Migrants’ protests begin, pushing France into a new society

Summary: After accepting millions of migrants, Europe begins its evolution into a new society. In France migrants and their own leftists use force to change public policy. The weak response of officials guarantees not only the success of these early efforts – but many more in the future. Europe faces a long hard road ahead, with an unknown but very different future at the end.

Migrants coming into Europe
Migrants walk to the Hungarian-Austrian border in September 2015. By Christopher Furlong/Getty Images.

Introducing millions of migrants into Europe was just the first wedge in their elites program to reshape Europe. For the Right, they provide a hammer to smash workers’ rights and wages (far better than those of Americans). For the Left, they provide a hammer to smash Europe’s culture. Something for everyone in the upper classes!

Now comes the agitation, using migrants against existing institutions. Such as the increasingly numbers of universities forcibly occupied by migrants (many or most of whom are not students). The best known is at the Paris8 University. This account from the University of Reims Champagne Ardenne (URCA) is typical. Universities have been occupied in Grenoble, Lyon, and Nantes. There have been demonstrations, such as those at the Ministry of Higher Education.

Their goals are of broad, as usual for revolutionaries. Occupiers of Paris-8 demanded in their first communiqué residency papers, subsidized housing, an repeal of the Dublin Regulations, halting deportations, and the end to “mistreatment of minors.”

The weak response by administrators will produce more copying their success. French professors and researchers have expressed solidarity with the migrants and students (e.g., see this letter).

Here is an account from Europe of these important events, poignant about the future.

Occupation of Paris8 University
Occupation of Paris8 University.

More pussycats.

By Martin van Creveld. From his website, 22 March 2018.
Re-posted with his generous permission.

Returning from Vienna, where I have been giving some talks and interviews about my recent book, Pussycats, I found the following in my inbox. The author has granted my request and permitted the piece to be posted here. While legal reasons prevent the university in question from being identified by name, the facts have been verified from other sources.

Any other comment is superfluous.


The university is currently going through its second occupation of the year. The first (which as far as I know is continuing) was by a group of students eager to discover “true freedom”. They took over a classroom and began camping there. They covered all windows so no one could see what they were doing inside (although it smelled strongly of pot). The president and her vice-presidents kept meeting with their leaders and kept negotiating agreements that were then repudiated by the occupiers. Then she got a lot of resolutions voted by various instances at the university, all of which were ignored. Then she held a lot of meetings but did absolutely nothing else – even after both she and the chief administrative officer of the university had been slightly injured by the students.

The second occupation started at the end of January when about thirty undocumented immigrants took over two floors of building A, the arts building. They brought in cooking gear and portable beds and began meeting with the press (although the press didn’t show much interest in them).

Once again, the president and her vice-presidents negotiated, once again they reached agreements and once again the accords were immediately repudiated. She asked the immigrants to move into the university’s largest auditorium. After initially agreeing, they issued a statement refusing this compromise. Why? Because the auditorium reminded them of the Libyan prisons where they had been held!! Now, I’m the first to complain about our working conditions but that our biggest auditorium, where we hand out honorary degrees, looks like a Libyan prison seems somewhat exaggerated. Or maybe I’m being unfair to Libyan prisons.

They also stated that they did not want to move to another building because they wanted residency permits and affordable housing. Do they think the university can supply these? Or that the French government cares enough about this Parisian university being occupied to grant them?

With extension cords all over the place and cooking going on in the hallways, not surprisingly, they blew all the fuses in building A. Then, they graciously agreed to use the auditorium during the day because it had better kitchen facilities. So, not only did the presidential team fail to gain back our classrooms but they also lost us the use of our largest auditorium! Added to that, they offered the gym to the immigrants so they could use the showers. So, what did our leadership then do? They called a lot of meetings and got a lot of resolutions passed – all of which were ignored. And then the heavy snowfall caused all the heating to fail so the president closed the university for two days.

Marching for open borders in Washington on 27 January 2017.
Marching for open borders in Washington D.C. on 27 January 2017. Alex Brandon/AP.

In response the immigrants organized a banquet in front of the library to announce their refusal to leave. The president then sent in the commission for hygiene and security to meet with them. However, their leaders claimed that a member of the commission was actually a police officer in disguise. The whole thing descended into violence with pushing, shoving and some punching. But the immigrants remained and continued occupying the building. They installed beds in some classrooms,  which have become dorms while another room is a canteen. They even brought in a sofa so they could have an area to relax. By this time the immigrants had grown to about 80 and their supporters were talking of establishing a permanent refuge at the university.

