Why are men going Galt? Saying no to the rat race & marriage!

Introduction: Men are abandoning the rat race. They are dropping out of the labor force and avoiding marriage (see here and here). The great and wise explain this without bothering to ask men. They say that these young men are pawns of economic and social forces, and neurotic Peter Pans that refuse to grow up. But men are rationally responding to changes in our society. We should learn from them because this trend has just begun. The effect on society will be immense, unpredictable, and probably bad.

“Work is the grand cure of all the maladies and miseries that ever beset mankind – honest work, which you intend getting done.”
— The Inaugural Address of Thomas Carlyle as Lord Rector of the University of Edinburgh (1866). This belief changed the West. The West will change again when we no longer believe it.

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Why most men worked so hard, and fewer do so now

Men work most often to obtain social status, to get money, to get women, and to support a family. Economically independent women have radically changed every aspect of that game, especially for the men at the rear of the pack.

(1)  Women’s added participation in the workforce increases competition for good jobs and depresses wages. This makes running the rat race more difficult for men.

(2)  Sex is now more easily available outside marriage, often without expensive dating rituals. This makes running the rat race less necessary for men.

(3)  Increasingly liberated from the need for male providers, women increasingly select for dark triad traits (i.e., entertaining jerks, often treating them badly). Some of Taylor Swift’s songs clearly describe how this works. For betas (most of us are betas), success with women increases by learning to imitate dark triad behaviors). Why should men marry these women when they’re over 28 and ready to “settle”?

(4)  Patriarchy was a benefit to men to offset the burdens of marriage. Now women need men only to get legitimate children and pay child support after the divorce. Patriarchy is evil; its remnants are being liquidated.

(5)  Roughly half of marriages end in divorce. Roughly 80% are filed by women, getting both independence and cash. Divorce courts are biased against men. Only 18% of custodial parents are fathers (26% of US children live with only one parent). For more information see the 2013 Census report on Custodial Parents.

(6)  We have more ways to take vacations from reality. Gin was the cheap drink of choice for people in 18th century London seeking alternatives to reality. Technology has given today’s rat race dropouts more and better alternatives: great booze, designer drugs, rock music, a thousand channels on TV, and computer games (which push the same buttons in the brain as addictive drugs). Marriage now has more competition for a role in men’s lives.

The bottom line: many men are “going Galt”, but not like in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. They are abandoning both work and marriage. See the details here. And more destabilizers are coming, such as sexbots.

Lifting the veil to see what I won. Oh, it’s toil & trouble.

Lifting the wedding veil to see the prize By Tracy Moore Photography.

Marriage in the new world

We can only guess what society will look like after 10 or 20 more years of these changes. But even the changes so far make marriage – and even working hard to get a woman – look as anachronistic as serenading girls in the evening to earn their love.

Feminists considered unisex a utopian goal in 1970. Now it is here, radically changing male-female dynamics. Men and women dress alike, talk alike, and have similar careers.

The literature that encouraged marriage for centuries has lost much of its force (obvious to anyone watching Hollywood’s pitiful attempts to make romantic comedies; see here and here). As Allan Bloom explained in Closing of the American Mind

“All the romantic novels with their depictions of highly differentiated men and women, their steamy, sublimated sensuality and their insistence on the sacredness of the marriage bond just do not speak to any reality that concerns today’s young people. …”

Hollywood’s stories depict this new world. For example, the hit series “Castle” (2009 – 2016) described the romance between NYPD detective Kate Beckett and rich playboy Rick Castle – showing how it eroded his character from alpha into a pudgy contemptable beta (as in the Book of Job, the writers tacked on a happy ending). It is a cautionary tale showing how traditional romance has become toxic to men in modern America (see the details here).

A modern woman looking for a husband.

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Social and economic trends have made marriage less attractive to men while new alternatives have arisen. Men have responded rationally by prioritizing other aspects of life over the accumulation of material goods and pursuit of good women (aka the “rat race”).

By dropping, out these men act against society’s norms – proving that they have agency, the ability to act independently and exercise free choice. As usual, the establishment’s analysts condemn this new counterculture as immoral.

We are seeing the first wave of these phenomena. Time will make them impossible to ignore as the men of Generation Z, and the next generations now in school, will show us its full force. Born into this world, they see it with greater clarity than their parents – without preconceptions from the America-that-once-was. We will see how these men react to the incentives we have set for them.

