Victims no more: the revolution puts women on top of men

Summary: The news overflows with news about women as victims of patriarchal oppression. Meanwhile a revolution has begun in our society, with women moving to equal or superior roles over men. It is news that does not fit the narrative, so is seldom reported. It’s a revolution whose end or consequences none can see.

Victims no more!

The Last Jedi projects actual trends in our society on the big screen, magnified so that we can better see them. These are world-shaking trends. While the media tell us that women are victims, they are moving ahead of men in many important ways.

“Reality check: American women – especially those in the professional/managerial class – are among the freest and most self-determining human beings on the planet. They may run into the occasional troglodyte, but overall, they are not merely doing as well as men – they are starting to surpass them. According to a recent survey of hiring data, young women are starting to out-earn young men. Women now earn most of the advanced degrees – including doctorates. The women’s advocacy group Catalyst reports that as of 2015, ‘women held 51.5% of all management, professional, and related occupations’. …

“Girl Power is real. Instead of carrying on about how frightened and degraded we are, maybe it’s time to acknowledge the truth: in 2017, we can destroy almost any man by a single accusation.”

— Christina Hoff Sommers at Spiked. She is a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and host of “The Factual Feminist.” See her bio.

Education points to the future

“34% of women born in the years 1980–84 had earned a bachelor’s degree by age 29, compared with 26% of men.”
Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Women earned majority of doctoral degrees in 2016 for 8th straight year and outnumber men in grad school 135 to 100” by Mark Perry at AEI, 28 September 2017. Data from the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) annual report on US graduate school enrollment and degrees for 2016. (Also see the

This is a snapshot of America’s future, because credentials are almost everything. They are the gateways in our society to good things.

Enrollment in graduate school by gender and field

About income!

Women in their 20s earn more than men of same age, study finds” at The Guardian, 28 August 2015. Per research by the Press Association.

Young women are asking for (and getting) more pay than men” by Jeanne Sahadi at CNN, 12 April 2016. Based on an analysis of job offers by Hired.

Young women are getting richer, as young men get poorer” by Nicole Lyn Pesce at Moneyish, 20 April 2017. That’s the surprising reveal from a new U.S. Census report on young adults, which found that young women are pulling ahead of many young men in the workforce.

Women in Science


This are the trends shaping America. None can say how far it will take us, or what our resulting society will look like, except that it will be very different than we have today. Or what we expect for tomorrow.

We are spinning the controls on the dashboard of society, guided only by our ideology. We are monkeys at the controls of machinery whose workings we do not understand. Let’s hope for a good outcome. I’ll bet that unanticipated consequences will rule.

“Unless you expect the unexpected you will never find truth, for it is difficult to discover.”
— Heraclitus, the pre-Socratic “Weeping Philosopher” of Ionia.

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Books to help us understand the revolution.

Survival of the Prettiest: The Science of Beauty by Nancy Etcoff.

Sex in History by Reay Tannahill.

Survival of the Prettiest
Available at Amazon.
Sex in History
Available at Amazon.

15 thoughts on “Victims no more: the revolution puts women on top of men”

  1. FM-

    Here’s my forecast.

    1. Young Millennials rejecting big consumer purchases (car, house, things)
    2. Student Debt continues to climb

    1. This thread discuss corporate trends- wages and promotions
    2. Wealth generation is separate from wages- LLC and passive income
    3. Men continue to walk away from conventional relationships (other FM threads)
    4. Advanced Degrees are only relevant for knowledge workers- I can hire smart people to write the code, do the data science.
    5. Americans still pursue consumerism and lack financial intelligence (not learned in university)

    Young men walk away from Corporate, the rat race, and traditional relationships and pursue entrepreneurship with the hopes to gain wealth as business owners not knowledge workers and employees. They allow the women to become the Generals, Deans, Politicians, and CEO’s. Many men fail in this endeavor, and we have a lost generation. For those that do succeed, they live well outside of the elite and barely consider themselves American.

    Related Reading
    – Millionaire Next Door
    – Four Hour Work Week (Fight club for entrepreneurship)
    – Rich Dad / Poor Dad
    – See subculture rejecting current American Dream (,,
    – Return of boarding houses redefining home ownership ( )


    1. Mr. Random Commenter

      I think you’re partly right, but you’re missing the great disintermediation and decentralization that cryptocurrencies are going to usher in.

