Medieval Feudalism: An Amazing Book, And Some Unsettling Similarities To Today

Carl Stephenson paints a beautiful and easy to digest picture of life in a traditional feudal society during the Early and High Middle Ages. That’s what makes this book so important. To understand the hierarchy and power structure of the modern capitalist world, it is important to understand feudalism. This actually isn’t as difficult as it sounds, because the two systems are basically identical.

This is a book review of Medieval Feudalism that originally appeared in my post There is no war on men.

In the past thousand years, the world has changed tremendously. Thanks to the tireless work and sacrifices of past generations, we’ve gained so much, from running water, modern medicine, and many other things too numerous to list. And yet, in some ways, perhaps the most important ways, the world has hardly changed at all. The hierarchy that dictates the social station of every man, woman, and child has shifted less than Stone Hedge.

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