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Men Without Work: America's Invisible Crisis. Available at Amazon.

A book about what’s happening …

… but not why. For a deep look at this important phenomenon, see Men Without Work: America’s Invisible Crisis by Nicholas Eberstadt – Harvard Ph.D. in Political Economy and Government; see Wikipedia – (2016). From the publisher …

“By one reading, things look pretty good for Americans today: the country is richer than ever before and the unemployment rate is down by half since the Great Recession – lower today, in fact, than for most of the postwar era.

‘But a closer look shows that something is going seriously wrong. This is the collapse of work – most especially among America’s men. Nicholas Eberstadt, a political economist who holds the Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy at the American Enterprise Institute, shows that while ‘unemployment’ has gone down, America’s work rate is also lower today than a generation ago—and that the work rate for US men has been spiraling downward for half a century. Astonishingly, the work rate for American males aged 15 to 54 – or ‘men of prime working age’ – was actually slightly lower in 2015 than it had been in 1940: before the War, and at the tail end of the Great Depression.

‘Today, nearly one in six prime working age men has no paid work at all – and nearly one in eight is out of the labor force entirely, neither working nor even looking for work. This new normal of ‘men without work,’ argues Eberstadt, is ‘America’s invisible crisis.’ So who are these men? How did they get there? What are they doing with their time? And what are the implications of this exit from work for American society?

‘Nicholas Eberstadt lays out the issue and Jared Bernstein from the left and Henry Olsen from the right offer their responses to this national crisis.”

About the rise and fall of romantic marriage

Closing of the American Mind: How Higher Education Has Failed Democracy and Impoverished the Souls of Today's Students Available at Amazon.

As explained by Allan Bloom in Closing of the American Mind

“None of this results from the sixties, or from the appeal to masculine vanity begun by advertisers in the fifties, or from any other superficial, pop-culture events.

“More than two hundred years ago Rousseau saw with alarm the seeds of the breakdown of the family in liberal society, and he dedicated much of his genius to trying to correct it. He found that the critical connection between man and woman was being broken by individualism, and focused his efforts, theoretical and practical, on encouraging passionate romantic love in them. He wanted to rebuild and reinforce that connection, previously encumbered by now discredited religious and civil regulation, on modern grounds of desire and consent.

“He retraced the picture of nature that had become a palimpsest under the abrasion of modem criticism, and he enticed men and women into admiring its teleological ordering, specifically the complementarity between the two sexes, which mesh and set the machine of life in motion, each differing from and needing the other, from the depths of the body to the heights of the soul. He set utter abandon to the sentiments and imaginations of idealized love against calculation of individual interest.

“Rousseau inspired a whole genre of novelistic and poetic literature that lived feverishly for over a century, coexisting with the writings of the Benthams and the Mills who were earnestly at work homogenizing the sexes. His undertaking had the heaviest significance because human community was at risk. In essence he was persuading women freely to be different from men and to take on the burden of entering a positive contract with the family, as opposed to a negative, individual, self-protective contract with the state.

“Tocqueville picked up this theme, described the absolute differentiation of husband’s and wife’s functions and ways of life in the American family, and attributed the success of American democracy to its women, who freely choose their lot. This he contrasted to the disorder, nay, chaos, of Europe, which he attributed to a misunderstanding or misapplication of the principle of equality — only an abstraction when not informed by nature’s imperatives.

“This whole effort failed and now arouses either women’s anger, as an attempt to take from them rights guaranteed to all human beings, or their indifference, as irrelevant in a time when women do exactly the same things as men and face the same difficulties in ensuring their independence. Rousseau, Tocqueville and all the others now have only historical significance and at most provide us with a serious alternative perspective for analyzing our situation. Romantic love is now as alien to us as knight errantry, and young men are no more likely to court a woman than to wear a suit of armor, not only because it is not fitting, but because it would be offensive to women.”

35 thoughts on “Why are men going Galt? Saying no to the rat race & marriage!”

  1. Another disincentive that will be thrown on top of the existing pile will be massive increases in taxation to fund the tsunami of single mothers and other leeches. Of course the taxation will be, as it is now, progressive, but with higher rates. This of course will make it even harder than it is now to have a family (unless maybe we figure out how to get the kids to help bring home the bacon).

    Of course .gov will find ways to tax the low income as well. A great example is the Value Added Tax (similar to what is known as sales tax in the US). I’ve seen VATs as high as 27% in Europe. But at least if you only have to take care of yourself it will still be easier to get by, especially if you can remain living with your parents (which is very common in other countries).

