Martin van Creveld calls out the cowards in Europe

Summary: Horrific changes are taking place in Europe. As is so often the case, journalists suppress the news in America. But somethings cannot be hidden forever. Among those speaking out is Martin van Creveld, one of this generation’s most distinguished historians. This powerful and disturbing article sounds an alarm — one which Europe is unlikely to hear.

White feather of cowardice



By Martin van Creveld.
From his website, 26 October 2017.
Re-posted with his generous permission.
Links and graphics added.


As my readers know, I do not normally use this blog to quote other people at any length. If I do so this time, that is because I am shocked. Right from the beginning of human history — possibly even before human history, properly speaking, got under way — one of men’s most important tasks has always been to protect their mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, and women in general from being raped by other men. Even at the cost of their lives, if necessary.

No longer. So weak, so utterly despicable, have European men in particular become, that they have abrogated this responsibility, perhaps the most basic any human community owes the 50% of its members who are female and on whom its future depends. More basic than equality, more basic than any other number of nice things I could think about. I quote from a recent book on this and related topics: The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam by Douglas Murray (2017).

“Throughout the 2000s, the question of sex attacks on local women by gangs of immigrants had been an open secret [in Britain]. It was something nobody wanted to speak or hear about. There was something so base, and so rank somehow, in even mentioning it. Even to imply that dark-skinned men had a penchant for abusing white women seemed to so clearly originate from some odious, racist text that it appeared impossible, firstly even to even imagine that it might be happening, and secondly that it should be discussed. British officials were so terrified about even mentioning such crimes that every single arm of the state failed to respond over the course of years. When the same phenomena occurred on the continent precisely the same problems were encountered.

“Even to mention the fact in 2015 that most of the recent arrivals into Europe seemed to be young [and single, MvC] men was to court opprobrium. To question whether all these individuals might have brought modern views about women with them was unmentionable (precisely, as in Britain, because it seemed to speak to some base, racist smear). The fear of falling into a racial cliché or suffering accusations of racism prevented authorities and the European public from admitting to a problem that had spread across the continent. And the more refugees a country took in, the greater that problem became.

Refugees Welcome

“Even in 2014 in Germany the number of sexual assaults against women and boys was growing. These included the rape of a 20-year old German woman in Munich by a 30-year old Somali asylum seeker {here, here}, the rape of a 55-year old woman in Dresden by a 30-year old Moroccan, the attempted rape of a 21-year old German woman in Munich by a 25-year old Senegalese asylum seeker, the rape of a 17-year old girl in Straubing by a 21-year old Iraqi asylum seekers, the rape of a 21-year old German woman near Stuttgart by two Afghan asylum seekers, and the rape of a 25-year old German woman in Stralsund by a 28-year old Eritrean asylum seeker. While these and many other cases made it to court, many others did not.

“Alongside the growth in cases of rapes of Germans came the increase in the number of rapes and sexual assaults in refugee shelters. During 2015 the German government was so short of to house the migrants that it was initially unable to provide segregated shelters for women. A [The outcome was rapes] across Bavaria. And as in Britain a decade before, the authorities were so worried about the implications of the fact that in a number of cases they were found to have deliberately covered them up. In Demold, where an asylum seeker raped a 13-year old Muslim girl, the local police remained silent about the assault. An investigation by Westfalen-Blatt claimed that local police were routinely covering up sex assaults involving migrants in case it gave ammunition to criticisms of the government’s open door policies. Nevertheless, rapes of children were reported in numerous cases, including at a facility in Bremen.

Strange Death of Europe
Available at Amazon.

“As the number of cases increased throughout 2015, the German authorities eventually could not hold back the growing number of reports of rapes against German women by recent refugees. These included the rape of a 16-year old girl in Mering, an 18-year old girl in Hamm, a 14-year old boy in Heilbronn and a 20-year old woman in Karlsruhe. In a number of cases — including the case in Karlsruhe — the police remained silent about the story until a local paper broke it. Countless other assaults and rapes were reported in Dresden, Reinbach, Bad Kreuznach, Ansbach, Hanau, Dortmund, Kassel, Hanover, Siegen, Rinteln, Moenchengladbach, Chemnitz, Stuttgart, and other cities across the country

