Trump is the next logical step as America becomes a plutocracy

Trump is just the next step in the natural evolution of America into a plutocratic state. The US — like the rest of the West — was sliding along this path until the great depression and WWII destroyed that regime.

Our elites have spent several generations rebuilding their institutional power. Now new technology and massive immigration are further increasing their power, shifting the balance from labor to capital. The US public is gullible, apathetic, passive.  Easy prey.

“If God didn’t want them sheared, he would not have made them sheep.”
— Calvera, bandit leader in the movie “The Magnificent Seven” (1960).

Both parties are owned by our plutocratic elites. Campaign 2016 revealed this, for those who wish to see. Hillary was supported by the war industry (i.e., neocons, military-industrial complex, senior elements of the national security complex, geopolitical “experts”) and Wall Street. Six weeks after the election, we learn that they just as eagerly support Trump.

Both parties hide this simple fact through misdirection. Rather than show that Team Trump consists largely of plutocrats and their servants, much of the Left touts Trump as Hitler. Rather than point to Obama’s loyal service to Wall Street and the MIC, the right said touted Obama as Hitler. In this respect both Left and Right are the anything but the truth parties.

In our future lies the Third Republic.

Our future

The capacity for renewal (revival, reform) is an inherent characteristic of humanity. This makes predictions always uncertain, although it is usually clear how to bet. It means there is always hope. But reform is impossible unless we see our world more clearly — in terms other than the tribal truths that keep us divided.

For More Information

For more about this Team Trump: See the Left’s mad reaction to Team Trump (they’re plutocrats, not fascists) and Trump assembles a Strategic and Policy Forum to better hear the 1%. Also see “Trump’s wealthy cabinet choices hark back to Gilded Age” by Shawn Donnan in the Financial Times — “Few precedents for collection of billionaires and their lack of government experience.”

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Useful books explaining what is happening to America

"The Party is Over" by Mike Lofgren
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11 thoughts on “Trump is the next logical step as America becomes a plutocracy”

  1. America is already a plutocracy. As an American who is now in my 80’s and fortunately still sound of mind, the changes are mind-boggling!

    Yes, for well educated black Americans, life is so much better, as this group of formerly oppressed citizens have been able to take full advantage of “affirmative action” and multitudinous other programs for minority groups. Bright intelligent young people from minority groups are now able to get a “free ride” at our top universities, and they do so. Our elite universities make sure that a very large percentage of highly competitive freshman placements are reserved for minorities, especially black, Hispanic, South Asian, and Muslim.

    These minorities are becoming a very powerful part of our elite.

    However, poor blacks and Hispanics will continue to languish, and sink further into the morass of drugs, violence, and cultural depravity, as aid programs for the poor and low income such as food stamps, medicaid, Obamacare, etc are cut.

    In my state, education funding is down 40% in the past 10 years. Whereas 40 years ago, our public education system was our pride and joy, it is now a shadow of what passes for “education”. It is increasingly impossible for our young people to obtain any creditable education from our no-free Kindergarten thru 12th with a total lack of vocational education including community colleges that will lead to a decent job.

    Our state university students are burdened with incredible debt, stifling their efforts to begin adult lives and families. Your posting for today is most apt! When I was a young man in the ’50’s, opportunity in America seemed boundless and wonderful ! All things seemed possible, and actually were !

    1. Hod Johnson,

      “America is already a plutocracy.”

      These things are a matter of degree. I say we are becoming a plutocracy because the middle class (as in the middle 3 income quintiles) still retain sufficient income and political power to be decisive — if they develop competent leaders and act with sufficient cohesion.

      Social mobility is low — but falling towards levels characteristic of solid plutocracies.

      In brief, much of what we love about America was true only for a moment. However far we fallen, the rate of decline is accelerating as we evolve into a New America.

      To understand our situation, see the posts about Reforming America: Steps to New Politics. These describe things that every citizen can do. They get few pageviews, far below average for the FM website. The comments are mostly versions of “we are helpless snowflakes!” or “I’m sitting on my butt waiting for the Great Day When the Oppressed Arise to Smite Our Oppressors!”

      Americans want to read exciting tales about the evil deeds of the people in the Other Tribe and the wonderful deeds of the Good People.

      Let’s never forget the guilty people responsible for the decline of the Republic.

      1. Thanks for your comments, Mr. Editor. I recently read Anthony Everitt’s book: Cicero, the Life and Times of Rome’s Greatest Politician. Like Cicero, I would dearly lovely to see the Republic restored. My greatest hope is that those among us who treasure the United States as it was 65 years ago do not meet the same fate as Cicero !

      2. Hod,

        I realize I should have begun my comment by expressing agreement with your comment. That was a mistake on my part!

        Thank you for the useful historical note about Rome. I hadn’t thought about Cicero and the Republic. Do you believe that it could have been restored at that point? Had the Roman people regained their willingness to bear the burden of self-government?

      3. In spite of Cicero’s tireless and sincere efforts to restore the Roman Republic, Cicero was not able to achieve his political goals. Here in the United States today, our citizenry are addicted to “bread and circuses” in so many analogous ways to the people of ancient Rome. There is no real interest in participatory republican democracy in our nation by a large majority of the people. However, fate and sudden unusual twists of history often dictate different unexpected outcomes !

      4. Hod,

        We can only guess at such comparisons with history, esp with the ancient world. I agree that we have strong similarities with ancient Rome — with the late Republic (not the Empire). But we’re not addicted in any meaningful form, imo, to “bread and circuses”. We have nothing remotely like the Rome’s unemployeed masses cheering at the games.

        Christian Meier’s Caesar: A Biographydescribes how the people of late Republic Rome had tired of carrying the burden of self-government. After that the only question was who would rule them — and how. See this post for details of how something similar is happening today.

      5. I will put Christian Meier’s biography of Caesar on my reading list. Should be a good read with your recommendation. A Merry Christmas to you and all the readers of Fabius Maximus !

  2. Speaking of seeing things clearly (a very Stoic idea) – two points.

    1 – Characterizing the Democratic Party as in any way-shape-or-form “left” is ludicrous. The Clintons sold the DP back in the ’80s for a few handfuls of corporate cash.

    2 – “Hope” isn’t much of a product anymore. ( Barry kinda spoiled it for hope pushers everywhere.) It might be a good idea to tell people the truth – that hope, like pity, is toxic and should be used only in tiny amounts.

    Otherwise, a fine article indeed.

    1. Chris,

      (1) “Characterizing the Democratic Party as in any way-shape-or-form “left” is ludicrous.”

      I’m not a fan of the “no true Scotsman” approach to political descriptions, trying to determine the “true” believers of ill-defined and ever-changing political ideologies. The binary terms “left” and “right” originated in 1789 when members of the National Assembly divided into supporters of the king to the president’s right and supporters of the revolution to his left. That’s still their best use, imo.

      (2) “‘Hope’ isn’t much of a product anymore.”

      Hope is always a key (necessary but not sufficient) ingredient for any movement seeing to product political change. The alternative is defeat. Large-scale change is produced by people who try, fail, and try again. Those who try, fail, and then whine while sitting on their butts get what they deserve.

  3. Just a smiling visitant here to share the love (:, btw outstanding pattern. “Reading well is one of the great pleasures that solitude can afford you.” by Harold Bloom.

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