    I do fear that soon single mothers will be the norm, the supermajority of mothers, as marriage will soon be the province of the very religious (a shrinking demographic) and the upper middle class and the wealthy (a small demographic), akin to a country club membership. I can envision the day when in a public school class a child who lives with both his biological parents is an oddity, as opposed to simply the minority as is today. Heineken ran a TV add last thanksgiving where it showed it’s vision of the modern family, which quite frankly looked like a train wreck: mom bringing her weirdo bohemian boyfriend to the dinner. Of course dad had is new squeeze, who brought her brood (from another man). Somehow this mish mash of unrelated people is morphed into the modern American family, and all is good (presumably because they were all drinking Heineken), and they miraculously gelled into the new traditional family, though no one actually appeared to be married to anyone.

    The state is going to need a lot of money to be the husband and stepdad for all these modern families, and I don’t know from where it will come. There is a lot of talk of Modern Monetary Theory these days, but it sounds to me like the path to Zimbabwe or Wiemar Germany, I once lived in a high (though not hyper) inflation economy. The prices didn’t go up daily, but maybe once a week or two, and wages simply did not keep pace with prices, and I remember my mother having to become “creative” to feed us, and we were supposed to have been upper middle class. Beef was replaced with pork and chicken, which in turn were reduced in amount by beans and rice with mystery meat hotdogs when the money really got low. I can only imagine how the lower classes got by, but I recall that corn tortillas were heavily subsidized, same with beans and some peppers. Soft drinks were also subsidized. I also recall perpetual scarcity for basic goods like milk, sugar and eggs.

  2. “Sex is now more easily available outside marriage, often without expensive dating rituals. This makes running the rat race less necessary for men.”

    My impression is that it only truly benefits a minority of men. The mediocre guy who once might have got some in a serious relationship/marriage may well be stuck with having to pick either inceldom or the poisoned chalice of a 30+ Alpha widow.
    Being pushed outside the sexual market seems very easy these days for guys.

    My 2 cent

      1. The article at the link doesn’t seem to distinguish between married and cohabiting men vs. unattached men. I wonder what the percentage is for unattached men?

        FWIW, I recall seeing articles that document how on college campuses that a minority of men are getting most of the action, while betas only get lucky once in a blue moon. Also I recall that a dating website did a study that showed that women on average find only about 20% of men to be average or better in attractiveness.

        What was interesting at the link was the chart showing that fewer women are incels than men (18% vs 28%). Knock me over with a feather.

        Another thought that crosses my mind is just how many male incels fibbed about their lack of success in those polls? Of course, we have no way of knowing. What we do know is that we are in terra incognita and things are going to become even more dysfunctional.

      2. Frank,

        “The article at the link doesn’t seem to distinguish between married and cohabiting men vs. unattached men.”

        Because marriage and employment are the two distinguishing characteristics of joining the rat race. Settling down, nose to the grindstone.

        Shacking up means zip.

        “I recall that a dating website did a study that showed that women on average find only about 20% of men to be average or better in attractiveness.”

        Means zip. Women also all want a guy over 8′ 2″. What matters is not what women want, but what they do.

      3. Larry, is it happening (the increasing young mens celibacy) because they are approaching women, who are refusing them? Or is it that they have dropped out of trying to find women to sleep with?

        Also, is it also happening with young women? Are young women also dropping out of having sex? Or is the phenomenon that the women are having sex all right, but with a smaller subset of the male population than formerly?

      4. henrik,

        “Or is it that they have dropped out of trying to find women to sleep with?”

        Both, I believe. The ones I talk to report that it is too difficult, and the women are not worth the effort (e.g., dress, demeanor).

        “is it also happening with young women?”

        Celibacy is rising steeply among young men, but only slightly among young women (see this post).

      5. Thanks for the link. I had forgotten it. It looks on that chart like since 2008 the proportion of celibate me. 18-30 n has risen to about 28%, whereas women has remained constant at 18%. Before 2008 they seem to have been roughly in step.

        The only explanation seems to be that the women are still having sex, but not with a rising proportion of the men, so it must follow that they are sharing the other men in the 72%.

        Its one more indicator, along with the numbers you have posted on marriage and the family and the anecdotal evidence from the media, that there is a really fundamental shift under way, which has to have big effects on society – on business, economics, defence, education.

