Analysis of Left’s mob violence at Middlebury, their fast track to irrelevance.

Summary: Another example of mob violence by the Left against their political foes. While not fascism, societies’ tolerance for political violence helped bring fascists to power. No volume of screaming “Nazi Nazi” at Trump can hide these simple facts.

“For many of the people who have turned out for the current protests, it has been a kind of group therapy, and already seem to be cementing new, cross-sectional liberal coalitions.”
New York Times.

Burning free speech
By Mike Wade in The Times.

Leftists were right! After Trump’s election free speech is under attack as mobs assaulting people for speaking out. The latest was at Middlebury College, Vermont. As usual, it was Leftist mobs suppressing speech of conservatives. This is not fascism, but was a tactic used by Nazis.

Charles Murray, a political scientist who has been criticized for his views on race and intelligence, was invited to speak on campus by a student group. He was greeted late Thursday afternoon outside McCullough Student Center by hundreds of protesters, and inside Wilson Hall, students turned their backs to him when he got up to speak.

“…As Stanger, Murray and a college administrator left McCullough Student Center last evening following the event, they were ‘physically and violently confronted by a group of protestors,’ according to Bill Burger, the college’s vice president for communications and marketing. Burger said college public safety officers managed to get Stanger and Murray into the administrator’s car.

“’The protestors then violently set upon the car, rocking it, pounding on it, jumping on and try to prevent it from leaving campus,” he said. ‘At one point a large traffic sign was thrown in front of the car. Public Safety officers were able, finally, to clear the way to allow the vehicle to leave campus. During this confrontation outside McCullough, one of the demonstrators pulled Prof. Stanger’s hair and twisted her neck,’ Burger continued. ‘She was attended to at Porter Hospital later and (on Friday) is wearing a neck brace.’” (Addison County Independent.)

Fight fascism!

A protester also triggered a fire alarm. The Burlington Free Press also reported on the event. Scott Jaschik at Inside Higher Ed gives additional detail on the event (red emphasis added).

Prior to the point when Murray was introduced, several Middlebury officials reminded students that they were allowed to protest but not to disrupt the talk. The students ignored those reminders and faced no visible consequences for doing so.

As soon as Murray took the stage, students stood up, turned their backs to him and started various chants that were loud enough and in unison such that he could not talk over them. Chants included: “Racist, sexist, anti-gay, Charles Murray, go away.” “Your message is hatred. We cannot tolerate it.” “Charles Murray, go away. Middlebury says no way.” “Who is the enemy? White supremacy.” “Hey hey, ho ho. Charles Murray has got to go.” After the students chanted for about 20 minutes, college officials announced that the lecture would not take place…”

Here is the event on YouTube. Murray appears near 19 minutes.


Laurie Patton, President of Middlebury College, posted a vague statement (we have values!) that carefully avoided condemning the violence, saying only “We will be responding in the very near future to the clear violations of Middlebury College policy that occurred inside and outside Wilson Hall.”

The Bell Curve
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The WaPo gave its usual biased “journalism”. Nazis and others seeking to mobilize mob violence first categorize their opponents as the “other” outside the law, without rights. As the WaPo does, not subtly, in the opening two paragraphs.

“A libertarian author who has been called a white nationalist said college students who protested his guest lecture this week were “scary.”

“Middlebury College said a professor was injured by a protester following a demonstration against guest speaker Charles Murray on Thursday. The Southern Poverty Law Center considers Murray a white nationalist who uses ‘racist pseudoscience and misleading statistics to argue that social inequality is caused by the genetic inferiority of the black and Latino communities, women and the poor.’”

About The Bell Curve and white nationalism

See this letter by Charles Murray explains that the Left’s claims about his book are mostly lies. Indifference to the truth is a distinguishing characteristic of the Left and Right in America. Also, it is daft to say Murray is a “white nationalist” who points out that East Asians and Ashkenazi Jews have higher average IQs than White folks.

Conclusions. Or, many questions.

“The irony, I suppose, was necessarily lost on those who were also denouncing, their faces contorted with hatred, the ‘hate’ they attributed to Mr. Trump.”
James Bowman in the New Criterion.

A defining characteristic of modern America is that both Left and Right have gone bonkers. The major media cover the weirdness of the Right. Since the election the Left has acted out their weirdness. How can they not see that they are doing what they accused Trump of doing? Such as questioning the legitimacy of the election, and mob violence against opponents (not fascism, but tactics used by fascists). Why do the leftists believe that mob violence will reverse the long decline in their political influence?

As for the rapidly sinking major media, they report about the Left’s mobs with respect and sympathy. How would they report right-wing mobs suppressing speech of liberals? Cries of “Nazi Nazi” would deafen millions.

The Right’s rapidly growing power, returning America to the dark days of the Gilded Age, requires the Left to reform and rebuild. So far they are doubling down on their failed tactics. They are a gift to Trump and the 1%.

Update: Charles Murray’s analysis

He gives a detailed description of the events at Middlebury, comparing it to his other experiences at US colleges. He has a darker interpretation of this event. It’s well worth reading:  “Reflections on the revolution in Middlebury“. Here is the bottom line.

