Women, society, and gender issues

Posts about various issues concerning women, as society changes in the 21st century.


  1. Posts about the TV series “Castle”
  2. Our changing gender roles
  3. About marriage in the 21st century
  4. The next wave of tech disrupting gender roles, the family, and society
  5. Oppression of women around the world
  6. Women soldiers
  7. Women on top of men in society
  8. The Mancession
  9. Rape
  10. Other posts about women and gender issues

(1)  The TV series “Castle”: a mirror showing a changing America

  1. Spoilers for “Castle”: explaining the finale & season 7. It’s a metaphor for America.
  2. The TV show “Castle” challenges us to see our changing values. Most fans decline, horrified.
  3. “Castle” shows us marriage in America, a fault line between our past & future
  4. “Castle” shows us a dark vision of Romance in America
  5. “Castle” helps us adjust to a new America, with women on top
  6. Beckett shows our future. She chooses wisely & marries Castle, but dreams at night of her alpha ex-boyfriend.
  7. “Castle” shows a future of strong women & weak men. As for marriage…
  8. Lessons for us from the TV show “Castle”.

(2) Posts about our changing gender roles

  1. The feminist revolutionaries have won. Insurgents have arisen to challenge the new order. As always, they’re outlaws.
  2. “Mockingjay” shows us a Revolution in Gender Roles. What’s the next revolution?
  3. The war of the sexes heats up: society changes as men learn the Dark Triad.
  4. The revolution in gender roles reshapes society in ways too disturbing to see.
  5. A look ahead at the New America, after the gender wars.
  6. Books to help us see the strange new world following the revolution in gender roles.
  7. The collapse of gender roles: an unseen revolution with unimaginable consequences.
  8. Journalists are excited about Nicola Thorp’s story of high heels, feminism, journalism, & big government.
  9. A new hot trend from Hollywood: women hitting men.
  10. Vignettes of men and women in America, alienated from their true selves.
  11. The Premier of Ontario visits a mosque, revealing much about our society.
  12. Feminist revolutionaries seized control of colleges. Now come the tribunals…

(3) Love, marriage, and family in the 21st century

  1. What’s the future of the family in America? How will that change our government?
  2. Do we want to bring back traditional marriage? What is traditional marriage?
  3. Beckett shows our future. She chooses wisely & marries Castle, but dreams at night of her alpha ex-boyfriend.
  4. Love in the new world, after the gender wars.
  5. Taylor Swift shows us love in the 21st century.
  6. Men are “going Galt”. Marriage is dying. Will society survive?
  7. When marriage disappears: rising inequality as the threat to the family.
  8. “Castle” shows a future of strong women & weak men. As for marriage…
  9. Men are abandoning the rat race, & changing American society.
  10. Why men are avoiding work and marriage.
  11. In the next decade we’ll see if the American family is broken. — Part 1.
  12. Will today’s young men marry? America’s future depends which of these answers is right. — Part 2.

(4) The next wave of tech disrupting gender roles, the family, and society

  1. About sexbots: Tech creates a social revolution with unthinkable impacts that we prefer not to see.
  2. Three unmentionable insights about people, free from Ashley Madison.
  3. Our scary future: sexbots are coming, powering the ‘sexodus’.
  4. A look at sexbots, prototypes of a radically different future for society.

(5)  Oppression of women around the world & what we can do about it

  1. “The Return of Patriarchy“ – a classic article about demography.
  2. Bernard Finel shows how to end the Af-Pak in days. Now. Guaranteed.
  3. About honor killings, crimes of the community.
  4. We destroy a secular regime in Afghanistan (& its women’s rights), then we wage war on the new regime to restore women’s rights. Welcome to the American Empire.
  5. Today’s propaganda: we must fight in Afghanistan to help its women.
  6. About our sudden concern for Afghanistan’s women (& the desperate search for a reason to fight).
  7. A non-violent crusade giving rights to the world’s women!
  8. Subjugation of women anywhere threatens US national security!
  9. Justice for slavers (esp sex traffickers): hang them high!.
  10. Afghanistan’s girls show the dark side of America’s influence in the world.

(6)  Women soldiers

  1. The Real Revolution in Military Affairs (it’s not what you think).
  2. 28 Articles: a guide to a successful insurgency against America — About harassment and rape of women soldiers.
  3. Women as soldiers – an update.
  4. Putting women in combat: a quick look at the other side of the debate.
  5. About the future of an American army with women as combat soldiers.
  6. Women in combat are the real Revolution in Military Affairs.
  7. News about the battle for women’s equality in our armed forces.
  8. Martin van Creveld looks at Amazons: women warriors in the real world.
  9. Martin van Creveld looks at the experience of women in the Israel Defense Forces.
  10. Martin van Creveld: women are a problem in the military, not the cure.

For more about this see the Gender Research page at the Women in International Security website.

(7)  Women on top of men in society

  1. Women dominating the ranks of college graduates – What’s the effect on America?
  2. A better answer to “why women outperform men in college?”
  3. Update: women on top of men.
  4. Women have won the gender revolution.
  5. Conflict in tomorrow’s offices: strong women clashing with each other.
  6. The Economist proclaims that men are “The Weaker Sex”.
  7. Women are moving on top of men in America.
  8. We might become a low testosterone America. More research needed, stat!

(8)  Mancession

  1. Yes, it is a “mancession”, with men losing more jobs than women. Just like all recessions., 5 October 2009.
  2. Update on the “mancession”, 2 December 2009.

(9)  Rape

(a)  Posts about rape:

  1. Being a third world nation is a state of mind, as we will learn (about prison rape).
  2. Martin van Creveld asks what do soldiers do during war? Rape.
  3. The shame of Alaska: vast wealth, but little spent to protect its people — Especially rape of its indigenous people.
  4. It’s time to forcibly re-shape America to fight the campus rape epidemic! Even if it’s fake.
  5. The University of Virginia “rape culture” story crashes and burns. Will this become a story of failed agitprop? Or a win for the Left?
  6. The University of Virginia shows how change comes to America: through agitprop and hysteria.
  7. Forms to sign before having sex. Progress or madness?
  8. False rape accusations tell us something important about America.
  9. Horrific news from Sweden about sexual assaults by immigrants.

See all posts about rape.

(b)  Posts about the rape charges against Julian Assange of Wikileaks

  1. Sad news about the CIA – Underestimating the skill of the government at covert ops?
  2. The full story of the rape charges against Julian Assange of Wikileaks, a possible covert op.
  3. Update to the Wikeleaks rape story, and why it’s important – If a covert op, it’s working.
  4. New and strange developments in the prosecution of Julian Assange (Wikileaks) – New but not more enlightening.

(10)  Other posts about women and gender issues