        The more I have read about this, and much of it has come through your links and book suggestions, the more I have to conclude that it cannot end well. We are systematically dismnantling the basic building blocks of social coherence. Take away courtship and family, and you have taken away the primary unit of social engagement and motivation. You end up with isolated individuals in temporary association with each other with all the implications you have drawn for attitudes to work and to economics and innovation.

        Athens before the Sicilian Expedition seems like an incresingly apt comparison. There is a lack of serious attention to what is turning into a cultural and social crisis. Who is having sex with who is indicative, but is only the waves on the surface, its what is going on underneath and what it will lead to that is alarming.

      6. henrik,

        “We are systematically dismnantling the basic building blocks of social coherence.”

        I agree, but there is a broader and less assertive perspective: we are using ourselves as lab rats in a massive social engineering experiment. That, imo, highlights the insanity of our time. Perhaps it will work, but who would take such a risk with their children’s lives?

  3. The marriage stats often neglects the people that are miserable but staying together for convenience or the kids etc.

    For example, a friend has been in a dead bedroom for 13 years. As soon as the kids turn 18 he is gone. He counts as married.

    I wonder how many are like him?

      1. Sven is saying that there are married men who are basically incels because they don’t have sex with their wife.

        I have three male coworkers who are facing this dilemma and admitted to me that their marriages are basically sexless.

        So just because you are married does not mean you are going to be having sex LOL

      2. Zman,

        It’s a problem. Without patriarchy, women tend to have the upper hand in marriages – and even more so when dealing with children.

        As the gallows humor joke says: “What food that kills a woman’s sex drive? Wedding cake.”

  4. I do not think that it is accurate to combine two somewhat disparate trends, low-achieving men and also men’s distaste for marriage. On the contrary, the most active anti-marriage proponents (the MGTOW community) are universally in favor of self-improvement, especially career and financial self-improvement, adding to this diet/exercise/hobbies/a supportive circle of like-minded men etc.

    It is certainly true that the various factors leading to low-achieving men also lead those men to be less able or interested in establishing families and having children. But, the reasons for that are very different, for example expressed in The War on Men or The Boy Crisis. The MGTOW people emphasize two main factors: the legal status of men/divorce/marriage; and the behavior of women as wives or girlfriends.

    1. NL,

      “the most active anti-marriage proponents (the MGTOW community)”

      What fraction of young men are in that “community.” Microscopic, I suspect. I doubt if most have even heard the acronym.

      “I do not think that it is accurate to combine two somewhat disparate trends, low-achieving men and also men’s distaste for marriage”

      This post is about the phenomenon of men dropping out of the rat race. You are referring to two of the many causes.

  5. The Man Who Laughs

    I had my nephew over for dinner and drinks a while back, and we were talking about life, the Universe, and everything. He makes good money, he works out, and he in better shape physically than I was at his age. (And way better shape than I’m in now. He pumps a lot of iron and is learning MMA) I look at him and his friends at the gym, and I think to myself “You know, when I was his age, guys that looked like that had girls on their arm.”. And I know he’s straight, and I know his friends are, But from what I can see, it’s like these guys have concluded that chasing these girls is either a waste of time, because the girls aren’t interested in anything serious, or they think it’s not worth the candle. And they seem to accept this as the way things are. It all seems so strange to me.

    Another thought is that the girls I see now are likely to be overweight, dress like slobs, and have way too much bad ink. The girls were a lot better looking when I was his age.

    And I’m sorry if these are politically incorrect thoughts. I can barely think at all, it’s been a long day at work. But there’s no doubt in my mind that you are writing about something very real,

    1. The Man,

      I agree on all points.

      “the girls I see now are likely to be overweight, dress like slobs, and have way too much bad ink. The girls were a lot better looking when I was his age.”

      That is, IMO, a big factor. Seldom mentioned. Girls mostly dress either like guys or slobs.

      They dress to look pretty as cosplay, for clubbing or special dates. But I think most guys know it’s cosplay. Marry them and they’ll get the unisex girl or the slob.

      But it’s deeper. The success of unisex rearing – raising girls as guys – is beyond anything imagined in 1970. The unexpected result is that many guys, I suspect, find these girls unexciting as potential wives.

      “It all seems so strange to me.”

      That is, I believe, the essential insight.

  6. This is an Australian perspective, it is the same here.

    Go to a poor area and it is 60- 70% single Mothers and single guys, same thing I would say a large number of these guys get very little, if any sex. Weed probably keeps the frustrations at bay, but it is building.

