Oddities of the New Left, making them weaker than the Old Left

Summary: Continuing my series describing how both Left and Right in America have become unmoored from their roots and adopted strange new beliefs. This post looks at the New Left. These evolutions have made the Right stronger and the Left weaker.

“Using the hijab as a symbol of women’s liberation & empowerment is like using the hammer & sickle as a symbol for free markets & expression.”
— By “IllimitableMan” on Twitter.

Old Left - Friedrich Engels

The latest wave of feminism

Lots of articles like this during the past few years: “The hijab has liberated me from society’s expectations of women” by Nadiya Takolia, an op-ed at The Guardian — “Wearing the hijab doesn’t have to be about religious dedication. For me, it is political, feminist and empowering.” She is a researcher at Engage.  Another is “The Freedom of the Hijab” by Ayesha Nusrat, op-ed at the NY Times. She is a 23-year-old Muslim Indian from New Delhi.

Hanna Yusuf in The Guardian, 24 July 2015. She is a freelance writer.

For every dozen articles advocating the hijab as a sign of feminist empowerment, there is one pointing out the sensible and obvious: “Is hijab really a symbol of liberation when millions are oppressed into wearing it?” by Arshia Malik at The Nation — “One has to see objectively what the hijab, niqab, and burqa have come to signify. There are symbols of oppression of the unwilling, and the atrocities faced by Muslim women who don’t keep their ‘proper’.”  She is a Srinagar-based teacher and writer about issues and conflict in Kashmir.

The fundamentally Swedish is merely barbarism…
— Fredrik Reinfeldt, Former Prime Minister of Sweden.

Having fun while the Left’s leaders do the real work.

Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Wall Street: saving the nation one unicorn at a time.

Other oddities of the modern Left

Their embrace of Wall Street banks.

Hillary Clinton’s early and core supporters were Wall Street bankers. This oddity goes back to the Bill Clinton days, but remains as strange today as then. For a detailed analysis of this strange symbiosis, see economist Michael Hudson’s “Trump Is Obama’s Legacy. Will This Break Up the Democratic Party?“ in the Real-world Economics Review, 21 March 2017.

Their embrace of perpetual war.

The Left and Right have allied to advocate perpetual war for America. The Left markets it as our Responsibility to Protect (see Wikipedia and the International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect). Unfortunately they do not get consent of the people they “protect”, like those in Libya (still burning). Equally oddly, they do not enlist in the military or (appear to) urge their children to enlist.

They advocacy for open borders in Europe and America.

The Left and Right have another alliance: to allow in massive flows of people. Oddly for the Left, many are from cultures far rightward of the West’s Left. As their numbers grow, they will push the West to more conservative attitudes about gender and other social values. They accept this, plus the resulting increasing social conflict. It is as if they deliberately seek to erode away western culture.

“There will be conflicts. The more openly we talk about the fact that people are worried, that there’s fear in the country and that there may be conflicts will, I think, help us deal with this realistically and confront reality.”
Sigmar Gabriel, Chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, quoted in “EU should ‘undermine national homogeneity’“.

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Books to help understood what’s happening on the Left.

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4 thoughts on “Oddities of the New Left, making them weaker than the Old Left”

  1. “It is as if they deliberately seek to erode away western culture.”
    Certainly not “as if”, it IS deliberate. They call it the Patriarchy. And the nihilism is viral and has no bounds.

    1. Breton,

      “Certainly not “as if”, it IS deliberate. They call it the Patriarchy.”

      If so, bringing in large numbers of people (mostly men) from extremely patriarchal societies is an odd way to fight the “Patriarchy”.

      “And the nihilism is viral and has no bounds.”

      That many people on the Left or Right are nihilists seems unlikely, imo. It’s one of those fun insults educated people throw around. It sounds great!

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