What to expect from Team Hillary in the White House

Summary: It’s time to tear ourselves from laughing at the dramatic self-destruction of Trump and consider what we will see in the Hillary Administration. Here are three predictions. Imagine the tendencies of the Obama Administration, but far more aggressive. Note: I’ve been accurate so far (a year ago predicting Trump’s strength, and in March predicting his crushing defeat).

Queen Hillary Clinton



  1. Our mad wars continue, with more assassinations.
  2. Aggressive enforcement of political correctness.
  3. Scouring of the climate skeptics.
  4. For More Information.


(1)  The long mad war continues, with more assassinations

This week former CIA Director Michael Morell endorsed Hillary in the NYT; she proudly tweeted about it. He has a scary record as a supporter of the failed tactics in our mad wars.

“After leaving the CIA in 2013, Morell authored a memoir entitled The Great War of Our Time: The CIA’s Fight Against Terrorism–From al Qa’ida to ISIS. The book was widely criticized for defending detainee torture in the post-9/11 era. Morell was also a co-author of a “rebuttal” to the Senate Intelligence Committee torture report.” {From The Intercept.}

He works for Beacon Global Strategies (a small firm) with another top-level Hillary operative. He was interviewed by Charlie Rose and said something that deserves our attention.

Morell: “The Iranians were making us pay a price. We need to make the Iranians pay a price in Syria. We need to make the Russians pay a price.”

Rose: “You make them pay the price by killing Russians? And killing Iranians?”

Morell: “Yes. Yes. Covertly. You don’t tell the world about it, right? You don’t stand up at the Pentagon and say we did this. Right? But you make sure they know it in Moscow and Tehran.”

This lunatic doesn’t mention how the Russians will respond to America’s assassination of their people (it won’t be pretty). The full interview is worse.

(2) More aggressive enforcement of the Left’s political correctness

After giving the 1% everything they want, Clinton will placate the Left by unleashing the government’s administrative machinery to enforce the Left’s social ideology. We will see a lot more of this, even worse.

Jessica Gomes poses for Sports Illustrated in Yellowstone. The WaPo freaks.

Jessica Gomes posing for Sports Illustrated in the Grand Canyon.
Michael Nichols/National Geographic.

“As the National Park Service confronts what Interior Secretary Sally Jewell has called a ‘culture’ of sexual harassment, the agency allowed barely clad swimsuit models to take photos with iconic park backdrops.”  {Opening of the WaPo story.}

Calling Jewell “barely clad” illustrates the New Victorianism of the 21st century puritans that will staff the upper levels of the Clinton administration. How dare the Park Service allow girls in swimsuits to pollute our great National Parks!

(3)  Scouring of the climate skeptics

“We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”
— The essence of politics, attributed to both Franklin and loyalist Richard Penn.

Obama strove, with mixed results, to be a conciliator and unifier of America. Clinton will instead strive, as the Clinton’s always have, to crush their political foes. The climate skeptics have earned a spot near the top of that list.

Skeptics are vulnerable to retaliation due to their disorganization and disunity (unlike the climate activists), their epistemic closure (reliance on communication in a closed network of websites), and their association with the far-right (self-isolation rather than coalition-building). Historians might conclude that they bloomed with the “pause” and wilted as warming resumed (climate change in the mid- and late-21st century will determine who was correct, although that’s politically irrelevant in our time).

They hope for rescue by global cooling (perhaps a strong La Nina) and President Trump. Neither of those seems likely (see pp24-25 for the current forecast of a weak La Nina). They might find the results unpleasant.

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4 thoughts on “What to expect from Team Hillary in the White House”

  1. “Obama strove, with mixed results, to be a conciliator and unifier of America. Clinton will instead strive, as the Clinton’s always have, to crush their political foes. The climate skeptics have earned a spot near the top of that list.”