    I teach trade maths and I can say i often go back to grade (K) 6 or 7 (9-11 year old maths) even with those doing Lab Technicians and ElectroTech the two most academic trades we do in out College. Not with all students, but at least 20-25%, can’t add simple fractions. If these are the brightest and most motivated of the working class what is happening.

    My youngest son brought his work home from school two years ago, l… Cutting an old cheese spread box in half and then putting it back together at 10 to show 2 x 1/2 = 1 at 10 years old, oh dear. We work together at home and he says Dad I can’t show my friends at school, I can do some of this stuff. He scooters on the weekend and wears his cap, and doesn’t let on he can actual do quite complex maths – at 12, what education system is this.

    I would lastly say the US is just 5 to 10 years ahead in the process, don’t worry the rest of the West is moving along in the same (dreadful) direction.

    1. I’m not young but I dropped out of the rat race. I have a fun, low stress, low paying job. I have low expenses and can easily survive.I have plentybof time to indulge in my hobbies.

      I am single and tried a dating app for the first time. To my surprise my picture got a lot of likes and women trying to meet me. Unfortunately they are almost all older than me. I am in my early 50s and the women contacting me are mostly in their late 50s. I would rather stay single.

  7. Actually, the reality is that there is a great deal to taking Jay’s attitude.

    I have a divorced mate, in his 50’s who works part time in education and does a bit of cash tutoring. He is on a dating app similar thing he is fit swims, gym and walks his dog, once in a while gets a lay from an older woman or someone in town for business and playing away. Lays he tells us in the staff room are like public buses, sometimes they come three in a row and other times it takes a while waiting.

    A few of the married female teacher look at how fit he is, but he has no kids, he walks his dog for an hour before work, does only two days a week work, goes swimming then the gym three days a week, with some cash tutoring in the evenings, he has taken payments in kind from single mothers for years.

    In a rich society where part time work is not to be on the bread line for the educated, it makes sense, that is the trouble really, then add in the guys who rent an apartment pay 36% of gross salary in maintenance and need a second job to survive.

  8. Single with a couple million in net worth. Retired very early. Life is good. The fastest, most assured way to destroy my happy life is to give a woman legal and financial power over it. That’s just not going to happen. I’d rather be dead than an indentured financial slave of women and their state pimps.

  9. Agree with Mann Splainer. Recently left corporate life and work (occasionally) from home. Much less stress. My needs are modest and I can therefore focus on activities which are rewarding – eg education. Relationships do not feature among these.

  10. I’m glad it finally came up in the comment thread because I was on the verge of irritation. OBESITY. It can’t be stated enough. When between 70-80% of 25 and overs are so fat as to be unattractive, it screws everything up. It’s easy to go to a festival or a mall etc and get an eyeful of dozens of teens in daisy dukes and come away thinking that there are good women about, but it’s really not the case at all. The health of post 25 women is an outright tragedy.

    1. westray,

      That’s a big point (excuse the pun). The number of obese girls shrinks the pool of attractive girls, allowing them to see themselves as princesses.

      Also, many women bulk up once married. And then there is sex. “What’s the food that kills women’s sex drive? Wedding cake.” Ex-patriarchy, husbands have no influence over these things. All of this diminishes men’s interest in marrying as they slowly become aware.

  11. @All

    Alright here it is as a 26yo white male: 6’1 180lbs with an athletic build from sports/exercising. Blonde hair green eyes handsome face. Grew up on a farm and got a scholarship for school and went.

    Lost out on a good career in my early 20s due to an injury….now? Working a low paying job that has flexible hours but I have no major debts to include no student loans.

    What do I see from the young women near my age? First off, the majority of appearances are disgusting as the majority of young women are overweight. Then you take the ones with tattoos, piercings, and dyed hair colors which are broadcasting their degenerate lifestyles up front for you.

    Next, the attitudes/behavors from the majority are not feminine and these women have a mile high guard up that wards off you even trying to approach them. The amount of insane games that the actual attractive women play are off the charts as every retard is blowing their ego to the roof through social media. These women live a totally different life from the regular decent guy or even the regular handsome guy.