The presidential team contacted a number of charities. One came in and gave the immigrants medical check-ups while the refugees refused to meet with another, a charity for the homeless, People from one charity I talked to said they would not get involved because in many ways things resembled a hostage situation: the university is of course being held hostage but so, in a way, are the refugees: most of them don’t speak French and blindly follow their leaders who work with people at the university who have a political agenda. Other charities have come to the same conclusion.

So the president and her V-Ps decided to get tough and sent a somewhat threatening letter to the immigrants. The latter responded by going from classroom to classroom at the university asking for money. The president and her V-Ps did nothing.

Meanwhile, the immigrants brought in huge wooden crates, filled with used clothes, that they stock in the stairwells, (blocking the exits, of course). They also blast music during class times (which are still going on on the first floor). The occupiers also broke the locks on one of the side entrances of the university and installed their own (which is clearly illegal). So now they are the only ones able to use that entrance.

They also forced the locks on doors to other classrooms. In response the president sent pictures of the broken doors to all members of the university. Then graffiti appeared in the area with anti-Semitic slogans and comments like “Death to all whites”. The presidential team took pictures of these and sent them to all members of the university.

In the current political climate no one wants to deal with the issue of immigration and no one cares about universities. Even the press doesn’t consider the situation worth a news article. This says a lot about the state of French universities and partly explains why, in spite of internationally respected staff, they are so low in the league tables. The government could care less about universities and they are being allowed to fall to pieces.


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Available at Amazon.


10 thoughts on “Migrants’ protests begin, pushing France into a new society”

  1. Part of the time I think “Maybe a Charles the Hammer will emerge and show what a modern European with modern equipment does for war against islam”
    The rest of the time I think “This will be like the colonization of North America with the European’s playing the part of the Native Americans…. only more docile.”

    BTW, this, and your posts on modern male/female relationships and the ones on the modern military winning body counts but losing wars – all related.

    It brings to mind a guy I heard or read in about 2008 who was a professor at a college in Colorado I think. He said a student in his class stood and she said something like “I’m ashamed to be a white, I wish I was something like your culture a Native American or something.” and he thought to himself “There is a native american saying that the tribe is lost when the women give up on the culture” – or something like that. BTW, this was one of the few professors who thought on balance the USA is a good thing. and that observation does hold some truth – a culture is lost when the women give up on it.

    1. To correct a potential missunderstanding. I’m not saying women create culture. Simply that they pass it on. The comment about “getting it with his mothers milk” comes to mind. They hold an important part of the link of helping a person establish themselves in their mind as part of the group.

      1. Larry Kummer, Editor


        “They hold an important part of the link of helping a person establish themselves in their mind as part of the group.”

        That’s certainly true in America today. Giving the small and shrinking role of fathers, I believe you understate women’s roles. Women dominate child-rearing and women dominate our education system in the grade schools — and increasingly dominating the universities.

    2. Larry Kummer, Editor


      I suspect that many people have similar thoughts when looking at this situation. But the defeatists are a small minority. Which is the “open the borders” supporters on the Left and Right work by lies. But deceit eventually fails. As Europe is seeing with the rise of Le Pen and AfD. When the mainstream parties fail, people turn to extremists.

      But much damage has been done to Europe. Irreversible. It will be interesting to see how they cope.

      I don’t know about America. More predictions depend on my mood.

    3. “I don’t know about America. More predictions depend on my mood.”
      Hehe. I know my predictions depend on mine. I’ve seen someone suggest that when the creators and only real users of ‘industrial war’ decide it is time to fight again, Europe will be a blood bath of mostly non Europeaners and their allies. – the Charles the Hammer route.

      1. Larry Kummer, Editor


        “creators and only real users of ‘industrial war’ decide it is time to fight again”

        Most confident predictions are just recency — saying that the recent past will repeat. I doubt it. Norman Angell’s book The Great Illusion (1909) was quite correct, but people didn’t realize it until 1945.

    1. Larry Kummer, Editor


      “Gooden nacht, Old Europe.”

      “Old Europe” has always been going away. Look at Europe in 50 year snapshots. Each is drastically different than the previous one.

      But Europe probably has some hard times ahead.

