The feminist revolutionaries have won. Insurgents rise to challenge the new order. As always, they’re outlaws.

Summary:  Yesterday’s post about love and marriage in 21st century America took 2,200 words to explain a simple theory, as I took readers on a journey to “derive” the conclusions. Here’s the spoiler version, in which we “cut to the chase” — showing only the last section.

Settling for a beta


Feminism is one of the big revolutions of our time, over-turning our concepts of romance and marriage. In response to its success, insurgents have arisen. It’s early days yet, too soon to forecast which side will win. Reviewers consider this one of the more shocking — and darker — posts of the almost 2,900 on the FM website. Post your reactions in the comments (at the original post). It’s the first of two posts today.

Feminism is a revolution, one with few or no precedents in history, now in the last stages of consolidating its victory.  We can only guess at the effects.

This post discusses one facet. I expect (guess) that as guys understand the new order, many will refuse to play. They’ll become insurgents — outlaws — from their designated role as beta males — expected to dutifully ask permission at each step of the romantic escalation (see “Feminism for Bros“), marrying a women at the end of her youth after she’s chased alphas (of whom she’ll dream), and dutifully supporting a family until and after your wife divorces you (40-50% of first marriages; higher for subsequent ones; most initiated by the wife).

Once men see the game, why would they play? An insurgency might begin, perhaps leading to a new revolution (or a counter-revolution).

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It’s already begun. Like most revolutions, it begins covertly. Especially this one, so transgressive of our cultural rules. You see its insurgents’ trail when women complain about the “Peter Pan syndrome” (men refusing to marry). You see it in the rise of “game” — “pick-up artists” who mimic the traits women use to identify alphas, and manipulate women’s typical behavior patters (e.g., “dark triad” traits; see details here.

If you look carefully, you’ll see both behaviors spreading like viruses through our culture; it’s Darwinian.

Don’t expect to see clear analysis of this insurgency by journalists or Hollywood. Revolutions are romantic only in distant lands. They are too threatening (inherently illegitimate) for them to touch when at home — except in condemnation. Marxism gets more positive coverage, since it has little force in America.

I have no idea what shape this new world will take. The boomers, my generation, built this new world but don’t have to live in it. Those exploring it (such as this guy) tell us of monsters. Fortunately, neither our hopes or fears provide accurate guides to the future.  I am confident only that our future will differ from anything in human history.

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Gender equality

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For an in-depth look at “game” read the NYT best-seller by Neil Strauss: The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists (2005). The publisher has kept this book expensive (even on Kindle), probably to limit dissemination of its insights. For more about the book see Strauss’ original article in the NYT, its Wikipedia entry, this follow-up article in The Telegraph, or one of the early books about “Game” — Ross Jeffries’ How to Get the Women You Desire into Bed (1992).

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