    I quit approaching american women especially white women. White american women are so far gone in my opinion that I feel no connection to them whatsoever. I have come to the conclusion that white american women are a lost cause sacrificed at the altar of feminism, single motherhood, cock carouselling, helicopter parenting, and a dead society. Yet, I still see complete retards marrying women who have fucked upwards of 50 men and some of these women I have met and known are even higher than that and yet retards marry these women. American men are also extremely pathetic and lapdogs for the nastiest women you can imagine.

    Who are the most friendly women to me? Foreign women. I’ve gone out with a vietnamese girl, a puerto rican, a costa rican, and I have even hung out with an Iranian girl and had nice conversation with a girl from Morroco. These women are way more feminine and friendly then american white women. These women actually signal interest and smile at you, they let you approach them and talk to them without any nonsensical games. I literally have more in common with a woman from a third world country than I do with an american white woman. How insane is that?

    The options that I see for a young white man like myself are to leave the United States entirely for Latin America or Asia or maybe Eastern Europe.

    I see no hope for America and the women here. It is a total mind field and I haven’t even mentioned the legal system.

    1. Zman,

      It took me (a Boomer dad) a long (long!) time to hear my children and their friends explaining that the girls of their generation are not like those of mine. Then I looked around and saw what they saw. The weight, the appearance, the tats, and the attitudes.

      As for the last point, a bumper sticker frequently seen around here lately says it all: “It’s All About Me.” In bright pink. Nice of them to post this warning (ditto, tramp stamps).

      Now for the big question. Millennial and Gen Z women believe that men will marry them when they decide to jump off the carousel and settle at 26 – 34 (roughly). Will the men of their generations marry them? Much depends on what happens.

      1. Sir,

        I think there are going to be more and more men of my generation who say no. I already know several who won’t entertain the idea and one of my friends is already talking about marrying an Asian woman. Unfortunately, there is not a shortage of willing cuckolds that will wife up a single mom or a degenerate whore as I know idiots who are doing both.

        Quite frankly, I don’t give a damn what happens to these women, I know they don’t give a damn about me. The feeling is very mutual. I am basically MGTOW but I have felt this way since I was a teen after observing and interacting with these women.

      2. I am not seeing this here in Sydney. But the goss is for heterosexual women, Melbourne is better. Certainly the noisy and blousy girls exist, but I wouldn’t say that many. My son who is 52 married the nicest, intelligent competent [aussie]woman imaginable. She works full time[Architect] and they have fabulous daughters,16 and 18. Both extremely well adjusted, tall 6′ ,attractive, everything good. I’m a lucky grandfather! The good and great girls and women are out there. You must be mixing in the wrong circles.

      3. John,

        These are social trends. Not everybody sees them. Not everyone is affected. That “Your Son Married A Nice Girl” is irrelevant.

        To see this in another issue: obesity is a rising trend and a severe problem, but not everyone is obese.

  12. John Doyle with the ‘Man Up Harder’ call. “MUH!” Nice Trojan horse AMOG too, through his son. That’s a new one. AMOG’ing through the description of his son and his own high quality seed. Then the boomercuck pedestalization “Great women are out there. You must be mixing in the wrong circles” Pedestalize the better half, blame men. Always blame men. Until boys are being barbecued and eaten by mothers in our upcoming dystopia, it’s always men’s fault.

    John is paint by numbers TradCon-Boomercuck. He should post a pic of himself in his “Happy Wife. Happy Life” t-shirt, with his 185 pound, turkey neck wife scowling at him as he smiles with his triple chin, proudly whipped by a woman who hasn’t blown him in 38 years. Die.

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  14. I went MGTOW 10 years ago after first getting divorced and then having a series of disastrous post divorce experiences with women. I think it is important to state that many men, with the time they save by no longer prospecting women, raising families etc… use that time wisely.

    In these 10 years I have learned to play guitar and drums and went on to write my own songs and record them. I learned Spanish. I became a chess master. I read “American Library’s 100 Greatest works of English Literature in the 20th century” and have accomplished many other things besides.

    None of this would have been possible while stuck on the plantation wasting my time, money and energy on women and family. The MSM and, even this site to some extent, are guilty of pushing this narrative that men who go their own way are “peter pans” living in mom’s basement contributing nothing to society or their own personal growth. They must push this narrative to feed the divorce industry and all its satellites

    1. Zarathrustra,

      “even this site to some extent, are guilty of pushing this narrative that men who go their own way are “peter pans” living in mom’s basement contributing nothing to society or their own personal growth.”

      Evidence? It sounds like a bizarre claim to me.

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