Times they are a-changin’ for the Democratic Party!

Summary: As in France, American’s are becoming dissatisfied with their political parties. This article in the Black Agenda Report describes the Left’s unhappiness. It might be the first step to breaking the current alliances – and a new politics for America.

We need a second political party


Hillary Clinton 2020:
Malcolm X’s American Nightmare on Steroids

By Danny Haiphong at the Black Agenda Report.
12 December 2018.

“Her embarrassing defeat to Trump did not cause the ruling elites to disinvest from the Clinton machine.”

Clinton’s reemergence is a dangerous reminder of who she really is: a “too big to fail” parasite of finance capital and the war machine.

Black revolutionary Malcolm X famously said that Black America didn’t experience an “American Dream,” only an American nightmare. The so-called American Dream continues to be a nightmare. US imperialism has successfully held Black America in political captivity in the Democratic Party despite the self-proclaimed “lesser evil” party having played a vital role in every ill that befalls Black people. Democratic Administrations have been the architects of the mass incarceration regime in the United States, partners in the world incineration regime known as the U.S. military state, and active participants in the theft of nearly every dollar of Black wealth that existed prior to 1983. Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Party’s top sponsor of the American nightmare for Black Americans and she is once again making headlines in an apparent attempt to assert herself in the upcoming Presidential election of 2020.

It may only be 2018, but the divided and increasingly unpopular Democratic Party has been testing the Presidential waters since Clinton lost in 2016. For Black America and all of humanity’s exploited and downtrodden, Clinton’s reemergence is a dangerous reminder of who she really is: a “too big to fail” parasite of finance capital and the war machine. In an interview with The Guardian, Clinton remarked that Europe must “get a handle” on its immigration problem to stop the march of the far right. What Clinton meant was that Europe should further militarize its immigration policy to appease racist Europeans. She of course didn’t mention that European imperialism, under the leadership of the United States, is the real culprit in the refugee crisis. To do so would be an admission of guilt, as few others are more responsible for the massive displacement of peoples that has occurred worldwide since 2011 than Hillary Clinton.

It is no secret to most people around the world that the U.S.-NATO invasion of Libya engineered the largest refugee crisis in human history. However, few in the United States remember Clinton cackling to the corporate press “we came, we saw, he died” after U.S.-backed jihadists ruthlessly assassinated Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. What came after the destruction of Libya was anything but laughable. The Obama and Clinton-led U.S.-NATO-Zionist and Gulf state alliance quickly moved on to Syria and, as the Black Alliance for Peace explains, expanded their reign of terror in Africa by way of the U.S. African Command (AFRICOM).

Millions of Syrians and Northern Africans from nations such as Mali have been displaced by jihadists armed with imperial military gear and a mission to sow political and economic chaos. As Black Agenda Report Editor Glen Ford stated in 2016, Turkey and Europe have been trafficking humans on a scale not seen since the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Despite this, Clinton stated that she wanted to gift the planet with more refugees in the 2016 election. Clinton called for a no-fly zone in Syria, a code word for a massive bombing campaign that would surely have led to a military confrontation with Russia if carried out.

One must ask why Clinton made her most recent comments about the issue of refugees in lieu of the fact that they seem to invoke memories of her imperial legacy. The comments angered pro-refugee progressives throughout the Western world and for good reason. They are indicative of sheer ruling class arrogance and reveal the extent to which she will expand her big, nasty tent of ruling class deplorables to achieve political ends. The plight of refugees has no seat under this tent. But the far right does; so long as it behaves in sync with the real ruling class, the finance capitalist class, of which Clinton is a VIP member.

The United States has perfected the art of inducing short-term memory loss in most Americans when it comes to matters of history and politics. Thus, it was forgotten that while Clinton may have lost the 2016 elections, she certainly did not lose her influence over the political direction of the imperialist system. Clinton and her allies in the finance capitalist class have continued their tirade through weapons such as Russiagate wielded by the intelligence apparatus and the corporate media. These deplorable forces have aligned with the Trump Administration when it has served the aims of economic and military warfare against Russia and China and the profits of the banks and monopolies.

