Taxes: one of the bright lines distinguishing Trump from Clinton

Contrary to the “there’s no difference between the two parties” nonsense, the core of GOP tax policy since the 1970s has been tax cuts for the rich — paid for by cutting benefits for everybody else and increasing deficits. Despite Trump’s faux-populist rhetoric, his tax proposal is right-wing orthodoxy. Now he seeks to dress this up for the general election, consulting far-right spin-masters (Paul Krugman aptly sending in the clowns).

Do not be deceived. Tax policy is a fault line distinguishing the two parties, having a large (albeit slow) effect on the evolution of American society. From the US Tax Center (no relation to the IRS), it gives a clear comparison of the Clinton and Trump tax plans (as they are now; they’ll change).

Comparing the Candidates Tax Plans

For More Information

See the wealth of information at the Campaign 2016 page of the Brookings Institute’s Tax Policy Center. See their analysis of the proposals by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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