  2. As Mr Van Creveld says, nobody really cares about universities in France. At least about SOME universities: he describes the case of the Paris VIII University, the current plight of which isn’t on anybody’s radar, because it “doesn’t count” in the education system, it’s “far frrom the eyes, far from the heart”, because it is a micro event (as far as the numbers involved are concerned)… Similar events have taken place in a few other universities, with varying results; one in Toulouse is on strike (against a merger with other local institutions), one in Strasburg (a good one) has been cleared of protesters very quickly.

    In France, higher education doesn’t really revolve around universities. Only around a certain number of them (where no such events have occurred) and the “Grandes Ecoles” (literally “great schools”), which are mostly small, more specialized universities (I’m a graduate of two of them). Most of the establishments where such strikes and occupation by small, agitated groups, occur are just there to be filled (and not much else) and produce useless degrees in droves (something anglo-saxon universities also do…. Through the overpopulation of many disciplines in the Humanities or Social Sciences).

    But in these, you find all the same ingredients observed in other countries: small groups of radical, highly indoctrinated youth, convinced of their own self importance, guzzling on the same kind of rhetoric, slogans and ready-made pseudo-thinking so popular among the SJWs and others of the same ink (often directly imported from North America and barely adapted to local realities). They are linked to a limited, but very vocal, world of politically and mediatically hyperactive associations and groups advocating “antiracism” and various “struggles” against islamophobia, misogyny, “colonialism” (still not completely getting that one, 50 years after the end of decolonization), “hetero-patriarchy”, transphobia…. And all the usual theme of various “oppressed” groups. All sporting a superficially legitimate cause, all promoting a hateful rhetoric against windmill-like and strawman-like “oppressors” rapidly compared to the now omnipresent “nazis” and “fascists”. And the reality of these “fights” that try to bound along the lines of “intersectionality” and its victim hierarchy, is not antiracism or anti-something else, but a virulent form of communautarism, segregationism of one kind or the other.

    Now, this could all be fun and picturesque, a somewhat charming (not so) French specialty limited to anecdotal numbers of students and militants (it is the case, as far as numbers are concerned), but, as in the US, the drama lies in the echo chamber provided to such people by parts of the media, politicians and self titled “intellectuals” who continue to try and legitimize such behaviors, forgive anything (including, sometimes, the unforgivable) and attack any critic as “racist/homophobic/nazi/fascist….”. We all know the usual epithets, empty of meaning, but fully part of a coded language intended on avoiding discussion.

    It would be fun if such groups were not supported by the highly UN-representative Student Unions (elected with less than 2% of the students voting, in Soviet-like assemblies stacked with only the ultra-militants) that provide them with advice and mentoring, networks and material aid. It would be fun without the support from these aforementioned outside organizations, but also, most importantly, by the funding these groups receive (since the 1980s) from the left, and therefore also the government (with varying amounts according to the political situation of the moment). The amounts spend are not great, but they are a lifeline for this pocket universe of radicalisms in sheep’s clothing. One that allow them to exist continuously (they can’t survive on their own). Add to that the permanent echo chamber of a certain part of the media that shares the mentality or is blind to its realities because “France is bad and oppressive” is the motto, and the picture is complete.

    All in all, it’s a storm in a glass of water. But the underlying tidings are bad nonetheless.

  3. I work in an Australian University, originating in the UK have worked in English Universities and Colleges, which are all the same.

    The preferred staff are the same ethnicity to the new fee paying students, I am casual and have no doubt my contract (semester by semester) will not be renewed soon.

    Universities are the font of the leftist version of mass replacement of the people, they are fast moving to sausage factories that the native population no longer believes in, the fee paying international students “tolerate” to get Permanent Residency and tenured staff work, often in fear if they don’t publish enough.

    I think that the West is in a point of inflection, which way it flexes no body knows, but people are fed up.

    I would like to make one point about the little guy and girl, and their dollar. Our society still rules for now and we still have the most expenditure for now; we must use that expenditure wisely.

    The US and China are going toe to toe, should we not avoid funding our brothers adversarial every opportunity we get. Allies tyres made in Malaysia, Japan or even US.

    Clothes from India, not Pakistan or China.

    Fastening and Fixing from Korea or Taiwan.

    Pay unemployed Uncle Frank to pick us up from our evening out, not Uber.

    If there was a war I would father fund our likely allies.

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