Believe the victim and get many false accusations of rape

Summary: Few propaganda campaigns have been based on obvious lies yet succeeded on the scale of “women don’t lie about rape” and “believe the victim”. That combination shows how gullible we’ve become. Can such a people govern themselves? Ponder that while reading about the horrific consequences. This is an update and revision of a post from 2018. Sadly, it remains just as valid.

“I interviewed the victim twice, and I believed her.”
— District Attorney Denise Lunsford, explains why she ignored evidence showing that Mark Weiner was innocent (from Slate).

Justice: blind and lying down on the job.
Justice lying down

In Harper Lee’s novel To Kill a Mockingbird, an all-white jury convicts a black man of raping a white woman in a small 1930s southern town, despite the efforts of his lawyer who defies the town’s lynch-mob mentality and proves the victim’s story to be false. We have begun a new century, a sequel has come out – and we still have men being falsely convicted of rape despite the evidence.

We are told that false rape accusations are extremely rare. But so many high profile rape cases prove to be false. Here are a few examples.

  1. The 1987 rape of Tawana Brawley by 3 men (including a police officer), uncritically accepted by journalists (ironically, Bill Cosby was an early supporter), who stoked a nationwide firestorm of outrage. It was a fake claim. See the NYT story about a re- analysis of the case.
  2. Wanetta Gibson’s false rape accusation in 2002 put football star Brian Banks in prison for 5 years. She recanted in 2011. The verdict was overturned in 2012. Details here.
  3. Journalists went into hysterics from Crystal Mangum’s accusations of rape by the Duke Lacrosse team in March 2006. District Attorney Mike Nifong sought re-election through their prosecution. It all collapsed, eventually.
  4. The 2009 rape of a Hofstra coed by five students; she recanted in a few days when questioned by the police.
  5. Buzzfeed and others hyped the 13 October 2013 story of a sexual assault on an Ohio U coed. A Grand Jury found it quite false.
  6. UVA, Ferguson and Media Failure, op-ed at the WSJ by Bret Stephens: “Narratives and allegations are not facts, despite what the media would have us believe”. It points to “A Woman’s War” in the 18 March 2007 NYT Magazine, telling how Amorita Randall was raped twice while serving in the Navy, then told by her commander “not to make such a big deal about it.” The key supporting details proved false; the NYT had not allowed the Navy time to verify the facts before publication.
  7. We might never know the truth, but the Columbia U “mattress girl’s” story fits the “believe the girl despite the evidence” script. See this early coverage, and this with more evidence.
  8. The easily debunked accusations against November 2014 issue of Rolling Stone: “A Rape on Campus.

Especially note this story: “Lena Dunham ‘Raped by a Republican’ Story in Bestseller Collapses Under Scrutiny“ at Breitbart, 4 December 2014. A follow-up reports that “Both Dunham and her publisher Random House have apologized to “Barry One”, offered to reimburse his legal expenses, and have agreed to edit future copies of Dunham’s memoir in a way that will ensure he is not misidentified as her rapist.”

A typical story of our injustice system at work

The latest example is Mark Weiner, who on a rainy day gave a woman a ride to her home – a good deed ending in a sentence of eight years in jail for abducting a woman with the intent to sexually harm her. There was little evidence of his guilt, and considerable exculpatory evidence (some of which was not disclosed to his attorney). Of course, none of that matters to the true believers who increasingly run America. This happened in Charlottesville, home of the infamous fake rape publicized in the November 2014 issue of Rolling Stone.

“During the sentencing phase of the hearing, {District Attorney} Lunsford reminded the court of previous incidents in which Weiner had made unwelcome advances to two women and called it a ‘pattern of behavior.'” (source.)
— “Unwelcome advances” are an indication of criminality when done by a beta male.

This story will disappoint those who believe in the power of the press to limit governmental abuse of power. It was covered in detail by journalist Lisa Provence (who deserves a career boost from this). For example, see this story about the Judge’s sentence of 20 years in prison (with 12 years suspended). That is quite impressive since the evidence showed his innocence. False rape accusations often show prosecutors extreme efforts to frame the innocent (for a mind-blowing example see “First DNA Exoneration: Gary Dotson” at the Northwestern Law School’s Center on Wrongful Convictions – “The rape that wasn’t; the nation’s first DNA exoneration”).

