Conflict in tomorrow’s offices: strong women clashing with each other

Summary: Three videos about Disney princesses show us the future of work in America, dominated by the clashing personalities of strong women.  (2nd of 2 posts today.)

Disney Princesses
Imagine them fighting in your office.


As women move on top of men in America, conflict will increasingly take place between strong women, replacing the men-men and men-women clashes that dominate today’s work world (except in those fields already dominated by women). As women break free of the roles that govern their behavior, these conflicts might look strange to us — as will so many things coming soon.

This series describes the changing gender roles that will reshape American society in the next 2 decades, changes already baked into our future.  To help us prepare, this post has 3 videos of the new world. As in so many things, Disney shows us the future. These are made in fun, but …

“Many a true word is spoken in jest.”
— Ancient wisdom, first seen in “The Cook’s Tale” in Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales.



Monday’s post discusses this future in more detail!

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4 thoughts on “Conflict in tomorrow’s offices: strong women clashing with each other”

  1. I see the pattern intensifying

    1. Men dont fight the sexual revolution
    2. Men dont commit to marriage
    3. Women dont commit to marriage until after nobody wants to marry them
    4. Women take on the education rat race and shitjobs, men withdraw from them
    5. Women become cognitive dissonance ghosts

    What I gather from me is that males globally are performing an aikido movelure your oponent to hit you closer and closer to the wall, then you get to the wall and just spin, your oponent hits the wall, its like luring into an ambush

  2. Wow. Isn’t this is a blatant rip off of Epic Rap Battles of History? I still watch Einstein vs. Steven Hawkings, Vader vs. Hitler, etc. Really clever stuff.

  3. MGTOW. Men go their own way. End of subject.

    No one can predict the outcomes in general. However, I will note that men, as a group, recognize a hierarchy. They defer to those with more wisdom, experience and leadership. Age? Perhaps. Wisdom? Perhaps….but deference there is, absolutely. We learn that or are imbued with it. It exists, no doubt. One of the reasons why there is reasonable coherence and continuity in the Military and in business.

    “Loyal, brave, clean, thrifty, kind……” It is in Us.

    Ladies? Nah…..fight on girls! Different but equal? Nope.


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