Ten powerful ways to celebrate Memorial Day

Summary: There are many ways to celebrate Memorial Day. Some you do each year. Some you have thought of, but not gotten around to doing. Some you might not have thought of, but will find reward when you do them.

Blue Star Mothers

USO Patch







(1) Personally help those in our armed forces, active duty and retired

Donate to support the Blue Star Mothers of America

Volunteer or donate to support the USO

Volunteer at the Veterans Administration

These service agencies are there for our troops when they need help. When they’re traveling, on isolated bases (especially during holidays), when injured, when returned home with disabilities, and on a thousand other occasions. Supporting them is a great way to celebrate the sacrifice of those who died while serving in America’s armed forces.

Hire a Veteran

(2) Hire a veteran

Thousands of men and women are leaving the service — some voluntarily, some not — now that our wars wind down and DoD’s mad overfunding gets cut (except for the funds going to military contractors). Give our vets a helping hand.

Veterans Administration

(3) Force Congress to better fund care for Veterans

There is no excuse for underfunding care for veterans. Many will require long-term care. Persecuting the VA officials attempting to spin gold from straw does not help. Write your Representative and Senators! Tell them to fix it now.

Military cemetery

(4) Stop our vain wars

Let’s add no more chapters to American history about wars that do nothing for America, like Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. It’s a democracy. We bear full responsibility, collectively, for sending our troops into harm’s way — for what they do, and what happens to them.

Veterans' Day

(5) The basics: ways to celebrate Memorial Day

Don’t forget the usual things to do on Memorial Day. Visit cemeteries to place flags or flowers on the graves of our fallen heroes. Visit war memorials. Fly the U.S. Flag at half-staff until noon. Join or cheer a parade!

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