Inspirational videos showing the key truth: only together are we strong

Summary: Here are some inspirational videos that show the problem of people everywhere and the truth that makes us free — only together are we strong.

Key to Leadership

“Lead India” was a television series launched on India’s 60th Independence Day by The Times of India Group to create new leadership for India (see Wikipedia). Here is one of them. The background voice, in Hindi, urges listeners to take the first step and the rest will follow. It reveals that India and America share a common problem.


Examine the messages in this film. They are not pretty. How do the people of that neighborhood respond to the large fallen tree blocking the road?

  • The religious authority blesses the obstacle, but provides no leadership in removing it.
  • The government has no presence, except for two corrupt-looking police — who look on passively.
  • The crowd mills around aimlessly, ineffectually, leaderless.
  • A little boy steps forward — the epitome of a non-threatening person, whose spontaneous example inspires the crowd.

What have these people learned from this incident? Do they understand the power of collective action, of leadership? Will they organize, select leaders, and transform their neighborhood and serve as example for India? Probably not.

This video shows the same hostility in India to leadership as seen in America’s Tea Party Movement and Occupy Wall Street. The hostility to leadership that led them to near-total failure. Leadership is the difference between peasants’ protests — which vent accumulated pressure among the ruled — and effective political movements such as the Founding.

Without new leaders we can only mill helplessly in the streets, choosing between political parties that represent two factions of the 1%. The parties differ substantially but neither has any interest in deep reforms.

What a really inspirational message looks like

Compare these advertisements, providing powerful inspirational messages for us all. Remember, the machinery bequeathed us by the Founders remains idle but powerful. It needs only us to provide the energy make it function.


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Little fish can defeat big fish


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    1. Breton,

      It’s death to traffic. Not a popular message. We want to cheer our side (angels of virtue) and hiss the others (evil in human form). It’s not just films that have become dominated by cartoons, but their dominance in the box office reflects our preference for cartoon-like thinking.

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