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Summary:  Here are updates to hot trends, trends often discussed on the FM website.  All warrant your attention.

Before we go to the headline content, you might these of interest — whines of the angry rich:

  • Prof Henderson deleted his article, probably from embarresment.  It’s reposted here:  “We are the Super Rich“, 15 September 2010
  • The whining of the rich“, Michael O’Hare (Prof Public Policy, Berkeley), 18 September 2010 — A wonderful analysis of lies told in the campaign to preserve Bush Jr.’s tax cuts for the rich.
  • It gets even better:  “In Which Mr. Deling Responds to Someone Who Might Be Professor Todd Henderson“, Brad DeLong (Prof Economics, Berkeley), 18 September 2010
  • James Fallows has the last word on the affair Hendrson:  “Mauve Gloves & Madmen, 2010 Version
  • Living In Hell In Beverly Hills, Ben Stein whining (he inherited a few million from his parents and works hard); title from digby
  • The Angry Rich“, Paul Krugman, op-ed in the New York Times,
  • A look at the big picture, a dying Republic and the birth of oligarchy:  “Speak, money“, Roger D. Hodge, Harper’s, Octover 2010 — Subscription only. A good example of why Harper’s is on my reading list.  About the decay of the Republic and the changing view of citizenship.


  1. The rape charges against Assange of Wikileaks
  2. The debate about Obamacare
  3. Changes in human sexuality
  4. Women getting on top of men
  5. About Obama the radical leftist
  6. Say goodbye to sunspots

(1)  The rape charges against Assange of Wikileaks

Click here to see the FM posts about the affair Assange.

(2)  The debate about Obamacare

Watching Americans grapple with health care public policy (a solved problem in most developed nations) is like watching five-year olds write.  Here we see two legal experts attempt to make sense of the result: 

Click here to see FM posts about this slow-mo but painful crisis.

(3)  Changes in human sexuality

This contradicts the studies cited in this post.  It looks like only more research can answer this question.

(4)  Women getting on top of men

  • More women than men got PhDs last year“, Washington Post, 14 September 2010 — This trend will have social effects bigger than almost everything discussed into today’s newspapers. 

For more about these trends see the FM reference page Women and gender issues.

(5)  About Obama the radical leftist

Click here to see other posts about the radical Obama.

(6)   Say goodbye to sunspots

Click here to see other posts about the solar cycle and its influence on Earth’s climate.  Click here to see studies and reports about this topic.

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