Embrace Your Neoliberal Robber Baron Masters, Sheep!

Remember “Net Neutrality” and how important it was? Neither do I. The ever-so-righteous freedom fighters condemning the monopolization of speech by our Silicon Valley Overlords are now those same overlords’ biggest cheerleaders. Yes, you heard that right. Neoliberals parading as leftists now vehemently believe in private property and the undisputed sovereignty of corporations. Read more…

A very tardy update from the Diary of a Madman series!

The wide-eyed archeologists gaze upon fresh pages of the manifesto, their unhinged author getting more unhinged with each successive chapter. Diary of a Madman makes a loony foray into politics. Has deranged as these rants are, they have a certain consistency to them. The archeologists are also familiar enough with late 20th and early 21st Century history to know where the autobiographer’s frustration was coming from, and even sympathize a little.

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