“If this becomes the new normal, the number of colleges willing to let themselves in for an experience like Middlebury’s will plunge to near zero. Academia is already largely sequestered in an ideological bubble, but at least it’s translucent. That bubble will become opaque.

“Worse yet, the intellectual thugs will take over many campuses. In the mid-1990s, I could count on students who had wanted to listen to start yelling at the protesters after a certain point, “Sit down and shut up, we want to hear what he has to say.” That kind of pushback had an effect. It reminded the protesters that they were a minority. I am assured by people at Middlebury that their protesters are a minority as well. But they are a minority that has intimidated the majority. The people in the audience who wanted to hear me speak were completely cowed. That cannot be allowed to stand. A campus where a majority of students are fearful to speak openly because they know a minority will jump on them is no longer an intellectually free campus in any meaningful sense.

“…What happened last Thursday has the potential to be a disaster for American liberal education.”


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11 thoughts on “Analysis of Left’s mob violence at Middlebury, their fast track to irrelevance.”


    What is happening at Middlebury and elsewhere in some US campuses is far from becoming fascism. A little hyperbolic I’d say. This is the 4th best Liberal Arts univ in the US. 2500 enrollment. Highly selective. The people involved are as you say bonkers, psychologically and socially in retardation. Probably poorly parented by adult adolescents; yes that happens regularly. Ask a teacher if perhaps you doubt it.
    Middlebury as an institution has simply abandoned its own history.
    Good riddance.
    Where are the Admin and Campus police? Where are the adults? The Alumni….? The Professors who refuse to take a stand against such actions should return their Degrees to whichever University awarded them. Yes The Media and Press are acting as if they are clueless and perhaps the reporters are.
    There should easily have been arrests. When the Public Intellectuals rediscover their courage most of this will be relegated to the back pages.
    All one really can say is that America has become a land where the attention too often is allowed to fall upon a small segment of psychologically disoriented adolescent adults. Predictable when life is too easy….generationally.
    Conflating these events with a political reality is simply not helping put this silliness in perspective. There is not a shred of a “Left” in America. It’s all about money and power. Move along…..

    1. Breton,

      “What is happening at Middlebury and elsewhere in some US campuses is far from becoming fascism. A little hyperbolic I’d say.”

      I’d say you didn’t read the posts before commenting. Here are the two mentions in this post of “fascism.” Bold emphasis added. They say the opposite of what you claim.

      “This is not fascism, but was a tactic used by Nazis. …Such as questioning the legitimacy of the election, and mob violence against opponents (not fascism, but tactics used by fascists).”

      “segment of psychologically disoriented adolescent adults”

      The joy of declaring those you disagree with to be insane! No need to ponder what they say or do. This has a long and disreputable history, going back to the late 19thC — perfected by Stalin.

      “Conflating these events with a political reality is simply not helping put this silliness in perspective.”

      Keep those eyes closed! Perhaps a blindfold would help.

  2. It used to be that the intellectuals fought for the rights and welfare of the “oppressed” working class or other peoples (19th century workers through women to 3rd world people in Vietnam). Who are they fighting for now? And where are these people? The protests seem to be about other people …. who aren’t there.

    The intellectual fight seems very cerebral now. Genderless bathrooms? Illegal immigrants – why, if they have a legitimate reason to come/be here, surely could follow the laws and come in, do those breaking the law for economic gain get the fight for them? And where are they?People saying stuff others don’t like? ….. but clearly not the ones who are going out of their way, paying, to hear this stuff? Simply personal protests?

    Past fights were for actual problems faced by actual people. It seems now the fights are for theoretical problems faced by theoretical people. Like climate change activisim – a fight for potential problems, not realized ones.

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    1. True. The tactic by young healthy leftists of pepper-spraying elderly Trump supporters, then running away, is particularly perplexing. I suppose pepper spray is better than some of the more violent methods of assault and vandalism that others of their ilk are adopting. But still one must wonder what message they think they are sending.

    2. Chet,

      Thank you for flagging this article! The papers they cite (not yet peer-reviewed):

      Extreme Protest Tactics Reduce Popular Support for Social Movements” by Matthew Feinberg et al, 3 February 2017.

      Do Protests Matter? – Evidence from the 1960s Black Insurgency” by Omar Wasow, 2 February 2017.

      The opening of the article is also interesting, describing recent anti-Trump protests. The Left has spent a lot of political capital on these, making large boasts about them. Although peaceful and organized, have any of the ones so far had any visible impact on the US public? I doubt it.

      “The women have already marched, and now they’re doubling down with a day without women. (They’ve taken a page from immigrants, whom we also went a day without.) Soon, many scientists will march, as will some taxpayers who want to make sure Trump is one, too.”

      Perhaps Americans are no longer impressed by marchers. Or, perhaps there is another element necessary for marchers to have an impact — something allowing them to gain the moral high ground (as the Civil Rights marchers did). The anti-Trump marchers are providing a valuable social science experiment.

  4. I’ve never seen so many stupid people gathered under one roof, at the same time. I’m truly wowed.

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