This week, after two and a half years in prison, a judge vacated Weiner’s conviction. For a summary of the case, see this article at Slate by . The story received desultory coverage from other news media, such as this from NBC. No wonder news media companies are laying off reporters and watching their profit evaporate, when they ignore such a hot story of injustice. No wonder that people believe false rape accusations are extremely rare, when the press gives them little attention. And reports them with little concern.

No analysis is complete unless it explains why the key actors felt their actions to be rational. It is easy to see in this case. The DA believed that rape victims tell the truth, that subjective reality trumps evidence, and that she can tell if somebody is telling the truth (vast research proves that nobody, even experienced interrogators, can reliably do so).

“When a reporter asked Lunsford about criticism she’d received for not pursuing justice in this case, the prosecutor said, ‘Sometimes it comes down to, do you believe the victim? I believe her.'” {source}.

“Lunsford has said all along she believes the victim and she’s still not backing down. Instead she says this case is a prime example of why the job’s so difficult: ‘Sometimes, and often in these cases, it’s one person’s word against another so the decision of how to prosecute and whether to prosecute isn’t an easy one. I believed her in this case and that’s why I went forward with it. I felt she was telling the truth and I felt it was a community safety issue.'” (From Slate)

This is a commonplace, if quite mad, belief. Sophie Hess, general manager of the campus radio station WOBC, said it in pure form about the rape accusation made by actress, writer, director Lena Dunham.

“Asking whether or not a victim is telling the truth is irrelevant, …It’s just not important if they are telling the truth” {source}.

Even senior government officials have moved beyond concern about truth. Ideology rules! No evidence needed, as we saw in Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing.

“Not only do women like Dr. Ford, who bravely comes forward, need to be heard, but they need to be believed. They need to be believed.”
— Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) at a press conference on 19 September 2018.

Lesser known examples of fake rape claims

Here is a typical story of brutal rape – by Black men! The rising tide of accusations of rape, assault, and harassment have disproportionately affected African-American men (details here), no surprise to anyone familiar with US history.

“Last March {2017}, investigators with the Denison Police Department received a call from a man who said his fiance, Breana Harmon Talbott {18}, was missing. The man told police that Talbott’s car had been found in the parking lot of an apartment complex. When officers arrived, they discovered the driver’s door was open, one shoe was on the ground and her phone and keys were sitting near the console.” {Oklahoma 4.}

“{Several hours later she} stumbled into a church clad only in bra, shirt and panties, bleeding from cuts and claiming to have been abducted by three African-American men in ski masks. …Social media lit up with angry demands for vengeance.” {Miami Herald.}

“This is going to be a brutally honest post. Today my daughter, Breana Harmon Talbott was taken by force by 3 black men. 2 raped her and she is cut head to toe by a knife.”
— Posted by her mother on Facebook.

Very “credible” (since it was in the news)! But the rest of the story took a different turn.

“Breana Harmon, 19, pleaded guilty to two counts tampering with evidence and two counts of tampering with a government record in Grayson County district court last month. …She faced up to 2-10 years in prison along with a $10,000 fine. … {She was} sentenced to 8 years probation, over $8,000 in restitution, and to pay another $2,000 in court fines on Tuesday.” {From KXII-TV.}

Such stories are quite common. Note how many of these false claims are made for frivolous reasons, showing that these women feel immune from prosecution.

  1. Here Are 8 Campus Rape Hoaxes Eerily Like The UVA Rape Story“ in the Daily Caller, 14 December 2014 – Some of these involve innocent men falsely accused for political gain.
  2. German teen admits she lied about migrant gang rape” by UPI, 2 Feb 2016. Too bad about the riots sparked by this false rape accusation.
  3. Mary Zolkowski, 21, was sentenced to 45 days in prison after pleading guilty to falsely reporting a felony. She had claimed she was attacked by an acquaintance, an African-American man, in February 2017. See Newsweek’s story.
  4. Stalker who tried to ‘destroy’ a care worker with false gang rape allegations ‘because she was left out of a trip to the zoo’ is jailed” at the Daily Mail. Her trial was still in progress as of September 21 (source).
  5. Woman cried rape after man she had first date train sex with ran away at his stop“. The man was saved by Britain’s ever-present CCTVs. For more examples, see The astounding story of false rape accusations in England.
  6. Here is a case in Britain of a woman making 4 different accusations of rape against a total of 25 men, two of whom spent years in jail.

