Good news: Sweden reopens the rape case against Assange

Summary: Former UK ambassador Craig Murray looks at the latest chapter of the US government’s (assisted by its allies) attempts to destroy Jullian Assange for the releasing its secrets. Fortunes have been spent to get him. The public’s gullibility is, as usual, their greatest asset. Reopening the rape investigation might reveal some secrets.

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Re-Opening of the Swedish Assange Case Should Be Welcomed

By Craig Murray at his website, 13 May 2019.
Posted with his generous permission.

That the Swedish investigation into the rape allegation against Julian Assange is being re-opened is something that ought to be welcomed. The alternative would be for this accusation to hang unresolved over Julian’s head forever. The Swedish prosecutors now need finally, as my father used to say, either to piss or get off the pot. They need to decide whether there is sufficient evidence to charge or not.

Editor’s note – Assange is being investigated for second degree rape. I cannot find a definition. Given Sweden’s broad definition of rape, it could have tenuous relation of what most people consider “rape.” See a timeline of the story.

There is no reason for delay. The Swedish police have had seven years to investigate this case and all the evidence has been gathered and all statements taken – the last being the interview of Julian Assange in the Ecuadorean Embassy in 2017. Hopefully to review the evidence and decide whether to charge will not now be a lengthy procedure. It is worth noting, contrary to much misreporting, Julian Assange has never been charged with anything in Sweden.

Ed. – While Sweden’s police have devoted vast resources to the Assange case, many cases of rape go uninvestiated because they are buried in rape cases (details here).

In the event that Sweden does wish to try to extradite, that should take precedence over the US request. There are three good reasons for this. Firstly, rape is by far the more serious alleged offence. Secondly, the Swedes entered the process many years before the Americans. Thirdly, the European Arrest Warrant is a major multilateral arrangement that is much more important than the discredited bilateral extradition treaty with the USA.

Ed. – See this note about the US – Sweden treaty.

Julian only entered Ecuadorean political asylum because he feared onward extradition to the USA, not extradition to Sweden.

None of the above detracts from the many problems with the Swedish prosecution, Sweden’s Chief Prosecutor decided no offence had been committed and the case should be closed after the initial investigation, before another Prosecutor decided to reopen the case, as is possible under the Swedish system. That prosecutor, Marianne Ny, herself decided to close the case in 2013, and was instructed not to by the British Crown Prosecution Service, in a series of emails which the CPS attempted to hide and some of which had been destroyed. Ms Ny also admitted to destroying communications from the FBI, and ultimately admitted to having destroyed the entire case file. {Ed. – They dropped their preliminary investigation in 2017.}

That is before you get to the problems with the Swedish judicial system, where rape trials hear all evidence entirely in secret, there is no jury, and two of the three judges are political party appointees.

Plainly, as always in cases involving Assange, there are plenty of reasons to be concerned about the impartiality of state justice. The United Nations has already condemned the disproportionate sentence given to Assange for breaking bail conditions and his being held in a maximum security prison. It has gone virtually unremarked by the MSM that the Ecuadorean government has, entirely illegally, handed all of Julian’s possessions over to the USA.

Plainly this is a long and difficult fight to save Julian from entrapment and permanent imprisonment. But the Swedish calumny not being simply left hanging is a necessary step in that fight.


For More Information

See this great summary of the Assange crime story by Andrew Krieg at the Justice Integrity Project.

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9 thoughts on “Good news: Sweden reopens the rape case against Assange”

  1. Admit it you support Assange because he was a big help to your orange headed god in chief Trump taking the presidency though the Hillary emails. I’m sure you would not give a rat’s ass about his treatment otherwise.

    1. Amir, it is only common courtesy to provide links and sources when you are bashing the host: Note that it should include contrary evidence.

      As it is, no one gives a rat’s ass about your innuendo and speculation. Larry does his bashing with facts.

      You really need to up your game.

  2. The ongoing US vendetta against Assange is peculiar, given that Trump praised him while on the campaign trail.
    It does suggest that the US president is not really in charge of his own administration. Certainly Assange is being pursued at least as vigorously today as he might have expected to be by a Clinton administration.

    Of course, it may be that the whole effort is hugely effective in its primary purpose, putting Wikileaks out of business. Much like with Russiagate, a fictitious crime allows for massive investigations that cripple the target and largely curtail its freedom of action. Certainly we have not heard much from Wikileaks lately….

    1. Etudiant,

      “It does suggest that the US president is not really in charge of his own administration.”

      The strong continuity of US policy despite changes of President – even party – is big evidence for the existence of the Deep State. The NYT ran an op-ed by a member of the Deep State that confesses. They don’t like Trump’s policy inclinations regard Russia – although they are quite rational and in the best interests of the US – and have successfully and proudly thwarted them.

      1. In many ways, the Deep State runs this country like Woodrow Wilson is still in charge with ideas from 100 years ago or even 400 years ago: America is a shining city on a hill that will usher in global utopia through domestic and global intervention as long as it can get rednecks in flyover country to comply. NPR is a good sample of Deep State ideas: these people over here need fixing, now those people over there. Oh no! another crisis in Upickastan that requires our intervention RIGHT NOW. Even its view of Russia is a copy of the Great Game Britain played with Russia 200 years ago. The Soviet Empire died in the late ’80s but the last Wilsonian Baby Boomer Deep Stater will die with “Russia!” on his lips. Anyone, like Trump, suggesting that we work on our own nation and make peace with other great powers is anathema.

        Like Bill Lind said, this overextension of imperial power is going to end the same way every empire has ended in the past.

      2. Bryce,

        Sad but true.

        Re: imperial overstretch

        The theory of imperial overstrech was brought to the public’s attention in Professor Paul Kenney’s great 1987 book “The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers.

        The book also shows the limitations of his theory, as he believed that the US was at the peak of its power – about to decline from overstretch. Successful predictions are the gold standard test. Needless to say, his failed.

        “Like Bill Lind said, this overextension of imperial power is going to end the same way every empire has ended in the past.”

        I don’t know if Lind said that, but it is quite false. Internal turmoil (e.g., nobody says “rich as an Argentinian”), climate change, external invasion are more common destroyers – even in societies not experiencing overextension.

  3. Ana Ardin is one of his accusers, and she worked for the cia out of Miami. This was reported early on in the case but subsequently censored. I’m repeating it here so you can do the math on this one.

    1. John,

      I have tried to run down the connections between Anna Ardin and the CIA. The original articles were at Counterpunch, by Israel Shamir and Paul Bennett – and then by Alexander Cockburn. But they’re gone. There are links to Swedish language publications, which I cannot find.

      What remains at Counterpunch is this by Shamir – Bennett, well worth reading. Here is the bottom line.

      “In other words, she was perfect for the job. In order to frame Julian in Singapore, they would have to fit him up with drugs. To frame Julian in England, they might have to report he had skinned and roasted cats or at least dumped a kitten in a trash bin. To hang a frame on Julian in Sweden only required reporting sex between consenting adults.”

      There are excerpts elsewhere from Cockburn’s article. Such as this at ShadowProof.

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