“Eventually, this unmentionable subject became so bad that in September 2015 officials in Bavaria began to warn local parents to ensure their daughters did not wear any revealing clothing in public. ‘Revealing tops or blouses, short shorts or miniskirts could lead to misunderstandings,’ one letter to locals warned. In some Bavarian towns, including Mering, police warned parents not to allow their children to go outside alone. Local women were advised not to walk to the railway station unaccompanied. On a daily basis from 2015 onwards there were reports of rapes on German streets, in communal buildings, public swimming baths, and many other locations. Similar events were reported in Austria, Sweden and elsewhere. But everywhere the subject of rape remained underground, covered up by the authorities and deemed by most of the European media not to be a respectable news story…

“Throughout 2016 the spate of rape and sexual assaults spread to every single one of Germany’s sixteen federal states. There were attacks literally every day, with most of the perpetrators never found. According to the [Social Democratic, MvC] Minister of Justice, Heiko Maas, just a tenth of rapes in Germany are reported and of those that reach trial only 8% result in a conviction. Moreover, several additional problems emerged from these cases, not least that there appeared to be a concerted official effort to suppress data about crimes where the suspects might be migrants… Just as in Britain a decade earlier, it transpired that German ‘anti-racism’ groups had been involved. In this case they had pressured the German police to remove racial identifiers from al suspect appeals for risk of ‘stigmatizing’ whole groups of people.”

The outcome? In Bavaria alone the number of rapes, many of them committed by refugees, during the first half of 2017 increased 48% over the corresponding period in the previous year {per The Times}. The equivalent figure for Britain is 19%. In London’s borough Tower Hamlets, said to have “one of the smallest White British populations of any local authority in Britain,” one poor girl was said to have been sexually assaulted three times in a single hour.

Cowards, cowards, cowards.


For More about Europe’s rape epidemic

The Gatestone Institute, a far-right advocacy group, is one of the few reporting about this. As always with such sources, whether Gatestone or Wikipedia, follow the links to the original sources.

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Martin van Creveld

About the Author

Martin van Creveld is Professor Emeritus of History at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and one of the world’s most renowned experts on military history and strategy. Creveld has written over two dozen books, about almost every significant aspect of war, and several about society.

The central role of Professor van Creveld in the development of theory about modern war is difficult to exaggerate. He has provided both the broad historical context — looking both forward and back in time — much of the analytical work, and a large share of the real work in publishing both academic and general interest books. He does not use the term 4GW — preferring to speak of “non-trinitarian” warfare — but his work is foundational for 4GW just the same. See links to his articles at The Essential 4GW reading list: Martin van Creveld.

Even more so are his books about western culture: Men, Women & War: Do Women Belong in the Front Line?The Privileged Sex, and Pussycats: Why the Rest Keeps Beating the West.

And perhaps most important for us, his magnum opus — the dense but mind-opening The Rise and Decline of the State— describes the political order unfolding before our eyes. His latest book is Hitler in Hell, a mind-blowing (faux) memoir by one of the most remarkable men of 20th century.

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"Pussycats" by Martin van Creveld
Available at Amazon.

For another perspective on this sad story

For another perspective on these matters, see Martin van Creveld’s Pussycats: Why the Rest Keeps Beating the West (2016). From the publisher …

“In the kingdom(s) of the West, something is rotten. Collectively, the countries of NATO are responsible for almost two thirds of global military spending. In terms of military technology, particularly electronics, communications and logistics, they have left the rest so far behind that it is no contest. Yet ever since the Korean War ended in 1953, almost every time they went abroad and fought non-Westerners they were defeated and had to withdraw. As happened, to cite but two recent cases, in Iraq and Afghanistan; and as may yet happen if and when Islamic terrorism spreads into Europe, as it is quite likely to do.

“What went wrong? How did the ferocious soldiers who, between 1492 and 1914, brought practically the entire world under their sway, become pussycats? The present study, unique of its kind, seeks to answer these questions.

  1. “Subduing the Young,” focuses on the way Western people raise their scanty offspring. Infantilizing them, depriving them of any kind of independence, and, in the words of a recent best-seller, turning them into “excellent sheep.”
  2. “Defanging the Troops,” shows how the same is happening in the military.
  3. “The War on Men,” examines the way in which the forces are being feminized affects, indeed infects, their fighting power.
  4. “Constructing PTSD,” looks at the way returning soldiers are almost obliged to develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  5. The last chapter outlines the emergence of modern societies which, exalting rights and forgetting about duty, have come very close to delegitimizing war itself.