    2. Mr. RC,

      “I think you’re partly right, but you’re missing the great disintermediation and decentralization that cryptocurrencies are going to usher in.”

      Can you explain further? I’m not following. FYI, I have some understanding of potential capabilities / limitations of distributed ledger technology and cryptocurrency from working on PoC’s with IBM and the Hyperledger project.

    3. Larry Kummer, Editor


      The problem with forecasting this situation is that too many variables are changing. I am skeptical that we have the slightest ability to predict even a decade ahead.

      Your predictions are plausible. But just as likely is a rebellion of the betas when they find leaders/causes who give them pride and promise of a better world. Women are doing well, as they’ve seized control of the government machinery: crushing boys, easy child support, regulation of men at work, etc. But men form packs. It is in our core programming, effective irrespective of their goals.

      Lots of potential wild cards to be thrown down on the table. Expect the unexpected.

  2. The Man Who Laughs

    One reason why predictions are hard to make is that we don’t know what leaders will appear with a political program to address the problems of men, nor to we know how competent they’ll be or how practical their program. If enough men opt out of marriage I half expect to see someone propose a bachelor tax, although it probably won’t be called that. I do not claim that’s a good idea or that it would work, just that I think I might hear it proposed if I manage to live long enough.

    I think we might also see proposals aimed at limiting job opportunities for women, although again, they won’t be called that and the labels will have to be chosen to conceal their intent. Maybe there will be punitive taxation on the entertainment industry, for example. Again, I’m not claiming that this would actually fix any problem.

    We live in strange times. If enough men decide they have no investment in, or loyalty to, the existing order, then the times may get stranger yet.

    1. Larry Kummer, Editor

      The Man,

      I agree on all points. Men are pack animals. A nation that fails to socialize its young men courts disaster. Alienated young men — Hillary’s deplorables — are tinder awaiting a spark.

      There is another dimension to this. Young men are the creative force in a society. Alienated young men are streams of nitroglycerine flowing on the floor. See 4chan. People seeing humor and memes have no idea how much of it comes from 4chan. As do many of the splinter activist groups, such Anonymous.

      Our elites are children singing while strolling down the garden path. Affluent, protected, esteemed — in a society built for them. They might not notice the darkness ahead until too late.

      Or perhaps not. Perhaps we’ll become a society of happy elites, frustrated beta male workers, single mothers working like dogs, and cat ladies. Who can say?

  3. Society is shaped to a large degree by the needs of our economy, as we shift from a manufacturing and resource extraction model to a service and managerial model the work force needed changes. Perhaps those changes suit women better. Medical careers, design, education, increasingly business and finance and clerical, are traditionally areas where women have always been well represented, they are also areas which have grown strongly over the 40 years, and look to continue in that vein.

    The need for miners, auto workers, mechanics, ect is on the decline as a percentage of the economy. If men want to maintain there place they need to start taking there education seriously, and parents need to make sure there boys are being given, and taking every opportunity to succeed. As a new father to a bouncing baby boy its something that I have even a lot of thought to.

    1. Larry Kummer, Editor


      “If men want to maintain there place they need to start taking there education seriously, and parents need to make sure there boys are being given, and taking every opportunity to succeed.”

      We moving quite rapidly in reverse on those things. Perhaps it is not a good idea to focus enrichment programs on girls (who are outperforming guys), tilt the education system to disadvantage boys (e.g., no recess playtime), and dope millions of boys up to their eyeballs to make them compliant.

  4. I think women, pretty much regardless of apparent political belief, are trying to create a new relationship with the world, and men, pretty much regardless of political belief, are trying to defend what they have. All else being equal, the first strategy is more effective in the long term than the second.

    1. Larry Kummer, Editor


      “are trying to defend what they have.”

      How are men trying to “defend what they have”? What do they have? What are these efforts you see to defend it?

  5. You say “All else being equal, the first strategy is more effective in the long term than the second.” How is it more effective in the long term than the second? other than wishing/fantasizing it to be. You forget the rest of the world cultures aren’t playing your game.

    Also Mr. Kummer asks an equally important question “How are men trying to “defend what they have”? What do they have? What are these efforts you see to defend it?” Claims require evidence, not ideological conjecture.

    1. Larry Kummer, Editor


      You raise an important point that should not be forgotten: our social revolutions are powered by ideology. Their advocates are mostly uninterested in fact or logic. America has become like a card with a blindfolded driver with the gas pedal to the floor. Shall we take bets how this ends?

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