What does the American public want done to fight climate change?

Summary: For roughly 15 years public policy initiatives to fight climate change has been one of the Left’s major goals. They’ve expended vast resources of time and money (like this) to convince the public about the urgent need to take a wide range of measures — both new regulations and and expenditures.

They’ve concealed data (forcing Freedom of Information suits), smeared opponents, and produced exaggerated and often misleading propaganda (see the last section for examples). All for nothing. So far little has been done in the US, and support appears to be fading. Perhaps taking the high road, a more honest approach, would have done better.

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s Look in the polls, as in a mirror, to see America drift to the Right.  The Left gambled big, and so far appears to have lost.

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  1. How high a priority is fighting climate change?
  2. How much does the public know about climate change?
  3. For More Information

(1)  How high a priority is fighting climate change?

Poll by Hart Research Associates

Commissioned by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal
Done 22 – 25 January 2014.

Question #13:

As President Obama prepares to deliver his State of the Union address, there are many important issues facing the country. I’m going to list some of these issues. Recognizing that all these issues may be important but that not every single one can be a top priority for the President and Congress, for each one please tell me whether you think it should be an absolute priority for the Obama administration and THIS year’s Congress, it is something that can be delayed until next year, or something that you think the Obama administration and Congress should not pursue.

The answer is clear. Among the 15 priorities listed, climate change …

  • gets the lowest ranking for “absolute priority for this year”: 27%
  • gets the third highest raking for “can be delayed until next year”:  41%
  • gets the highest ranking for “should not be pursued”: 29%
Poll about Climate Change Policy
Harris Research Associates


(2)  How much does the public know about climate change?


WWF: Stop climate change
Fear-mongering propaganda


Survey of Climate Change in the American Mind

By the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication and
the George Mason Center for Climate Change Communication
Interview dates: November 23 – December 9, 2013

They ask a wide range of questions to learn how Americans feel about climate change, and what action they want taken — but without context about people’s willingness to pay for it, or comparison of this issue with other priorities. As such it tells us little.

Also, as usual for such polls, the questions show the designers’ limited knowledge of climate science.

What does this question (below) ask? Does “warming” means the increase of the surface atmosphere temperature (SAT, the usual definition in the past century of research and news stories), or some other (and more obscure) definition? Do they ask about past warming or current warming? The SAT warmed during the past 150 years, but has not warmed during the past 14 – 17 years (depending on the data set and method of analysis used); see the research here.

Climate Change Poll
Climate Change in the American Mind Poll


The following question is even more poorly constructed. Of the 150 years of warming described in the previous question, only in the past 60 years were anthropogenic factors (our actions) the major driver (see the research listed in When did we start global warming? See the surprising answer.).

Climate change poll
Climate Change in the American Mind Poll


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3 thoughts on “What does the American public want done to fight climate change?”

  1. Had the left taken a more honest approach they would have had to say, “We want to tax fossil fuels more without having to take it to vote since we’re broke, so we trumped up a scary religious themed story of an apocalyptic flood caused by our sins of burning fossil fuels and demanded repentance while citing ‘science’ as our Scriptural authority. We labeled heretics ‘deniers’ and then we funded scientists that were willing to tow the line and fudge the data, to support our cause.” Of course they aren’t going to be honest when they’ve been promoting the biggest political fraud since the resurrection of Jesus!

    1. Mark,

      True. As I’ve shown in so many posts, both Left and Right use fear to motivate us. That says more about us than it does about our leaders. When we become less fearful, less ovine, then America will change for the better.

      It all starts with the Man in the Mirror.

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