The book is about 73,000 words long. It is written in jargon-less language laymen can understand. It is also thoroughly documented. Readership should include anybody with an interest in national security, and then some.”

14 thoughts on “Martin van Creveld calls out the cowards in Europe”

  1. Information like these simply do not appear in the big german newspapers anymore. If these numbers do appear they are put into perspective that young male persons did come to germany and that statistically these persons are not commiting more crimes than germans.

    Example is the new years eve 2015 in cologne, which is compared by german newspapers to the Oktoberfest.
    In the biggest news papers the handling of the “refugee crisis” is purely positive. As far as i know there is a big change in the understanding of the media and a lot of people are not trusting the news media corporations anymore.
    Another example is the german secretary of interior who said about the growing crime in the public sphere and also against the rising violence of women that the society is “brutalizing”. Not mentioning the refugee crisis.

    I’m embarassed that i need to go to foreign information ressources to inform myself.

    I remember an article a few weeks ago where Fabius maximus did write that you could not understand why german elites are letting so many young refugees to Europe. Please note, imho, that in the german public no one discusses refugees in concern to economic terms. It is seen by journalist all over the place that it is a duty to let refugees into germany. The discussion wether these are “economic refugees” or people fleeing from war no journalist aks (few do). If they do, they are brandmarked as Nazis.

    Critical articles like the one here and many more are the exact reason why i am here.

    1. Felix,

      WordPress’ Askimet software put your comment in the “spam” bucket for review. I retrieved it. Hence the delay in posting. Askimet makes mistakes, but blocks a hundred or more per day. This comment section couldn’t work without it.

      “in the german public no one discusses refugees in concern to economic terms. It is seen by journalist all over the place that it is a duty to let refugees into germany.”

      I understand and agree that is how the German public sees the issue. Or more precisely, how it has been sold to them. But I’m skeptical that the people who run Germany are motivated by such humanitarian concerns, and not the pleasing (to them) economic — and perhaps political — effects of open borders.

      1. Felix,

        Follow-up to your comment about the reason for Europe opening its borders. See “For Germany, refugees are a demographic blessing as well as a burden.”

        The nation’s population is shrinking at an alarming rate, and it desperately needs skilled, motivated and industrious folks like Alkhamran to replenish its workforce and keep its powerhouse economy humming. In other words, helping to alleviate Europe’s refugee crisis could help defuse Germany’s demographic one. “We need people. We need young people. We need immigrants,” Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere declared recently. “All of you know that, because we have too few children.”

  2. Thank you for focusing on this Larry. I was mulling over this whole situation and too many Europeans are either 1) too apathetic to act or 2) sitting on the fence on the Islamisation crisis in Europe. Most of the MSM and politicians are terrified to speak out on the issues mentioned in this article for fear of being branded ‘racists’, so it is left up to the alt-media like the Gatestone Institute and brave souls like Douglas Murray to show what is really going on vis a vis young Muslim migrant men. The more publicity this issue is given, the more people are going to hopefully respond to what is happening to their societies.

  3. Cowardice is the nett result of decades of emasculation through social engineering which could have had no other outcome, whether at the level of men as individuals failing to protect women or of western societies being beaten on the battlefield. Where is the surprise in any of this?

  4. mmmhhh. the data for Germany, are high debatable: Bavarian ufficial report 685 sexual assault in 2017: of this 71% is suspected German. 11% are ausilyum seeker disproportionate relative of total population.

    but the statistics are for crimes against “sexual self determination”, which includes rape and sexual assault as well as exhibitionism, forced prostitution and the illegal distribution of pornographic material.
    a lot of this are not crimes 1 year ago: Bavaria change the law, after Cologne mass sexual assault at the beginning of 2016, introducing the new definition of sexual crime.

    There is for sure a trouble with Afghan, but i have find, in no country in EU, a clear evidence for others etnical group.

    in 2011 italian gouverment make a massive research on crime in the country: there are other partial after, but this is produced by “Lega Nord”, and anti-immigrant (and i find no reason for anti-immigrant party to produce a document that contradict party propaganda) : they find that there is no statistical evidence of more crime by immigrant, and where it is we are in a + or – 2% range. where there is a differentation is on organized crime: Italian win for Bank assault and political corruption , Former Yugo and romanian for burglary. Nigerian for drugs distribution, and so on.

    i think that on this point the right make the same mistake of left: the left don’t see any trouble, the right focus on security, most of the time, missing the main “dumping on income” trouble.

