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Read the Weekly Roundup for the highlights from the week(ish) and a roll call of spicy posts that you might have missed. Things have been hectic lately, but everyone’s still alive and kicking, err, writing, I should say.

Click here if you will, please. Note some of the top posts of the week in their respective categories:

Android Revolution in Science Fiction

The Last Chance Corps in Politics

Medieval Feudalism: An Amazing Book in Reviews

Embrace your Neoliberal Robber Baron Masters, Sheep! in… oh… Diary of a Madman is in a category of its own, I guess

Go to the Reading Junkie for more. And don’t worry, Fabius Maximus is alive, for God’s sake. Just busy. If you want to say hi, visit the Fabius Maximus Facebook Page

2 thoughts on “Read the Newsletter Now!”

  1. Oh happy days! What a surprise to see you using this platform again! I detest FB & Tweeter! I refuse to use them.

    It’s now easier to get to archives and “About” Page. Menu at top right make it easy for the old denizens to find their way.

    I’ve added and revised my profile on and shall create a site of my own eventually. In the meantime I’ll promote FM as always. FM is the only site I promote.

    I had printed on my tailgate for over a year with the old masthead. Last Friday I removed it because, as you stated, it was “off the rails”. I sincerely hope your Dad is doing well. I’ve been looking for him on Seeking Alpha.

    When I revised my tailgate, I replaced “” with “Our Nation is in Peril” with the masthead “We are Breathing the Embers of our Dying Republic”. On the right I’ve applied “We are in a 4G Civil War!”
    Next line, “We are in a 4G World War!”
    Next line, “Learn about 4GW!”

    I’ll keep up with how FM proceeds. If consistent, I’ll put FM back on my tailgate.

    Have a glorious day Ian, you’ve certainly made my morning!

    Frans Langendonk, nom de plume Frank Adrian.
    Formerly Longtrail.

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