The American Nightmare has continued for most Black Americans and workers generally, half of whom cannot afford an emergency of $500. With the 2020 election fiasco fast emerging, one has to wonder if Clinton hopes to try once again to win the highest seat from which to spread the American Nightmare far and wide.

There are some rumblings from Clinton’s former aid Mark Penn that a third run at the Presidency may be in the cards. Clinton has already announced that she “would like to be President” and continues to shed her racist and imperialist wisdom on issues such as immigration and the death of Washington Post “journalist” Jamal Khashoggi. The Chicago Sun Times wrote a glowing yet superficial endorsement of Clinton for the 2020 nomination, claiming that Clinton possesses the “experience” to defeat Donald Trump. Some corporate outlets such as New York magazine and CNN disagree and would rather try their hand with a new neoliberal imperialist face such as Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, or Beto O’Rourke. The rich white boy wonder of Wall Street, O’Rourke has been called the “white Obama” by the 44th President’s former lackies.

Whether Clinton runs or not, she remains an instrumental figure in the ruling class. Her embarrassing defeat to Trump did not cause the ruling elites to disinvest from the Clinton machine. Clinton will have a hand in the 2020 election. Donald Trump will either run against her or another corporate Democrat. Beto O’Rourke, Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren are ready to carry on her blood soaked, finance capitalist agenda. The nomination of charter school sugar daddy and servant of finance capital Hakeem Jefferies to the Democratic caucus seat is a stark indication that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Clinton wing of the party has no intentions of supporting even the mildest social democratic agenda like that put out recently by Bernie Sanders.

Currently, the crisis in the Democratic Party is far graver than in the White Man’s Party. Donald Trump can comfortably carry out the deeds of the ruling class while posing as the celebrity President. Trump’s rule has been another chapter in Malcolm’s American Nightmare, but not because Trump is a special case. Trump’s Administration has been consistent in the escalation of imperialist wars by dropping more bombs on Afghanistan in one year than any other President prior. He has cut taxes for the rich and continued the bipartisan consensus of criminalizing immigrants.

However, the ruling class will stop at nothing to paint him as a “Russian” regardless of how much his Administration has increased sanctions against Russia and built up the U.S.’ military presence along the Russian border. That’s because under this period of imperialism, the ruling class is not satisfied until the entire planet is swallowed by capital and every vestige of social solidarity and protection is stripped from the people.

Hillary Clinton and the rest of her wing of the Democratic Party is plenty experienced in ravaging the planet and the people, especially Black people. Trump is occupying the highest seat inside of Malcolm’s American Nightmare on steroids, and he isn’t doing it to the liking of the most influential section of the ruling class in Wall Street and the Pentagon. Malcolm’s American Nightmare, then, cannot be transformed in a “resistance” against Trump. The people must be in motion against the entire ruling class and system. Black America has historically led whatever real resistance has arisen to the American Nightmare. And the Democratic Party is the biggest obstacle in the way of ending the nightmare because it keeps Black America in political captivity.

The Democratic Party needs the White Man’s Party to keep poor Black Americans and the entire working class chained to the Democratic arm of the imperialist system. Those chains must be broken, as Malcolm X said, “by any means necessary.”


Two parties destroying America

Editor’s afterword

Today we choose a political party like cattle at the Chicago stockyards get to choose a chute. The cattle (being smarter than us) don’t bother with party identification. They don’t cheer the left pen, or admire the virtue of its prisoners, the beauty of the fence, the free food. Those in right pen don’t wear logos or bumper-stickers, or trumpet their superior intelligence over those in the other pen.