    I’m not sure about that. Obama himself – or his team using his name – led a particularly aggressive campaign to “Call out the deniers”:

    Then there was Senator Whitehouse’s and AG Lynch’s idea of RICO prosecutions of climate skeptics, supported by foolish academics Shukla and Maibach. Remember how that worked out?

    Whether Hillary will have any more success remains to be seen, but I don’t think US climate skeptics will be too worried.

  2. Partial List of extreme cold weather anomalies since 2014

    many of these are sourced on adapt 2030 youtube.

    2013-14: Coldest and snowiest winters in 200 years in parts of South America between June and August. Some weather stations in northern Argentina and Paraguay saw their first measurable snowfalls this past July in living memory. This July likewise saw the coldest temperature ever on earth in Antarctica, an incredible minus-135.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

    December 20 2013: Cairo, Egypt saw its first measurable snowfall in more than 100 years. Its domes and minarets were coated with a rare covering of snow, a picture of winter beauty. Kids of all ages had snowball fights in the streets of Cairo with ice, rather than bullets, much more fun to say the least. Imagine seeing the Pyramids and the Sphinx covered in snow!

    Syrian refugee camps in Jordan saw their flimsy shelters collapsed by the heavy snows. The snows in Jerusalem were the heaviest in 60 years, more than three feet deep in places. Hundreds were stranded in vehicles on impassable roads. [ http://www.cdapress.com/columns/cliff_harris/article_b985f8a5-6870-5b84-8aad-0be108c60e69.html?mode=jqm ]

    2014 ALL US states below freezing RARE
    * 92% ice cover on the great lakes US
    * cold records broken in NZ


    * 2014,15 heavy snow in Atlanta and Houston RARE
    * 2015 Cappricotta Italy one day snow record* 300 year snow record in Hokkaido, Japan
    * 2015 snow fall record broke in Nova Scota
    * Hallifax snow 18X higher than normal
    * 2015 Boston 270 snow record broke
    * Buffalo New York ALLTIME snow record
    * Snow in Huntington Beach ca RARE
    * 2015 great lake USA ice cover lasting until June, months longer than normal
    * 2015 Heavy Snows in Syria & Libya + many other ME countries, very RARE especially so widespread

    * 2015 Summer Snow in Elcalafate Chili on December 26 ( Dec. is middle of summer in South America.
    * Snow last 2 years in Vietnam RARE
    * Snow in July in Hawaii at 10,000 feet RARE
    * Snow in August in Calgary Canada RARE
    * Snow in August in SOUTHERN China RARE
    * 2015 August Snow is Montana, and Wyoming
    * 2015 August cold records for Billings MT, Denver CO, Mitchell SD, Watertown SD, Shrevepost LA, Monroe LA, Texarkana AR, El Dorado AR, Tyler TX, Longview TX + many others, Broke.

    * 2016 January-February snow for the first time in central Vietnam, heavy snow all over vietnam unbeleivable picts: http://english.vietnamnet.vn/fms/vietnam-in-photos/150560/in-pictures–snowfall-in-central-vietnam-for-the-first-time.html Okinawa-first snow ever. Hiroshima-55 inches of snow, Hong Kong records 3rd coldest day on record. Vietnam had 1 foot of snow 300km south of hanoi. Snow in ElSalvador, Honduras. Peru gets snow in the summer.
    * 2016 March: cold records broke all over US and more snow in tropics, NY and Boston have coldest March in 100 years. .. Heavy snow again in central mexico. New York’s Whiteface Mountains reached an insanely cold minus-78.88C ; Taiwan and Kuwait receive first snow on record.
    * CROP FAILURE wheat crop fail from intense late colds: http://www.agweb.com/article/concerns-mount-over-freeze-damage-to-winter-wheat-crops-naa-associated-press/
    * 2016 Pakistans meteorological dept. issues a report predicting global cooling as a result of solar activity. Pakistan is 2nd government so far to issue global cooling warning after Russia did earlier.

