 August 2010.  His conclusion is what I’ve said for many years:  “I read things like this and I really start to believe that the entire foreign policy community has completely lost its mind.”

But that conclusion is wrong, as are similar statements on this website.  Our geopolitical experts advocate war for hard-headed reasons.  For good reason Eisenhower warned of the military-industrial complex.  Like any large beast, it requires massive spending to thrive — to feed the bureaucracies and defense contractors, and fan voters’ fears to helps conservatives get elected (those that use this method, which is not all of them of course).

The senior echelons in the departments of Defense and Homeland Security — and their helpers in the media and think-tanks — exist to maintain the flow of funds, in some way.

Everybody involved in this game works their rice bowl.  Few or none have lost their minds.  We cannot change the situation until we understand that harsh reality.

Posts about our geopolitical experts

About the War in Pakistan

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