Even false accusations of sexual assault that do not claim sexual assault are costly and often ruinous to men: “Two Students Hooked Up. It Was Clearly Consensual. He Still Spent $12,000 Defending Himself.” by Robby Soave at Reason – “A brief romantic encounter at UC-Davis triggered a Title IX investigation after the female student changed her mind about it weeks later.

Also see the increasing number of kangaroo court verdicts in the military, overturned either by appear or later evidence. For example, this harrowing tale of a SEAL convicted despite the evidence proving his innocence: “False convictions, ruined lives” by Lynn Vincent in World Magazine. And the overturned verdict against a West Point cadet, sentenced to 21 years in prison on the basis of he-said-she-said evidence and preposterous logic: the Army Times story and the 2 page appellate court ruling.

DNA is uncovering old false rape accusations: “Two men exonerated in 1991 rape claim.”

Articles and studies about false rape accusations

“It is a nonsense for our daughters to be more frightened of penises than our sons are of knives or guns. …Raped women will be told not only that they are irrevocably damaged in soul and body but that if they do not acknowledge this they are in denial.”
— By famous second-wave feminist Germaine Greer in her book On Rape (2018).

Slate has a well-written but superficial article with some sad stories: “Crying Rape” by Cathy Young — “False rape accusations exist, and they are a serious problem.” For more depth, see these articles by Francis Walker. They are rich with links and analysis. She takes a hard look at the soft foundation of the numbers about false rape accusations.

See this the money paragraph in Washington Examiner about conclusions of the not peer-reviewed “MAD Study” by End Violence Against Women International. It’s one of the 2 best known and relatively recent studies of US rape, although from an advocacy organization.

“From all of this one could determine that 15.6% of reports could reliably be determined as false, another 17.9% weren’t actually crimes and just 1.2% (or 2.2%) could be reliably determined as true. The remainder would fall into a “we’ll never know for sure” category. …And beyond all of this, none of this data can be applied to reports of campus sexual assault. There is no data available on the number of campus sexual assault accusations that turn out to be false, as it hasn’t been studied.”

See these for more information about false reports of rape. None of the studies to date are comprehensive and deep.

  1. The Truth behind Legal Dominance Feminism’s Two Percent False Rape Claim Figure” by Edward Greer at the Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review, April 2000.
  2. A review of the literature: “False allegations of rape” by Philip N. S. Rumney in The Cambridge Law Journal, March 2006 — gated, open copy here.
  3. False Reports: Moving Beyond the Issue to Successfully Investigate and Prosecute Non-Stranger Sexual Assault“ by Dr. Kimberly A. Lonsway et al at the American Prosecutors Research Institute, 2009.
  4. How Often Do Women Falsely Cry Rape?“ by Emily Bazelon and Rachael Larimore in Slate, 1 October 2009 – “The question the Hofstra disaster left dangling.”
  5. See the section starting on p147 of the “2013 Statutory Report on Sexual Assault in the Military” by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. Horrific stories of false accusations and kangaroo courts. But this was a minority submission about matters not of interest to the other Commissioners.
  6. I have not checked this, but it looks interesting: “Ten reasons false rape accusations are common” by Jonathan Taylor. The ten reasons look reasonable.
  7. Other nations grapple with this: “Does India have a problem with false rape claims?‘ by Joanna Jolly at the BBC.

The tide changes on false rape accusations.

Falsely accusing a man of sexual assault might be the safest crime in America. Accusations that look suspicious are ignored, or charges dropped after investigation clears the man. It is only a misdemeanor in most (all?) States because that would discourage women from reporting these crimes. Even if proven in court, perjury is seldom prosecuted (e.g., see the absurdly tiny number of Federal prosecutions).

That appear to be changing as “always believe the woman” looks irrational. But the sentences are usually mild.


These stories show the number of obviously false beliefs about rape successfully created by propaganda. First, that people can watch testimony and reliably determine if its truthful. Our own personal experience proves that to be false. Even polygraphs are of questionable validity. Second, that false rape accusations are extraordinarily rare. The number of high profile cases going bust should prove otherwise. We have become a gullible people, which puts our ability to govern ourselves at risk.

Rise and Decline of the State
Available at Amazon.

Increased awareness of false rape accusations – often made for trivial reasons, and only lightly punished when discovered – is typical of the forces eroding the legitimacy of our political regime and poisoning relations between men and women.