    * 2016 March 22 wheat crop damage in US due to freeze. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-03-22/freeze-across-great-plains-has-farmers-watching-winter-wheat

    * 2016 Russian wheat crop damaged by ice.

    * 2016 April snow in PA,USA in april, media refers to phenomenon as ‘snow-showers’. The forcast is then upgraded to 3-12″ of snow blanketing PA & MW, and NE region. NY and other states record their coldest April day on record. Heavy snow in Colorado-between 15″-32″ snow in April. Snow records for April broken in CO & WY.

    * 2016 April 1st snow reported in the Carribian. Guadelupe snow in April described by Dominica News as “extrodinary weather phenomenon”

    * 2016 April, less than 5% of wheat and oat crop planted as of mid-April; cold and wind preventing fieldwork http://www.agweb.com/article/cold-wind-hamper-fieldwork-in-north-dakota-naa-associated-press/

    * May 16, 2016: 4to7 inches of snow in Maine-record breaking snow for May, New England record spring snowfall 6+ inches, Vermont, PA, Michigan, Ohio 3+ inches, Tennessee US Highways closed because of Ice + snow. This is the first time there has been snow in Maine this late, last time was 1972 but that was may 2nd.. this is past middle of may. Vermont snow record for may broke by 15X.. Ohio snow during this years marathon.. Michigan cities all get snowed,not since may 13, 1912 have they had snow and that was .01 inch.. this time it’s 3 inches.. Strange ‘snowpellets’ in PA, odd type of snow,hail combination not before seen.. Wisconsin cold and snow record broken, 5″ Snow in Montana and WY, Waterloo and Dubuque Iowa record cold, Dallas FtWorth record cold.

    May 19 2016: Blizzard hits Xinjiang and Gansu China just a few weeks prior to summer, 7+ inches of snow. Snow in Hubei near Beijing, in all 5 provinves blanketed with snow in May CCTV reports phenomenon as RARE. China media declares that this winter was the coldest in 60-80 years. 8 Area’s in NSW Australia break May cold records.

    May 2016: Crop losses due to late cold weather. Northern Hemisphere Crop losses covering Europe, North American and Asia are staggering. May cold & frost damageing barry crops. In several European countries – such as Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Germany, Slovenia, France and Belgium – apples, pears, cherries and grapes were frozen. 80% of Cherries, 60% of Apricots, 6% of Wheat, 13% of Austrian wine production. Nother America sits in the 50% losses for fruit. Australian wheat is down. May cold and frost also damages crops in Turkey and Tajikistan. Ukrain suffers 100% losses apricots

    June 2016: Snow in Hawaii again, record June snow in Barrow Alaska, Vostok Antartica sets cold record less than -80*C; June snow in Mexico very RARE, June frost all over upstate New York, June 10 Heavy snow in Novodvinsk(RARE) and Tiksi Russia, June snow in Ukrain RARE.

    June 9 2016: Cold and snow in tropical Brazil with 38 cities accross the country below 0*C Some area’s as cold as -5.3*C. Many cold records broken.

    July 8 2016: Snow in NW USA, accuweather service describes the cold weather phenomenon as ‘summer taking a hiatus as storm system brings fall-like weather’.

    1. Sam,

      Today’s “big data” systems allow the collection of factoids on a scale formerly unimaginable. But such lists mean nothing unless properly analyzed, asking relevant questions. Are the number of such incidents increasing or decreasing? What is the ratio of such cold incidents to warm incidents? Given the volatility of global weather — the billions of data points each year — the world could be cooking (it’s not) and still generate lists like yours.

      That’s why climate scientists collect indices of various weather phenomena. Global surface temperature, snowfall, tropical storm energy, etc — which are in turn assembled to make an accurate picture of our changing climate.

      I see you have posted similar comments elsewhere. I suggest you leave this to the experts. It’s not a good use of your time. Life is short. Spend it wisely.

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