Immigration & globalization

Immigration is one of the paramount issues facing the West in the 21st century. Each nation must cope with the consequences of mass immigration in the past two decades and attempt to manage the hordes on their borders seeking to enter — and their elites who want them (to lower wages and provide a more malleable politics). There are no easy solutions.

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  1. About immigration
  2. Into the US
  3. Into Europe
  4. Into Britain
  5. Into France
  6. into Germany
  7. Into Sweden
  8. About demographics
  9. About globalization & free trade

(1)  About immigration

  1. Must our population grow to ensure prosperity?Spoiler: no!
  2. How to use refugees as geopolitical weapons, brutal but effective.
  3. A Harvard Professor explains the populist revolt against immigration & globalization — By George Borjas, Professor of economics at Harvard.
  4. An anthropologist explains the disruptive politics of immigration — By Maximilian C. Forte, Professor of Sociology and Anthropology at Concordia University.
  5. Stratfor: Is the West Being Overrun by Migrants? — By the famous sociologist and historian Ian Morris.
  6. An anthropologist explains how immigration serves the needs of capitalism. — By Maximilian C. Forte, Professor of Sociology and Anthropology at Concordia University.
  7. Conversions to Islam will reshape the West.
  8. Cutting thru the fog of lies about immigration
  9. Immigration is the key political battle of our time.
  10. See the lies that keep the borders open.
  11. Choose: open borders or the welfare State?
  12. The devastating economic effect of mass migration.

(2)  About immigration in the US

  1. Essential readingSee the hidden history of immigration into America (it ruins the narrative).
  2. Migration from the south into America: new people, new foods, new political systems.
  3. Immigration as a reverse election: our leaders get a new people.
  4. Look at immigration policy to see our government respond to its masters.
  5. The numbers about immigration that fuel Trump’s campaign.
  6. Immigration to the US surges. It’s good news for Trump.
  7. “California lets illegals vote!” A typical story from the Right’s misinformation machine.
  8. Update about immigration: a hot issue in 2016, forgotten in 2017.
  9. Trump wants to defend our borders. Democrats protest.
  10. The lies about immigration keeping the borders open.
  11. Debunking the hysteria about kids in concentration camps.
  12. William Lind: a crying child shows how America has changed.
  13. The smoke & fire of the new Sweden is our future.
  14. Important: Diversity is a grand experiment. We’re the lab rats.
  15. Timely: The Democrats will open the borders & make a New America.
  16. Prepare for mass migrants, the greatest challenge to America.
  17. The Left goes full open borders, changing America forever.
  18. William Lind explains how to defend against an invasion.
  19. Our rulers make a new people for America.
  20. Fast action now can solve the immigration crisis.
  21. See prescient warnings about immigration, which we ignored.

(3)  About immigration in Europe

  1. Is Europe sliding towards civil war?
  2. Europe’s elites use immigration to reshape it.
  3. Sociologist Wolfgang Streeck explains the politics of the migrant crisis reshaping Europe.
  4. Politics of the EU: “Vanity and Venality” — by Susan Watkins (editor of the New Left Review).
  5. Martin van Creveld calls out the cowards in Europe.
  6. About Europe’s historic experiment with open borders. — Christopher Caldwell’s Reflections on the Revolution In Europe: Immigration, Islam, and the West (2009).

About The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam by Douglas Murray.

  1. Martin van Creveld’s reaction to Europe’s rape epidemic.
  2. Warning of the “Strange Death of Europe.”
  3. Strange perspectives on the challenges facing Europe.

(4)  About immigration in Britain

  1. Brexit was logical, neither racist nor irrational.
  2. An anthropologist looks at Brexit: The World Changed Overnight — By Maximilian Forte, Professor of Sociology and Anthropology at Concordia University.
  3. The reactions to Brexit show its true significance.
  4. Immigration: a cause of Brexit, denied by the Left.
  5. A UK engineer explains: elites oppose Brexit because they import cheap workers. — By Andrew Fentem at The Register.

(5) About immigration in France

  1. The Rioting in France and the Decline of the State — About the 2005 riots by immigrants.
  2. Prescient, from January: France volunteers itself as a front line in the clash of civilizations.
  3. Is Europe sliding towards civil war?
  4. Stratfor: After Paris, France Contemplates a Reckoning.
  5. Stratfor: In France, New Attacks Come From Old Problems.
  6. Stratfor: France’s National Front Defeated, For Now.
  7. Stratfor: France’s State of Fear and Its Swing to the Right.
  8. Stratfor: Getting to the Root of France’s Muslim Dilemma.
  9. Causes and effects of the Nice attack.
  10. “PARIS 2016: Scenes from the Apocalypse”.
  11. Migrants’ protests begin, pushing France into a new society.
  12. The week’s riots in France show Europe’s future, and perhaps ours.

(6)  About immigration in Germany

  1. Stratfor: Why Germany Cannot Stop the Flow of Migrants.
  2. Stratfor: How immigration will change German politics, which will change Europe.
  3. Stratfor: Germany Does an About-Face on Greece, hoping to save Europe.
  4. Stratfor: The Refugee Crisis Redefines German Politics. It could get ugly.
  5. Cutting thru the fog of lies about immigration.

(7)  About immigration in Sweden

  1. Recommended: Torching Utopia: Sweden tries mass immigration.
  2. Horrific news from Sweden about sexual assaults by immigrants.
  3. Trump points to Sweden’s problems with migrants. Then they riot, again.
  4. Amidst the smoke & fire, a new multicultural Sweden arises!

(8)  About demographics — immigration is often said to be the cure

  1. More news about Russia’s demographic collapse.
  2. A rocky road lies ahead to a far smaller world population — and a better world.
  3. Why Japan can become an economic star of the 21st century — Fewer people are the solution to several 21st century challenges.

(9) About globalization & free trade

  1. Important: Free trade is wrecking America.
  2. Cheap Imports Backfire on America’s Retailers & What’s Left of Our Economy.
  3. A Harvard Professor explains the populist revolt against immigration & globalization.
  4. Before Trump, top economist Joseph Stiglitz warned about globalization.
  5. Stratfor: Manufacturing Is A Campaign Promise That Trump Cannot Keep.
  6. Stratfor: Trump risks a trade war with China that cannot be won.
  7. A powerful defense of free trade by Ed Dolan, before Trump attacks it.
  8. How neoliberalism and globalization created the populist revolt in the West.
  9. Stratfor: will Trump end free trade in food, & wreck US farmers?
  10. The forgotten secrets of free trade justify Trump’s tariffs.
  11. About Trump’s mad trade war with China.
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