It is another example of the tribalism that increasingly dominates America. Martin van Creveld predicted this in The Rise and Decline of the State (1999). We are shifting our loyalty from the political regime – America – to new groups (e.g., defined by gender or ideology). As always, our highest loyalty defines our truth. This tribalism acts as clumps of metal in the machinery in the State, so that it no longer works well. Worse, few people believe in God and Hell – so swearing on Bibles is meaningless ritual and perjury is commonplace.

We’ve begun the next stage, as this dysfunctionality could encourage us to reform America. If we fail to do so, we will continue shifting our loyalty away from America. Much depends on our choices in the years ahead.

For a different spin on rape

See “Today In Rape Apologia, Ayn Rand Edition” by Scott Lemieux (Asst Prof of Political Science at College of St. Rose) at Lawyers, Guns and Money. Ayn Rand is a feminist by many standards, yet the sex scenes in her books often glorify rape. That was considered normal in her day. Such scenes are still common in chick lit. Fifty Shades of Grey is a popular example of the genre.

For More Information

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  2. The University of Virginia shows how change comes to America: through agitprop and hysteria.
  3. Forms to sign before having sex. Progress or madness?
  4. Important: MeToo = Salem Witch trials 2.0 — see the similarities.

A book for our time

How to Avoid False Accusations of Rape: Self-Defense in the Feminist State

By John Davis (2015).

How to Avoid False Accusations of Rape: Self-Defense in the Feminist State
Available at Amazon.

From the publisher …

“This book contains a thorough discussion of the new ‘Affirmative Consent Laws.’ This book is a quick study for sexually active men, for men who are in constant contact with women in work or social environments, and, for men going to college. Studies indicate that over 60% of accusations of rape, that women make against men, are false. There are no known cases of men falsely accusing a woman of rape. Women make false accusations of rape against men most commonly for the following reasons.

  • To extort money from the man.
  • To gain attention.
  • Revenge.
  • To cover up sexual activity with someone else.

“The book is written by a noted former prosecutor who has prosecuted rape and sexual assault cases. It is designed to be a quick guide to inform men, and especially male college students, of the hazards of dating in an age of feminist rape hysteria. The book explores the current climate that encourages women to falsely accuse men of rape, and the dynamics which reward women for falsely accusing men of rape. The book offers some insightful and practical means of avoiding false accusations of rape for sexually active men of all ages.”


29 thoughts on “Believe the victim and get many false accusations of rape”

    1. Sevn,

      But they won’t see it. The required reading will be Leftist propaganda about the rape culture, “women don’t lie about rape”, and “believe the victim.”

      The great truth about America is that we are gullible – so propaganda works.

    2. This is a great editorial and exposé on the scourge from those who ‘Claim the Accusers must be believed” ipso facto therefore truth and fact is irrelevant.
      It is as vexatious and deceitful as their 2% smoke screen mantra blown away when exposed to the reality of facts – “herstory” is so often not “history” only hysterically claimed as such.
      Fortunately the PEN IS used and necessary to show their fiction fantasy and false fabrication and the friction their deceit causes.
      They would serve their claims with more integrity, honesty and accountability if they exhorted the “metoo’s” to uphold “Thou shalt not “bear” false witness but also their responsibility to “bare” false witness.
      Unfortunately the not “metoo’s’ in New Zealand are also not safe from the false accusers and their supporters.

      I missed filling in the tick boxes for followup. Apologies.

    3. My Mother was gang raped to death by a group of blacks , she was 76 at the time Pamela Dawn Stander

  1. Speaking of false rape accusations, Assange’s heating is today in Uppsala, Sweden. They demand his deportation to Sweden and arrest. Unusually, the judges will deliberate more than an hour and deliver their view at 4 p.m.
    Can keep you posted if you like.
    I do have local knowledge you know.

    1. priffe,

      Please pass on what you’ve found.

      This is on my list to write about: from the Iraq invasion to Assange, recent years have seen the Deep State emerge into the light like never before. This shows their (well-justified) confidence that they own us.

      1. The Uppsala court decided not to call for a Swedish arrest order.
        The risk for Assange to be convicted of rape in a Swedish court is close to nil.

      2. The court leaves it to the prosecutor to decide whether and how to proceed. If she wants to talk to Assange, she will have to go to England. He can not be extradited to Sweden.
        So a weak case is now even weaker.

  2. “In August 2018 she pled guilty to two counts of second-degree falsely reporting an incident and one count of interfering with police, all misdemeanors. She will serve 4 to 6 months in prison. She rolled her eyes during sentencing, when listening to the harm she has caused.”