    1. Palolo,

      “but i have find, in no country in EU, a clear evidence for others etnical group.”

      Most nations in western Europe do not track crimes by ethnic group. Some, like France, go far in not keeping records. Don’t confused lack of data with lack of the phenomenon.

  5. The Man Who Laughs

    Dear God. I want the military out of Europe, now. I’m not fighting for people who won’t protect their own women.

    I believe John Boyd once wrote about the need to isolate an enemy physically, mentally, and morally. Once isolated, the enemy would destroy himself because lacking feedback to even comprehend his situation, he would perform actions that were both self destructive and self reinforcing. The rulers of Europe seem isolated to me in the Boydian sense of the term.

    The birth dearth and the long nuclear peace mean that they have no enemies capable of displacing them. NATO and the Warsaw Pact both had lavishly equipped armies and elaborate war plans, but how practical any of those plans were in an age of nuclear weapons is another matter. There is no longer a foreign military threat to Europe (Putin’s Russia is overrated). But there’s also no domestic political threat to the Rulers either. There’s no way to remove them, in part because there’s no competent effective political opposition. They don’t seem to have to put up with much in the way of criticism. So they sit in physical, mental, and moral isolation, carrying out a self destructive, self reinforcing loop.

    I could be far off the mark, or maybe there’s just no making sense of this.

  6. This topic and article interests me.

    Your website frequently notes the advance of a government and societal narrative which identifies men as threats to women that can and should be controlled by the government. Parts of popular Western culture have taken great strides in shrugging off any obligation that men have to protect women. In fact, in many parts of the West that is seen as a degrading view and therefore to be shunned.
    There persists, though, a threat to women from men. We, in the West, have successfully ended many of the worst forms of tribal warfare and have been in societies that for centuries have kept outsiders out and insiders in. This had led many researchers to see the biggest threat to women in the West as from insiders as there are so few outsiders as to make it statistically much more likely that a woman will be sexually assaulted by someone inside the nation/town/tribe than from outside. Our cultural rules about keeping outsiders out have also been tainted by association with genocide, enslavement and imperialism which we view as extremely wicked.
    So we have research that shows that it is local men who must be constrained and prevented from being in charge and an aversion (rightly so, I might add) to those cultural views that led to the severe depredations of the West on the rest of the world, and it makes sense that our popular culture would embrace something which defies historical logic and is likely to cause massive trauma in our society.
    We must accept that our Western popular culture does not want men to protect women. The State will protect them from men. We must also accept that the Western state pursues agendas that are antithetical to the goals it espouses.
    I am deeply troubled by the skillful manipulation of large sides of society against one another across the western world for short term political gains. The people who shout most loudly for immigrant rights and to welcome refugees will not protect them from violence. The popular culture that says ‘all we need is love’ will be little comfort to refugees who find out they are not actually welcome nor will it benefit those who will harden their hearts in order to expel them.

    1. Jumon,

      “So we have research that shows that it is local men who must be constrained and prevented from being in charge”

      Thank you injecting some humor into this serious discussion. Few take such products of academia’s social justice warriors seriously, so it’s fun to meet someone who does.

  7. Yes, and especially Western Europeans are cowards. This is nothing new as the 30’s appeasement policy shows.
    Western Europeans always expect others to bail them out of the mess they themselves have engineered… during WW2 it is Americans and Russians that bailed Europe out of that Nazi mess.

    It’s interesting to know that Hitler was surprised at France and UK’s declaration of war when Germany invaded Poland. He was surprised because France and UK, with their appeasement policy, let Hitler do what he wanted, how he wanted.

    Now cowardly Western Europeans try the same kind of “appeasement policy” with Islam and hope it will work, But it will not work as appeasement policies never work. At best they only buy some time, but a time that will allow an enemy to build up his army.

    1. Larry Kummer, Editor


      Sad but true. Thousands of years of culture being flushed down the toilet, for no reason.

      “but a time that will allow an enemy to build up his army.”

      Of course, this time they face migration – not armies. Migrations have washed away more cultures than war.

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