Incredibles 2, a Father’s Day gift from Disney

Summary: Here is a review of Incredibles 2, review of Disney’s Father’s Day gift to fathers. There are spoilers for details that most adults in the audience will easily predict.

Elastigirl goes to work in "Incredibles 2"
Elastigirl goes to work in “Incredibles 2.”

The Incredibles 2 is Disney’s gift to fathers for Father’s Day. For the first 30 minutes it runs as a standard sitcom, cute family clashing at home. The next 30 minutes combines two standard Hollywood themes: flashing from Dad the Doofus to Super-Mom. The last 45 minutes shows a superhero battle, as the guy and girl unite as battle buddies (Hollywood can show romance at home and work, but not functional modern marriages). The first hour passed slowly; the long fight at the end was terrific.

The CGI and actors voices are excellent.  The plot is slap-dash (e.g., The Villain’s Master Plan Makes No Sense), as with most superhero films. The villain is probably right. Perhaps the production team’s creative energy all goes into the CGI.


To understand the plot better, watch while imagining the roles reversed (in ancient days that was the method taught to detect propaganda). Mr. Incredible cannot handle the children. We see him unshaved, screaming at the kids, before he breaks down and whines about the difficulty of filling a woman’s shoes. He is strong but not very bright. His daughter lectures him about the rights and dignity of women. Most of the guys are doofuses, such as the villain’s sibling and father).

Elastigirl steps out from the shadow of Mr. Incredible, resuming her career as a solo heroine. She is omnicompetent and uniformly awesome. Also, women are the only voices of authority in the film (even as teenagers). Guys’ commands and advice are ignored. Elastigirl is the hottest 40+ year-old feminist icon ever to wear a Playboy bunny suit. She is usually drawn in shadows or against dark backgrounds to mute this.

You have seen this plot a thousand times. It is skillful socialist realism art, preparing our children for a future dominated by women. Expect more to come from Disney.

“I’m holding out hope for an Incredibles 3 where Violet and Elastigirl team up against a baddie who goes by The Patriarchy.”
Sara Stewart in the NY Post.


Jonny Quest
Available at Amazon.

It is a nice film for kids, if you don’t mind showing your children yet another story of Dad as doofus. Today’s children have grown up seeing these gender roles and accept them as normal.

I suggest that instead of going to the theater you buy the Jonny Quest cartoons (1964). The producers give a subtle pointer to this superior work in a scene in which Flash is watching episode 8, “The Robot Spy.” The animation is excellent for its time. The plots are better than those of most cartoons today. Jonny’s father (Dr. Benton Quest) and their secret service agent protector (Race Bannon) are both great models for young men.

Fathers today in America

See yesterday’s post: Secrets about Father’s Day.

“Holidays reveal the inner life of a society. Especially Father’s Day, at the center of key changes being made to America. This analysis of that mutated holiday is an edited compilation of Dalrock’s brilliant articles.”

Even more important, see For Father’s Day: revolutionary words that will forever change the American family.

Update: about Mr. Incredible as a doofus

In comments at Reddit some say that Mr. Dad is not shown as a doofus. Although he screws up with Violet, he masters 4th grade math (eventually) and get a woman’s help with Jack-Jack. This is nuts. He was shown as stressed to the max by doing what the average woman does every day. He breaks down, a large angry unshaven guy screaming at his kids. That he was eventually able to master 4th grade math is not an endorsement.

He was shown in both the original and this as a big strong doofus. In the first he was angry at his boss and beat him up – a classic big thug unable to controls himself, beating up a smaller guy. Prisons are filled with guys like that. He routinely breaks things in daily life. As for his poor parenting skills, in the film he had 14 years of experience as a Dad.

Mrs. Mom was just as good as Mr. Dad as a hero – but achieved her results with much less destruction. More broadly, she is drawn as much smarter than her not-too-bright husband.

I was a Scout leader for 15 years, and saw scores of Dads. We had to assess their suitability to leaders, assistant leaders, or not useful. I saw some worse Dads than Mr. Incredible (mostly emotionally unsuited), but never any one so incompetent.

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Trailer for Incredibles 2

16 thoughts on “Incredibles 2, a Father’s Day gift from Disney”

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  2. It says a lot that Disney advertised the dad dufus meme right in the trailer. Disney and other media conglomerates are not just morally bankrupt but have a driven agenda to destabilize families.

    1. Larry Kummer, Editor


      “are not just morally bankrupt”

      They are not morally “bankrupt.” They are advocates of a new moral system. They are rich in money because that new system is so popular.

      “but have a driven agenda to destabilize families.”

      Yes. We are in the early stage of revolution of enthusiasm for the new system — untested but shiny in our minds — so that we thrown the furniture on the bonfire. It is a commonplace in history. It almost never ends well.

  3. I was just surprised that the dufus dad meme was in the trailer when usually they pull a bait and switch. Then again if churches are leading the way in denigrating fatherhood Disney just looks less evil. Disney just redefines what “family” means when they market “family” films.

    1. Larry Kummer, Editor


      “I was just surprised that the dufus dad meme was in the trailer”

      They are probably proud of it. Funny, clever, insightful! And it sells, so they are not wrong.

    2. What a shame. I loved the first movie. The husband was a bit hen-pecked by his Jewish wife but it had some interesting themes: what corporatocracy does to the male soul, a world without heroism or excellence, how men need physical challenges to feel like men. The father was the hero in the first one.

      1. Larry Kummer, Editor


        Nicely said!

        I didn’t see Mrs. Paar as anything but a generic suburban wife. No particular nationality or religion.

  4. The American Muse

    As long as we’RE talking about movies I want to recommend the sci-fi horror Life. Which was released in 2017 and is in my opinion a great spiritual successor to the Alien series.

    1. Larry Kummer, Editor


      Me, too. (we could start a movement to not buy Disney, based on that catchy hashtag!)

      My two boys are adults now, but we raised them mostly with older TV shows and films. Modern material with buffon dads (eg, Bernstein bears, many TV shows) were avoided. Lots of Jonny Quest and shows by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson (eg, “Thunderbirds”).

  5. It’s probably more a reflection of me but bringing up Jonny Quest as an example of male role models inevitably leads me to think of Venture Brothers and the commentary, especially in the early seasons, on the wreckage that is a grown Boy Adventurer.

    1. Larry Kummer, Editor

      The Murr,

      That’s a great point. Boomers watched Jonny Quest. After two generations of the demolition of masculinity, we get the Venture Brothers.

  6. I won’t let my kids see anything made by (((Disney))) these days. You can count on it promoting some Leftist, anti-family, anti-Christian cause. Every. Time. They have gone all in on cultural Marxism.

    Walt must be spinning in his grave.

    1. Larry Kummer, Editor


      I’ve wondered about the wisdom of Disney’s strategy – positioning so much of their content on the Left. They have almost a monopoly in kids films, so they make good money almost irrespective of their content or quality. But people can just stay home.

      The problem is more severe in other film divisions. Such as Lusasfilms, where a large segment of their Star Wars fan base is in revolt. Got to be bad for business.

  7. Reuniting with the Parr family in Incredibles 2 is a technically dazzling, joyful experience for kids and adults alike

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