    The insolence makes my blood boil.

    At least the same sentence for the crime of rape itself would be my thoughts on the matter.

  3. One of the main reas0ons feminist agitators are able to get away with claiming false accusations are rare is because (in the UK) no records of them are kept. The second, is that they are rarely prosecuted. One writer, a short while back, wrote: “We can tell how common false accusations are, but taking the number of prosecutions of them.” (Her argument was that a man is more likely to be raped – rare in the UK – than falsely accused of the crime.) But, in one month’s records I looked at only one quarter of known false accusations were prosecuted, the others not being so because “it was not in the public interest” and “the woman was mentally ill.” And false accusations that are dismissed because the police can tell at once that they are false are not recorded at all. Furthermore, 14% of rape claims are shunted into a group called “no crime situations”. Moreover, in the famous de Freitas case, when the falsely accused young man asked the police to rename to case as one of a “false accusation” they refused. (Because it would affect their number of prosecutions.) In another proven case, when the falsely accused male asked why the case was no being recorded as one of false accusation, the police told him the woman had committed more serious offences at the same time and the case would be recorded as one of them. Both a US sheriff and a German police force have recently said that in their experience “most” accusations of rape are false. The only reason the same thing is not said about accusations in the UK, is the politically correct establishment, which includes politicians, police, and prosecuting authorities are colluding to pander to the feminist narrative.

  4. A website that is on target:

    “This website has been created by a concerned mother to increase awareness that some people often make false rape charges, destroy the lives and reputations of innocent men, while the false accusers face no repercussions. …This site is dedicated to the awareness that false accusations of rape are common and a troublesome reality.”

  5. …“most” accusations of rape are false……

    I do find this hard to believe. In the UK, a woman has to go through quite a lot when she makes a rape accusation. Its not like its a no cost option. For half of accusations to be false? We must always listen to the evidence, and I’d like to get some pointers to it.

    If it is really true, we are have got to a very weird situation, for there to be this number of false accusations of a very serious crime. But I guess too that if all or almost all the accusations are true, then we are also in a very weird situation, given the numbers involved.

    1. If you are referring to my post, what they appear to be saying is, that most “rape” complaints are in fact consensual sex gone wrong, for whatever reason. And it is a fact, if you give the figures some thought, that the figures for the UK are being manipulated. Cases where a woman has come forward and claimed she was raped, and which the police have dismissed, are not recorded at all. 14% of cases investigated are shunted into a category called “no crime situations”. These are cases where the woman has claimed she was raped, the police have investigated, and they have found, with certainty, because they have to do that in order to classify the case as “no crime”, that she was not raped. In simple English, these would be called false accusations. Then there are cases like the de Freitas case. The woman claimed she was raped, the case was recorded as one of rape, and, then, when it was finally proven that no rape occurred, the police would not reclassify. (So as to keep their success numbers up, quite obviously.) So, this was one false accusation that was recorded as rape. There are also cases where the woman committed some other crime, and the police recorded the case under the more serious category. (Once again, to keep numbers of false accusations down.)

      If you look at Patrick Graham’s video on the subject of false accusations, you see him using Women’s groups and police figures – this is the clever thing about it – to get a figure of 33k false accusations (I’m relying on memory here) in one year (and remember many are not recorded), compared with about 3k proven rapes – that is, confirmed by a jury in a court.

      You say that in the UK a woman “has to go through a lot” to make a rape accusation. Not really. She is guaranteed anonymity (which she invariably keeps), is helped by “victim” support groups, and can expect a pay-out from the taxpayer. And if she is proved to have lied, she walks away.

      1. Wisemanner,

        “Cases where a woman has come forward and claimed she was raped, and which the police have dismissed, are not recorded at all.”

        That is the glaring flaw in most studies of fake rape claims: they start with those that have passed through at least one step of processing by the police. It’s like scoring a shooter by counting only those that hit the target area.

    2. Henrik,

      “In the UK, a woman has to go through quite a lot when she makes a rape accusation. Its not like its a no cost option.”

      I recommend that the read the articles link to in the post about some false rape accusations in the UK. They debunk your assertion.

      “we are have got to a very weird situation, for there to be this number of false accusations of a very serious crime.”

      Why? False rape accusations are easy to do, operationally powerful, and very rarely have any consequences to the accuser even if proven.

