Food for thought to start your week, about gender politics and other social issues

Here is some food for thought, in post number 4,001. It starts with a fascinating and revealing photo from Hollywood, followed by links to some of the most interesting articles I’ve seen recently — concluding with a call to action!

Get Smart (2008)

This publicity photo shows Hollywood values with exceptional clarity. It is for the 2008 film Get Smart, showing (left to right) Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway, and Dwayne Johnson. The beautiful, graceful, and talented Hathaway carries the film. Johnson’s provides much-needed gravitas. Carrell’s talent is wasted by the moronic script, written by pros who appear attempting to update it for our pc age — ending up stripping out everything that made the TV show funny. See Season 1, vintage TV comedy.

I plan to post a review of this fascinating film. For now, ponder how this the publicity photo shows our modern gender and racial politics, as they often do. Reverse the roles to see this more clearly.

  • Hathway painfully twisting Johnson’s ear, while caressing Carell — while they lean towards each other. Watch the Left scream about white supremacist staging!
  • Johnson twisting Carrell’s ear while he caresses Hathaway. Watch the white supremacists burn in anger!
  • Johnson twisting Hathaway’s ear. No comment from the feminist Left (much as they’re silent about overt misogyny in rap music).
  • Carrell twisting Hathaway’s ear. Watch the feminists scream about Hollywood misogyny!
  • Carrell twisting Johnson’s ear. Watch the Left scream about Hollywood racism!

The above configuration is the only acceptable one. It’s rom-com humor! The girl twisting the boy’s ear or arm, seeing him hunched over in pain, has become a commonplace in Hollywood romance. Pictures tell the tale. Such as this often-repeated behavior of Castle and Beckett in “Castle” (8 seasons). Hollywood stokes the fires of the revolution (but not the revolution they want).

Beckett humiliates Castle in S01E03: "Hedge Fund Homeboys"
Beckett humiliates Castle in S01E03: “Hedge Fund Homeboys”.

Or in this often-repeated behavior of Deeks and Kensi in “NCIS: Los Angeles” (now in season 8).Kensi and Deeks

Kensi and Deeks in love
Kensi and Deeks in Love - 2

The wider significance of this.

Women hitting men is a new hot trend from Hollywood. This is an example of how the Left has abandoned equality (equal treatment) as its guiding principle, which is the spark that ignited the cultural counter-revolution now beginning (which includes a rising tide of hatred). See more about this here.

Some interesting news

A reminder that America is exceptional! “American mothers die in childbirth at twice the rate they did in 2000” by Annalisa Merelli at Quartz, May 2015.

A reminder about total failure of the Tea Party Movement — born in opposition to banks, it ended supporting the most bank-friendly Congress in since the New Deal: “House backs legislation to undo most of Obama’s landmark banking reforms” in The Guardian. Activism by itself is not enough.

Long but filled with powerful insights: “Donald Trump, Empire, and Globalization: A Reassessment” by Maximilian Forte (Professor of Anthropology).

The most important post on the FM website: “Forecast: Death of the American Constitution“.  I have been writing since 2003. Looking back, the most prophetic posts were unpopular (exceptionally hostile comments and/or below-average pageviews). This is at the top of that list.

Yet another study shows the blindingly obvious and essential insight that America ignores: Rigorous research: more primary education spending led to higher wages reduced poverty, especially for children in poor households. Republicans’ efforts to wreck US education is the most dangerous of their programs to weaken America (letting our public infrastructure rot and privatizing core government services are close competitors).

A stunning example of the New Left’s violence in action: “New footage reveals sheer violence of Andrew Bolt attack outside Melbourne restaurant” in the Sydney Morning Herald. The Left’s use of violence encourages the Right, already armed and eager for violence. This is one of the most stupid actions by a political movement in decades.

A closing note

Do something this week to help start the reform of American politics. Left or Right, it does not matter where you are. Pick something from this list. No matter how small, that first step is the most important one. Reformations can begin with the action of one person. Successful reformations result from the small steps of individuals.

7 thoughts on “Food for thought to start your week, about gender politics and other social issues”

  1. I remember 2003, my discovery of FM Blog. Yeah, I was one of the sceptics. I was full of FOX and Boortz. My heart was hard, full of vengeance. I was an ignorant fool.

    At the time I had discovered and was already studying Boyd and Lind.

    By 2007 your site was my daily “Go To” site for head leveling. My friends and family know about your site and I hope they read it. Some are like the former me and some are Hippies. All are passionate.

    I can only hope they read your site.

  2. I am not aware the Tea Party was “born in opposition to the banks.” You support Dodd-Frank as written and implemented??

    1. Sukietawdry,

      The original TP websites are dead. But opposition to bailing out the banks’ bad loans was the initial driver of their protests. As stated later in their Contract with America: “No More Bailouts: The federal government should not bail out private companies…”

  3. Editor

    As mentioned on Twitter, I didn’t feel I had much to contribute to this post, but I said I would return to comment so here I am. I must admit, of all the political battle fronts that have raged during my lifetime, I tend to pay the least attention to the “battle of the sexes” and, if I have to explain why that is, I will claim two reasons.

    First, I feel blessed to have spent my life in environments where it has never been an issue. I’ve spent a significant portion of my life (with the exception of the last 10 years) within The Baptist Church and have always found that the Church grows strong women as well as men (despite having a couple of beliefs with which many women would take issue). I spent five years as band leader subordinate to a female worship minister. When she offered me the position, she asked me if I had any problems working for a woman and I just chuckled as I told her “no” because I thought it was a strange question (though obviously not to her). I’ve spent my career in software and have always had women as boss, peer, and employee alike perhaps due to the fact that women were in leadership positions in computer science from the start. To take this even further, I’m a cyclist, which is one physical sport where a man cannot take for granted that he can out match any given woman. I have my ass handed to me by women cyclists quite regularly.

    Second, I’ve always had this belief that as long as women love their fathers, husbands, and sons and men love their mothers, wives, and daughters, the battle between the sexes can’t really open wide. I.e. our relationships with our friends and family of the opposite sex act as a regulator.

    With the exception of abortion, which I have friends that will come down very strongly on both sides, I just don’t see much of the battle of the sexes here in flyover country. I hear the noise and I know that there are women who think men are generally awful (and visa versa), but I tend to think of it as far away; something for the coasts. Naive perhaps.

    But I recognize one of the recurring themes of your writing is that we must always be vigilant because the freedoms we’ve taken for granted can be stripped away.

    I’m sorry that I don’t have anything profound to add. I tend to live the maxim “read more, comment less”, but I know that you pour a lot of energy into your blog and I’ll try to reward you my feedback. Who knows, I might even disagree with you in the future. Rest assured, however, that I’m following along.

    Roll Tide,

  4. Dodd Frank did nothing except greatly increase government regulations, bureaucracy and invasion of privacy. You don’t seem to understand the tea party movement, which was based on 1. Individual liberty 2. Limited government 3. Free enterprise. Dodd Frank assaulted all three. What will really be helpful and shut down corruption would be to make Glass Steagall law again. Thanks.

    1. Smarty,

      You jest delightfully. The GOP quickly and effortless absorbed the Tea Party as supporters of their state capitalism. Big government in the service of the 1% and their mega-corps.

      With the equally futile Occupy, they are demonstrations of the impotence of Americans so long as they remain undisciplined (the only form that counts is self-discipline), forming effective political organizations with strong leadership and determined followers (as we have done in the past). Until then we are gullible peons, believing what our tribal leaders tell us, fragmented and weak. We’re a gift to our ruling elites.

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