The system is stable so long as each tribe remains in its assigned place. Hating its assigned enemies, oblivious to the low rewards for their loyal service. But there are indications that these coalitions are changing. This is the true “awakening.” Articles like this foreshadow the future. We can only guess at what comes next. All we know is that the first signs of change are always ignored (you won’t see it in the NY Times). It’s arrival will surprise our leaders and the media’s political experts. See more indications, straws in the wind …

Danny Haiphong

About Danny Haiphong

Danny Haiphong is an activist and journalist living in the New York City area. He published a book with Roberto Sirvent: Fake News of U.S. Empire: American Exceptionalism and American Innocence. See his articles at Global Research, and those at the BAR, especially these …

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11 thoughts on “Times they are a-changin’ for the Democratic Party!”

  1. The best thing that for black america is the restoration of the patriarchal family. Broken families and factors causing it have been responsible for their current pervasive poverty and crime.

    1. Larry Kummer, Editor


      I agree that Black families are the core of this problem, as Daniel Patrick Moynihan wrote in 1965. He was ignored then. Our bleak experience since has taught us nothin. Nothing!

      1. Larry Kummer, Editor


        No, I have not written about it. I’ve not a clue about solutions, and it’s a “third rail” subject.

  2. Today we choose a political party like cattle at the Chicago stockyards get to choose a chute.

    Its a bit overwrought. There is much that is very wrong and dysfunctional about US politics, especially perhaps at a Federal level. But this kind of approach doesn’t help.

    There are whole countries in the West, and probably many parts of the US both geographical and sectoral, in which democracy is more or less working. Look at the UK Parliament debates and questionings in the last week or two of the executive’s Brexit plans. Available here:


    and here:


    Its messy and uncomfortable and of very mixed quality, but its working.

    1. Larry Kummer, Editor


      Citing the U.K. parliament as an example of well-functioning political institution is hilarious. Citing its handling of Brexit as a good example is bizarre.

    2. The UK executive has not handled Brexit particularly well at all. It has not been all its fault, its dealing after all with an authoritarian, ossified and anti-democratic EU, so it was never going to be easy. The mistake was probably in ever thinking any sort of sensible agreement was going to be possible with those people.

      UK Parliament is however doing quite well in holding the executive to account. It also works. If you think that idea is hilarious I suggest its because you lack acquaintance with it.

      Democracy is messy. Listen to the UK Parliament channel and the broadcast committee hearings, and you will see just how messy.

      The argument for it is not that its neat and tidy. Its that it works better than any other alternative we have devised. Same for the UK Parliament. Its very messy. But compare it to other Parliaments or Assemblies, particularly compare it to the so called EU Parliament, and its doing very well indeed.

      I would say that as a system it compares favorably either with the US, France or Germany. Its lasted 400+ years, has managed two revolutions, one pretty bloodless, the other a civil war. And kept going and adapting to changing circumstances. Not bad.

    1. Larry Kummer, Editor


      That seems unlikely, imo. While the Democratic Party’s leadership and core still love her, Gallup’s surveys show her popularity at at all-time low of 36%. Versus the 50% level in 2015, when the Dem leadership decided to run with her. Even worse than her low 40’s level during the 2016 election.

  3. I commend you for surveying different political fields.

    Having been born into a well-connected political family and serving in military intelligence during my time for Uncle Sam, I arrived at the conclusion any information the mass media and the federal government disclosed was not to be trusted unless confirmed by other sources. It was an excellent background to develop decent BS detectors.

    So, in addition to following ABC,CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, PBS, MSM print (all of which are obviously propaganda arms of the DNC, I follow BAR, BCP, Dan Bongino, The Spotlight (which sports a new name), FOX news, etc. in an effort to gleam a somewhat realistic picture of the economic/political landscape, while simultaneously not endorsing all the positions those organizations support.

    I concur with BAR that the Democratic/Replublican parties do not represent the average Joe and Jane, and people need websites/news outlets such as yours to educate themselves.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Larry Kummer, Editor


      “I commend you for surveying different political fields. “

      It’s bad for business. Americans run from heterodox thought – challenging their tribal truths – like vampires from daylight.

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