The ‘Votes For Women’ Experiment: Why It Isn’t Working

I have a confession to make. I am slightly aroused by the concept of a woman casting her vote. Playfully, furtively, or even passionately, she takes a blank ballot slip into the intimate privacy of the booth and strokes, strikes or spoils those empty boxes. No such inclination could exist, of course, if it weren’t obvious that for a woman to vote is a disorder. A pleasurable disorder, perhaps, but – like a risqué hemline at the altar rail – a disorder nonetheless.

Story by Alexander Shaw

Where women are emancipated, societies are wealthier. This correlation is touted without much discussion as to why it might be the case. It is easier to point out that feminine intuition and temperance stabilize society than to consider that only initially wealthy societies can afford empathy in their judicial processes and compassion in the hunt.

Biological restraints have caused the sexes to evolve distinct social behavioral patterns. A village that loses the majority of its men is obviously easier to repopulate than if it loses even a few of its women. Hedging one’s life in order to tame nature was a gamble that men could more readily make and it follows that, when pushed, societies have sacrificed male lives to preserve female lives. Most men who have ever lived have no living descendent today. Most women do. The competitive and often dangerous means by which we supplied ourselves, however, could not be employed in the nurture of dependent children. It was thus equally important to our survival that hard-won resources be distributed according to collective needs rather than individual merit. Men focused on the means, women enforced the ends.

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1 thought on “The ‘Votes For Women’ Experiment: Why It Isn’t Working”

  1. Universal suffrage was a mistake. It has led to a massive welfare state, declining fertility, and a loss of social cohesion.

    The reason behind this is simple. Men have a social mandate for self-sacrifice, while women do not. Men are expected to make decisions not for personal gain, but for social cohesion. Women are taught to do exactly the opposite, in the extreme. To see every choice as zero sum, and other people as tools to be used and discarded based on the situation.

    In the past men’s sacrifice was seen as noble and as recompense for that expected sacrifice they were celebrated (mostly). Now men sacrifice themselves while being frequently mocked and derided for not sacrificing themselves quickly enough or in a manner that provided women with maximum benefit, before being quickly forgotten. Men have been taught that what is best for women is what is best for society, which resulted in men not only sacrificing themselves, but throwing all men under the bus to prop up women.

    Men who choose not to sacrifice themselves are labeled selfish, misogynist, loser, bitter, etc., and may find themselves “volunteered”, whereas women who make no choice outside of personal gain at lauded as heroes, regardless of whatever negative consequences those choices may have on society. In fact, those negative consequences are all too often blamed on men. (e.g. The deleterious effects of women choosing to be single mothers is nigh universally blamed on “dead beat dads” and “fatherlessness”)

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