  6. This is a nightmare, like an even more unfair McCarthy hearing if such a thing is possible. I thought it could not get worse than the claim that 1 in 5 college women will be sexually assaulted. Silly me.
    Probably this environment explains the shrinking numbers of adults haveing relations, and the meteoric rise of the so called incels. This is one of the many reasons I choose to not date. I know it’s cowardly.

    Ps I see that you mentioned Cathy young in your article. What is your take on her/her work?

    1. Isaac,

      I strongly recommend her posts. They are brief and cogent, providing insights that one seldom sees in the mainstream news media. For example, this one about a scary statistic in the debate about gun ownership.

      I say that we need to be more skeptical and thoughtful about propaganda if we hope to survive as a Republic (as citizens, not peons). To do so, we need more like her.

      1. Isaac,

        Important point I forgot to mention: she has stopped posting. I see this a lot: the very best (ie, most useful and clear) writers tend to write infrequently or stop. The ones churning out tribal, whether accurate or fiction, gush out steadily in a never-ending supply. I believe the reasons are easy to see. Sound useful content is more difficult to write, and has in modern America has a smaller audience.

        It is a symptom of our problems.

  7. When I read this this sad, enraging litany of thwarted justice, I am reminded of the epidemic of false allegations of abuse, which have become common practice in contentious divorce proceedings. I hear about them regularly, as my girlfriend is family lawyer of long experience.

    Particularly galling is this idea that females will not, cannot lie, when in fact they are often very cunning liars.

    It is an article of faith among attorneys that in any legal contest between a male and a female, the female enjoys the presumption of innocence. If she dresses like a schoolgirl and talks in a high, girlish voice, she’ll win every time.

    Ironically, this scorched-earth tactic is likely to backfire as Betas, seeing no hope, withdraw in droves, leaving the field to the Alphas, whose male children will favor their fathers. A few generations of this and, before you know it: no more Mr. Nice Guys.

  8. It gets even worse–you can now be sanctioned by third parties, even if the so-called “victim” denies anything untoward ever occurred:

    LAT – “Kicker Matt Boermeester was removed from USC after an unfair investigation, girlfriend says.

    The girlfriend of former USC kicker Matt Boermeester said Sunday that the Title IX investigation that led to his removal from the school’s football team was “horrible and unjust” to her and Boermeester.

    Zoe Katz, 22, a senior, said in a two-page statement her attorney emailed to The Times that Boermeester “has been falsely accused of conduct involving me.” Katz confirmed that the statement was hers. Her attorney, Kerry L. Steigerwalt, said that USC alleged that Boermeester shoved Katz outside her home.

    USC suspended Boermeester in February while the school investigated what it called a “student-conduct issue.”

    Mark Schamel, an attorney representing Boermeester, said Boermeester was not permitted to return to USC following the school’s investigation, in which USC alleged that Boermeester assaulted Katz. Katz has denied this, as did Boermeester, through his attorney.

    In the statement, Katz said she and Boermeester have dated for more than a year. The Title IX investigation began, Steigerwalt said, after a neighbor witnessed Boermeester and Katz roughhousing. The neighbor told his roommate, who told a coach in USC’s athletic department that Boermeester was abusing Katz. The coach then reported the incident to the Title IX office.

    Katz said she was summoned to a mandatory meeting with Title IX officials, where she told investigators that the two were playing around. Katz was subsequently told that she “must be afraid of Matt,” she said. She told officials she was not. Boermeester has not been arrested or charged with a crime.

    “When I told the truth about Matt, in repeated interrogations, I was stereotyped and was told I must be a ‘battered’ woman, and that made me feel demeaned and absurdly profiled,” Katz said. “I understand that domestic violence is a terrible problem, but in no way does that apply to Matt and me.”

    Katz said that she has “never been abused, assaulted or otherwise mistreated by Matt.” …Katz said the Title IX office made her feel “misled, harassed, threatened and discriminated against,” and caused her to hire an attorney. “The Title IX office’s response was dismissive and demeaning,” she said.

    1. Sven,

      Thanks for posting this informative article. I was esp struck by this:

      “For example, a full 28% of DNA samples sent to the FBI laboratories to identify an accused prove that the accused could not be the person identified from the DNA sample.” {Source}

  9. No one knows how often false rape accusations happen, but a legal scholar painstakingly and masterfully discredited the 2 percent figure:


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